The 3rd Princess

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

The birth of the 3rd Princess, Royal Princess Angelia Cassidy Lux, was shrouded in mystical. The night of her birth brought changes in the Goranous Kingdom. Changes that will affect its future and have rippled through the universe.

FYI this Princess has a temper and bad mouth.

Table of Contents

Introductions are in Order

King Vincent Lux is growing increasingly annoyed as he sits in the throne room. He’s being held up from his favorite appointment becaus... Read Chapter

Royal Family Issues

There is another heir that can take the throne, the Royal Princess, the daughter of Vincent and Annette. It’s a topic the whole country... Read Chapter

Introducing Me!

Later that night, Vincent rushes into one of the large buildings within the castle grounds. Quite a few of the dark, seemingly deserted s... Read Chapter

This is the Life

“Disappointed?”. “No, I was actually sleeping pretty hard before you came.”. Vincent stops brushing, then pulls my hair b... Read Chapter


“Princess!”. I hear Ezra yell from somewhere in the house. His voice sounds like something is wrong….I feel like I just jinxed ... Read Chapter

In the AM

I’m awakened by the sun casting over my face. I groan and roll onto my side, shying away from it. I almost feel hungover. Part of the r... Read Chapter

So I do Have Family

The sun is already bright as hell for it being morning. Not a cloud in sight, but it’s not miserably warm. The warm sun on my skin is s... Read Chapter

Queen Annette Lux....

I follow her into the huge castle that sits at the front of the grounds. Its...something similar to a lightly stoned french style. Needle... Read Chapter

Not my Morning

“What is all this?”. Everyone swings around to the voice that just entered. “Advisor Leon, thank heavens.”, one of the nobles... Read Chapter

What Are They Scheming?

“You are amazing.”. I stare up at Annette as my heart thumps from feeling that raw power. “I would not be a Moon.”. S... Read Chapter

Bar Trick

So…...I expected to be terrified right about now. I was the type to never get on a plane...or climb high up on anything. So…yeah, I... Read Chapter

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