The Long Wet Summer

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Ruth is a writer on the look out for inspiration. She finds it at the water's edge with the people she meets. However, Ruth is not all she seems. She has a dark, sinister side, and those who come into her life need to beware.
A story with adult themes.


Chapter 1

The first time I saw Megan she was sat on a bench at the water’s edge. It was my bench. She was sat on my bench, a place I regularly sit and contemplate. Dreams of faraway places would fill my head and I would write little notes to my imaginary self. But today, my routine was upset. I was upset. It was a lovely morning, a little windy, but the sun was out and danced along the surface of the water. I love this place, love the tranquil nature of it, the quiet only interrupted by the birds, and only very occasionally, a lone walker like myself.

I needed to sit and think today and wanted my usual bench. It gave me comfort to look out over the vast expanse of water and put everything else that troubled me to one side. I was upset today, again. It was becoming a regular practice, me getting upset with someone I love. I can’t help it, I’m just a sensitive soul, I guess.

Fay had upset me again this very morning. She had come in late again last night. A quick drink after work she had said, but I waited up for her and I could smell the fragrance. It wasn’t her smell. I knew it. She knew it, but she just laughed it off. She always did. She knew how to push my buttons in more ways than one. I tried to challenge her, but she always had an answer, an acceptable answer. Or was it I simply wanted to believe her. She is a lot younger than myself, my beautiful wife Fay. Blonde hair, petite, shorter in height than I, with a smile to die for. She wears everything like it’s her last day on earth and looks a million dollars from the moment she arises from our marital bed in the morning to the time she undresses in front of me and joins me there again at night.

I’m standing now, at the water’s edge recalling the events of last night and find myself once again flushed with anger. Fay wore expensive perfume, always a Chanel number 5 or Chanel Coco, but as she walked into our bedroom, I knew another fragrance was lingering in the air. I think she saw it in my eyes as I put the book down.

‘Are you tired my love’, she asked with a cheeky grin.

I said nothing but gave a little shake of the head. She had already started to undress. She knew I liked to watch her undress and she looked back at me as she removed her nurse’s tunic, slowly pushing the side zipper down and letting it drop to the floor. Standing only feet away from me I saw that she had on her new black lace bra and panty set, along with a suspender belt holding up her fine silk stockings. Unclipping her long blonde hair, she let it fall, coming to rest just above her breasts. Fay stood, letting me watch. Teasing a little she asked, ‘You want some Ruth’. She used her hands to trace her body, before slowly unfastening her bra, letting that fall to the floor. I was wet now and put my hand under the sheets. It found my moistness and a pleasure surged through me. Fay smiled and put her own hand into her panties. I could see she was rubbing herself, as I was. I could hardly speak with anticipation, my breathing coming in short gasps as I called to her,

‘Fay, I’m nearly there, I can’t last much longer’.

She joined me in our bed, took my hand away, replacing it with her own and told me she loved me as furiously probed my wetness and I climaxed. We kissed tenderly afterwards but Fay insisted she could wait until the morning for her own pleasure. I knew then that she had already been pleasured. It was very unusual for a one-sided climax to occur between us, but I accepted it as she drifted off to sleep in my arms. I could still smell the alien aroma somewhere in the bedroom and it caused me to imagine too many hurtful scenarios to sleep myself. When sleep did come, it was hours later and when I eventually awakened, Fay was gone. A note on her pillow read:

‘R, you were fast asleep this morning. Off to work. My turn tonight my love. F x’.

The lingering aroma that caused me to question her faithfulness had gone. However, I found it again in the laundry basket. It was definitely not Fay. It was not mine either. This fragrance was much more distinctive. It was a man’s fragrance. I had experienced it before.


Looking out over the lake I briefly turned and saw this person sat on my bench. She too seemed to be deep in thought. She also had blonde hair. Maybe this was what first made her catch my eye. That and the fact she was invading my space. She also had very little make up on, but didn’t seem to need it. There was a natural appeal to her, to the way she looked. I decided to walk by and look for another bench. I had not written any words yet and I needed to write. As I walked past the bench there was nothing said between us that first time, but I did notice that she glimpsed in my direction. Something else that I noticed, as we writers do have a tendency to notice things, particularly similarities between people, was that she wore a dress. She had a coat on as she sat but unlike my own, her coat was short revealing the fact that she wore a knitted dress. Now I myself have a love of dresses. Anyone who knows me would point to the fact that they have never seen me in anything other than a dress and whilst this is not strictly true, it is a fact that I would very much prefer to wear a dress to anything else. The fact that we both wore dresses that day would help us in a number of ways as our relationship progressed, and progress it did, albeit at a slow pace.

I walked on and managed to find another bench at a different location overlooking the lake that Monday morning, but it wasn’t the same. I didn’t like it. I couldn’t get the words out and wrote virtually nothing. I had a deadline with my editor, and it was approaching fast. I needed inspiration and would return to my favoured bench the following day.




Chapter 2

I had decided to look for somewhere different to live after everything ended so suddenly with John. He was so angry all the time and unless you have experienced that anger, experienced domestic violence, then you cannot understand how liberating it feels when it finally goes away. As a teacher of young children, I am supposed to be their protector, but what sort of example is it to set them when you cannot protect yourself. Now I am free. Free, but suddenly alone. Everything around me is different. I have a different job, different home, different car, and a different environment to explore. Living in a flat with no garden is fine, but I do love nature, the great outdoors, and flowers, particularly Tulips. I did have a lovely garden at my old house, lots of flowers. Tulips of all colours everywhere. It was my pride and joy. John took all that away from me. I love having my own space, as small as it is, and moving into the flat has pushed me to get out more.

This is what brought me to Ruth.

The lake is somewhere I had not been to before but in the windy Spring sunshine I find myself enjoying nature for what it is. I had been sat on the bench overlooking the water for only a few minutes when I saw her. The first time I met Ruth wasn’t a meeting at all. Just a brief encounter. She walked up towards the bench upon which I had sat and at first, I thought she would sit beside me, so I moved a little, towards the edge, but she continued on towards the water’s edge. I watched her as she stood with her back to me. She wore a long dark coloured coat, Navy as I recall, possibly a trench coat. Whatever it was I had the impression it was expensive. She also wore flat shoes in a colour that seemed to match her coat. She had wonderfully long dark wavy hair that seemed to shine as if in competition with the early morning sunshine. That first morning, even though it was for just a few seconds, I felt that she and I had something in common. It could have been the love of the outdoors, the lake setting, I didn’t know. But as she turned to walk away and gave me the briefest of glances in my direction our eyes met and I knew, I just knew, that we would meet again.


The next day it was my turn to stand at the water’s edge. I arrived a little later the following day. It was Tuesday and I had been delayed at the flat by a phone call. As I arrived at the lake it was heading towards 11am. I was nearly an hour late. As I approached the wooden bench I had sat upon the day before I was pleased to see Ruth sat at one end. It would be some time before I was given her name, but I knew it was the same woman from the day before. She had the same coat with her but today it was resting on the bench. The weather was still sunny and a lot warmer than the day before. I noticed that she wore a dress. A lovely, perfectly fitting, dress. She didn’t notice me straight away, so I continued past, much the same way as she had the day before and stood contemplating the lake before me. I stood for a few minutes hoping for something. As I turned back towards the bench, I saw that Ruth was watching me. She had an intense look at first but as she saw that I was staring back a smile appeared on her face. It was only brief, but it pleased me. I returned the smile as Ruth went back to her book. I walked around the whole lake that morning but all the time my focus was on that bench and the woman sat there. Ruth remained sat on the bench whole time I walked around that lake and I had the feeling that as I looked over towards her, she was looking back in my direction. We would laugh about this later. As I approached her for the last time that day, she smiled at me again. This time our eyes met as they had the day before and we lingered for a few seconds. There was some form of unspoken communication. Some understanding between us. As I walked back to my little flat, I had a good feeling about myself. I don’t know why, I just did.


Arriving at the lakeside bench the following day I found myself arriving a little early. It was before 10am and I could see that there was nobody sat down. I found myself feeling somewhat down and alone. Looking out over the lake I can only describe the feeling as one of relief when a shadow appeared at my side and a voice asked, ‘May I join you?’.

I looked up at Ruth, smiled, and said, ‘Please do’.

Ruth looked immaculate as usual. Her long wavy hair cascading down over her shoulders. She wore a silver grey knitted dress, very similar to the one I wore but I would say a lot more expensive.

‘You like dresses? We seem to match’.

‘I love dresses and hardly wear anything else. And yes, our dresses do look similar’.

That morning we sat and spoke for what seemed hours. Ruth was very tactile and liked to enhance what she said with bodily touches here and there. I am not normally a person who likes to be touched but with Ruth I not only accepted it I looked forward to each and every interaction. We laughed at each other’s early upbringing, joked about our love of dresses, charity shops, and nature, then at some point we both poured out our tales of sadness at our broken relationships. She comforted me of course, and I her, as best I could.

Ruth was very honest, particularly when it came to her relationship. I was a little shocked when she revealed she was married to a woman. I assumed it was a man.

‘I just knew the smell was not right Meg. Can I call you Meg?’. She reached out and took my hand. I liked it.

I smiled at her and said, ‘Nobody else calls me Meg. It’s always been Megan to everyone else but sure. You can call me Meg, why not’.

Ruth shuffled along and moved a little closer to me on the bench.

‘She likes me to watch her Meg’.

‘Who does?’, I asked, whispering for some reason.

‘My wife. She likes to undress in front of me at night’.

‘You are married to a woman?’, I questioned, a little shocked.

Even though I was inexperienced in the ways of the world I still accepted that sometimes two people of the same sex could be attracted together. Ruth held my hand still and I made no effort to remove it. I just continued in a low whisper.

‘My husband often forced me to do things I did not want to. He hurt me but now I am free. What does your wife do?’.

Ruth placed her other hand over mine so that she held both my hands and was even closer. She leaned into my ear. I could smell her perfume. It was strong and heady. I breathed it in as she spoke.

‘Did your husband tease you with his body. Starve you of affection, not give you the love you deserve Meg?’.

I nodded as Ruth continued. ‘My wife is beautiful Meg. Her body is toned, very toned. Her breasts are firm, her smile infectious. She wears the most provocative underwear underneath her work clothes. She undresses very slowly, let’s me watch. She likes me to watch as she caresses herself, slowly massaging her breasts, her butt, her vagina. She waits until I can stand it no more and am having to use my own hands to pleasure myself before she will give me any sort of physical contact. She holds back as long as she can, waits until I am screaming for her, before she pushes herself into me, just as I climax’.

I am mesmerised by Ruth. By her openness. I have only ever had sex with one man, my husband. It was always brief, and I have never experienced a climax with him, or anyone else. I have climaxed using my own hand previously, when I was younger, but this was some time ago. At 47 years old I found myself becoming overcome with something I could not explain. I was flushed in the face. I could feel it. I had butterflies in my stomach, and I was wet between my legs.

I must have been silent and overcome because I heard nothing more than my heart beating until Ruth squeezed my hand.

‘Meg. Are you ok? You look a bit flushed’.

‘I’m fine. Oh, is that the time. I really must go. Goodbye Ruth’, and with that I walked off at some speed not understanding what was happening to me.

Arriving at my flat thirty minutes later I was still in something of a state. Still flushed, my heart beating faster than it should, and I was still wet down below. In fact, my knickers were soaking wet. I went straight into my knicker drawer and removed a fresh pair of plain cotton briefs. As I removed my wet underwear, I had a momentary vision that caused me to drop to my knees. It was Ruth, stood across the room. She was stood in her undies. I would later feel mildly embarrassed but at that moment I could not help myself. I lifted my dress and opened my legs a little. Reaching down I felt the wetness and immediately groaned out loud. The feeling was so strong I had never experienced such an electric sexual kick for years. Inserting two fingers inside me I gently rocked as I thrust into myself. There was a throbbing deep inside me as the gentle massage of my pussy moved up a gear into a solid thrusting. In and out I pushed, my two fingers lost in a sticky ocean. I began to gasp as a sudden rush of ecstasy took over me. The feeling was not just a wave but a tsunami of electricity down below. I screamed, then screamed again. I continued to rub my clitoris until I stopped screaming. The rubbing continued for several minutes until my vagina became sore.

I sat on the floor of my bedroom, back against my bed not knowing what had just happened. I was upset for some reason and started to cry.



Chapter 3

I was taken with Megan the moment I first saw her. She had a vulnerable look about her which appealed to me. I couldn’t stop thinking about that brief moment all day and decided to write about love and passion that morning. It was very productive.

The following day, Tuesday I think, I arrived at my usual spot at my usual time. The bench was empty, so I took my place and placed my coat and bag to one side. It was another lovely day, warmer than the day before. I took out my notebook and pen and began to write. I had been sat for nearly an hour when she arrived. There were no words spoken, and like myself the day before, Megan now stood at the water’s edge. She wore a dress like mine which made me smile. I watched her and wondered whether she would come sit beside me today. I hoped she would, but she did not. Instead, I watched her walk away from me willing her to glance my way. As she strolled around the lake, I put my book down. Enough words for now. I stared at her in the distance and wondered what filled her mind. Was she staring back? Was she even giving me a thought at all?

As her circuitous route brought her towards me, I continued to watch this woman. Her short blonde bob cut, maybe a little old fashioned but perfectly styled. As she neared, I could see that she was some years older than myself, maybe more experienced in the ways of the world? I doubted this immediately. The way she looked down at the ground as she walked made her look a little uncertain about herself. She was not a beauty but did have a face with an appeal, attractive, looked after. Also, her petite figure, slim, well proportioned, seemed a perfect fit. The dress she wore seemed to caress her body. Was this intentional? For me? I hoped it was. It showed off her figure and confirmed to me that she was no more than a size 10 dress, small breasts. I am more of a size 12, sometimes a 14, have fairly large but firm breasts, which I am very proud of. I feel they are my biggest asset. As I contemplated all these facts in my head, I nearly missed her as she approached the bench. Still looking down towards the ground she continued on but there was a momentary pause and Megan turned towards me. She looked directly at me. I smiled. There was a moment that seemed to last forever but was probably only a few short seconds, then Megan smiled back.  

I knew then that she was mine.


On Wednesday I put on my silver grey Knitted dress, packed my bag with my usual array of essentials, and headed off towards the Lake. From where I lived it was a short drive through the Town and out into the country park to my usual parking spot. Walking towards the far end of the park where the lake was situated, I had a feeling of expectation. If she was there again today, then that was a sign.

Sure enough, as the bench came into view, I saw her. I slowly approached and as I neared, I asked, ‘May I join you?’.

Megan looked up at me with a smile and I knew we had something.

‘Please do’, she replied. We both laughed at our almost identical dresses.

The ice was broken straight away as we discovered our mutual love for all things dresses. That morning we talked for hours, about everything and anything. I found out that she was a teacher, about to start a new job in a few weeks, was new to the area after a rather nasty break up with her violent husband. She lived locally in a small flat. She told me she had no friends in the area yet but was happier than she had been for some time.

I talked about my writing, my love of dresses too, and how I found nature to be inspiring. I like to be tactile and was constantly touching her arm or knee, which didn’t seem to bother her. When I spoke about my stormy relationship with my wife Fay, she initially seemed surprised, but only briefly. I had hold of her hand at the time and there was no attempt to remove it. In fact, she left her hand in mine as I advised her rather proudly that she did now actually have one friend in the area, me. This seemed to make her laugh.

‘You have a wife?’, Megan asked. I pushed in a little closer and replied, ‘I do’. I looked away from Megan and she squeezed my hand very gently.

‘It’s good to talk about things Ruth’.

I nodded then replied, ‘She teases me. She has affairs, with men and women. It upsets me’.

Megan seemed genuinely concerned and asked me if I wanted to talk it through with her. I said I would and explained about her performance the other night. I don’t think Megan expected the full-blown account I gave her of my last sexual encounter with Fay and was quite red in the face when I had finished. I took my time to bring her to the end of my wife’s tease and my eventual climax, but she neither pulled away or turned away from me. At one point we were so close I thought, no I hoped, she would kiss me. She didn’t. She did abruptly leave after I had finished my account making out that she had forgotten the time. Megan never said anything about seeing me again when she left but I knew she would. I knew she would be back. And the following day she was.

It became something of a routine over the next couple of weeks. We would meet at the bench at 10am. We would talk, we would laugh, and we would sometimes walk. I was still as tactile as ever with her, although Megan never made any attempt to make any attempt to touch me. Then one morning she changed. We arrived as usual around 10am and Megan seemed a little different. This morning she wore a little make up, not much, just a few touches but they made her look, well, just stunning.

‘You look lovely today Meg’, I said as soon as she took her place on the bench.

‘Thank you, Ruth’, taking my hand in what I thought was a short tactile response. But this morning Meg left her hand on mine. More than that she interlinked her fingers with my own and asked, ‘Shall we walk?’.

‘Let’s do that. Let’s walk and talk’, I replied.

And that was exactly what we did. We talked and we walked, holding hands all the while. We talked about not very much really, but it was all for Meg’s benefit. She was building up to something. Then it came.

‘What’s it like, being with another woman Ruth’.

‘What do you mean Meg?’. I knew what she wanted but she needed to be clear.

‘Sleeping with a woman. I mean having an intimate. Oh, I don’t know what I’m saying’.

‘It’s ok Meg. You can ask me. Do you mean sex?’.

‘I suppose I do, yes’.

‘Why do you ask?’. I had turned to face her.

‘I just wondered if it was different’.

‘It’s sex Meg. It can be wonderful with the right person. And sometimes it can be bad with the wrong person’.

We carried on walking. At the far end of the lake there was a small shelter. I had walked by many times but never stepped in. Today I led Meg into the shelter. She never objected and as we stood inside, I took both her hands and drew her in close. I put my hands on her hips and pulled her to me.

‘Let’s warm each other up Meg’, I said.

I drew her to me, our bodies now in a gentle embrace. She said nothing but I whispered in her ear.

’Meg. Put your arms around me. Warm me up please. I need you to’.

I caressed her back, very gently, and very slowly. Meg responded in much the same manner. I purposely kept her close but let my hands wander just a little further with a gentle resting on her butt. It was then I gently kissed her neck. She raised her head up and waited. I leaned in and kissed her tenderly on her mouth. Meg opened her mouth to me in response and we kissed passionately for a good minute. Meg suddenly pulled away from me. Breathing hard.

‘Ruth, what’s happening to me?’, she gasped.

I looked back expecting Meg to run and not come back. She didn’t run. Instead, she took me in her arms again and we kissed for a second time. We did more than kiss. When Meg inserted her tongue into my mouth I reached up to her breast. It felt very firm. I gently squeezed her hard nipple and she groaned, pushing her tongue further into my mouth. Meg placed her hands on my butt, and I felt myself getting very wet.

Removing my face from hers I whispered, ‘Turn around Meg’. She did as I asked without question as I pushed my body into hers taking both her breasts in my cupped hands. Meg, head laid back onto my shoulder, was beginning to pant. I gently lifted her dress up far enough that I could find her pussy. She had what felt like a pair of cotton briefs on and they were very damp. As I reached around her body and pushed my hand down and into her wetness Meg gasped again. Her back arched into me and she panted again. The sounds of pleasure coming from her was a massive turn on for me. I was so wet myself I thought I would climax without delay. I massaged her vagina, my rhythm increasing with every groan Meg gave. As she neared climax Meg became louder. She started to scream, not loud, but a scream none the less. This was just too much for me so whilst I massaged Meg I pulled at my own dress, took Meg’s hand with my free one, and placed it between my dripping thighs. As she screamed in ecstasy I too called out, ‘Meg, I’m coming, don’t stop’. Meg’s fingers hit the mark and with a last thrust into her she shuddered along with me. We stood holding each other in that old shelter, both panting, both enjoying the after-effects of our climax, both spent.

Meg walked me back to my car afterwards, neither of us saying a word. We both knew a bridge had been crossed. Arriving at my car I took her hands and said, ‘See you tomorrow Meg’.

She smiled at me and replied.

‘Yes, I rather think you will’.




Chapter 4

Ruth and I had been spending every morning together on that bench. Some days we just talked on the bench, other days we walked, and talked. But what was becoming clear to me was, that as each day went by I, enjoyed Ruth’s company more and more. Not only her company, her touch. Her tactile behaviour was something she was open about but when the touches lingered, not only did I like it, deep inside I wanted more. Each afternoon, after our meetings together, I took myself straight into my little bedroom and with my own hands, made myself come. Sometimes I repeated the pleasure at night, often climaxing more than once. I was sleeping better than ever and felt better each day.

After a couple of weeks, I decided to ask Ruth about her relationship. I went further that day, taking her hand, something I did not generally do, and it felt good. I asked her what it was like to be with a woman as we walked, holding hands together for the first time. Ruth was very honest and told me that sex could be good between two people or it could be not so good, bad even. It depended on the two people. That morning Ruth led to me to a shelter on the far side of the lake. It was in a remote location. I wondered if she had been here before. I did not resist when she led me inside. I did not resist when she hugged me, asking for warmth. And I did not resist her when she kissed me tenderly. I embraced everything, from the moment I pushed my tongue into her open mouth, to finding her wetness. That was a real turn on. With a man you can see and feel the firmness of his erection. It is something I have experienced but did not take to. Maybe it was the wrong man, I don’t know. But with a woman, you know you are having a sexual impact when her pussy is wet. As I felt Ruth’s wetness, I knew this was what |I wanted. I wanted to be fucked by a woman. And I was. Ruth was an expert. I could tell she had done this many times before, but I didn’t care. As she used her hand to fuck me on that lovely morning, she took mine and we fucked each other. I screamed. She groaned and panted. Something I had not expected, and it was a great turn on.

Before we left the shelter, and whilst still a little out of breath Ruth laughed and said, ‘You screamed’.

‘Sorry’, I said. ‘I couldn’t control myself’.

She kissed me and said, ‘We need somewhere more private I think’.

I said nothing as we walked back to her car, still hand in hand. At the car we both smiled and agreed to meet the next day, which we did.




Chapter 5

As spring turned into summer my relationship with Megan blossomed. We were like two schoolchildren at times, giggling, telling jokes, usually at someone else’s expense, chasing about, and making love wherever and whenever we could. I still remember the first time I took Megan to my bed. We had spent a lot of time at the lakeside shelter that first week until one day, as we walked, we saw another couple. A young man and his girlfriend were sat in our shelter. It appeared that our isolated love spot was not as isolated as we thought. We were a little frustrated that day. We held hands as we walked but refrained from any other intimacy. The following day we encountered the same young couple in our shelter once again. We looked at each other and laughed out loud.

‘Are there any other shelters around this lake Ruth?’, asked Megan.

With a shake of her head Ruth replied, ‘None that I know of, but I have a suggestion’.

‘Go on’, said Meg.

‘Well, I have the house to myself this weekend. Would you like to come over? You could stay’.

‘At your house. What about your wife?’.

‘She is on a team building course or something, from Friday morning and not returning until Sunday evening’.

Meg was a little hesitant, so I continued, putting some extra firepower into my reasoning.

‘Look Meg, Fay and I have not had sex for weeks. That’s the truth of it. We have slept in separate bedrooms for months. She has her life, and I have mine. I’m glad you are a part of that life now. Please come to stay this weekend. Fay will be sharing someone else’s bed so why shouldn’t I have you in mine’.

We embraced and Meg whispered to me, ‘And so you shall my love’.

And as Meg said, I did have her. That Friday I put clean sheets on my double bed, placed fresh flowers in vases all over, and cleaned throughout. It had been an unproductive day as far as my writing went but all I could think of was Meg.

She arrived a little after six in the evening and had driven here straight from work. As I opened the door to greet her, I could hardly contain my excitement, virtually pulling her inside. Meg stood inside the hall holding a wonderful bouquet of flowers and an overnight bag. There were roses, carnations, some tulips, and a lot of green foliage in the bouquet.

‘For you’, said Meg handing me the flowers.

‘Thank you so much. They are beautiful’. We embraced then and I headed into the kitchen in search of a vase.

‘Just make yourself at home’, I called from the kitchen.

When I returned to the lounge, I found Meg looking at a picture. It was of Fay and I on our wedding day.

‘She’s beautiful’, said Meg.

‘She is, and so are you. She is not in my heart anymore, but I like to keep the photograph up to remind me of happier times’. I took the photograph, replaced it on the shelf and led her by the hand to the garden.

‘Come and take a look at the garden. Let me know what you think’.

I led Meg back out into the hallway, through my large kitchen diner, into the conservatory, and out through the side door and into the garden. I could tell Meg liked the large open spaces interspersed with fruit trees and large borders full of my favourite blooms. As we walked arm in arm, she seemed to relax.

‘I love the garden. Who planned it? Was it you?’.

‘Well yes. I planned, designed, and put everything in place myself over a five-year period’.

‘Wow. Is there no end to what you can do with your fingers?’, remarked Meg giving me a cheeky wink. I drew her in close and gently kissed her before whispering, ‘Well, you may find out later’. We both laughed and I carried on with the tour of the garden until it started to rain.

I cooked for us both that evening. Nothing too adventurous for our first evening together at my house, just grilled steak and a few vegetables along with my favourite Red wine, an Argentinean Malbec. Throughout the meal we talked about her day, and mine. I think my day was the least productive. I explained that I had a deal with a literary agent and was about to submit a first draft of a novel. I had been working on it for some time but today I could not concentrate. She laughed.

‘Can’t think why’, she said then went on to explain her teaching methods with the under seven group she had been working with today. Her enthusiasm was infectious. I knew she was a great teacher. How could she not be with such positivity? After we finished our meal, we sat with a second bottle of red wine watching TV on my sofa. Arms entwined we kissed tenderly. Neither of us really wanted to watch the television. It was only nine o clock and still light outside, but I could not wait any longer.

‘Shall we go to bed Meg. I don’t think I can wait much longer’.

Meg nodded and stood holding her hands out to me. ‘Take me to your bed Ruth’.

And so I did. I led her into my bedroom. The curtains were already closed and whilst it was not dark, the light was fading fast so I switched on a side lamp. I slipped out of my dress and let it fall to the floor. Underneath I wore a black lace bra and panties set along with suspender belt and stockings. I took her hand and placed it onto my breast. Meg looked into my eyes and gently squeezed. She seemed to like my underwear and made no attempt to remove any. I let her caress my breasts with both hands, gently at first, then her grip became firmer. I closed my eyes and let her roam my body as I stood, opening my legs just enough. She moved in close and I felt a kiss on my shoulder. Meg wore a tight business style skirt and cream blouse. As her arms held me close, I managed to unzip the top of her skirt. Meg stood back releasing her embrace and I kissed her gently on the lips. ‘Take your clothes off Meg’, I whispered.

I lay back on the bed as provocatively as I could watching Meg remove her clothes. I lay before her and put a hand down my pants finding myself so wet. Pulling my pants off I almost came straight away. Meg let her skirt fall and she too wore a suspender belt set with what looked like a very brief red thong. Not the innocent mature teacher garments I had expected but as she removed her bouse to reveal a red bra which pushed her small firm breasts out that extra inch I could wait no longer. I inserted my two finger and found the spot straight away. As I groaned in ecstasy begging Meg to join me, I was about to climax when I felt Meg’s tongue on my naval, her lips on my stomach tracing their way towards my breasts.

‘Meg I’m about to come, please, I need you’. I pushed her further down, guiding her head towards my wet pussy and between my legs. She didn’t seem to understand so I called out to her, almost a cry, ‘Eat me Meg, use your mouth. Oh, god. Oh, Oh, Oh god that’s good’. Meg understood and went straight to work. I don’t know whether she had ever eaten a woman’s pussy before but as she pushed her tongue into me whilst holding each of my buttocks, I came in a long, drawn out moment of ecstasy. It was a flow of juices like I had never experienced before. Meg was a natural. As I groaned, she kept up the act of using her tongue and lips to firmly suck and insert in a technique I would later come to enjoy, time and time again.

As my heart returned to some sort of normality Meg whispered, ‘Was that ok? I haven’t done that before’.

I kissed her, the salty taste of my own scent upon her lips. I looked into her eyes whilst pushing her onto her back and replied, ‘It was perfect my love. Allow me to respond’. Meg lay back and I fucked her. I used my fingers to make her come and she did very quickly. I could tell she needed to. Then I gave her what she had given me. We made love over and over that first night in my bed, exploring each other’s nakedness until the light came in through the curtains. Then we slept.

We would continue to meet every weekend from then throughout the summer. Our time together passionate, intense, and satisfying.

Towards the end of the Summer, I started to notice little changes. Meg became more assertive with me, wanting to be in control more and more. It could be the teacher in her taking over, but she always wanted to plan, not just for the day ahead, but often the week, sometimes weeks ahead. I began to worry about Meg. I was the one in control. I needed to make the decisions. I did make a decision. A decision Meg would come to regret, later.




Chapter 6

I always knew Ruth was stronger than I, certainly in a physical sense, but the more time I spent in her company, the better I felt about myself. I felt stronger in every way. Confident.

The first time she took me to her house was amazing. The detached house was situated at the end of a long lane which had seen better days. There were only three houses that I could see along that lane and as I passed each one, I was struck by how big they were. Not just three houses in a row but very spaced out, each having a good amount of land attached. And the biggest of the three was the one at the end of the lane. The one belonging to Ruth. I knew she was a writer of sorts, but she had not expanded on this and until now I don’t think I realised how well off she was, financially. The taxi dropped me at the front gate, not a small wooden picket fence, oh no. This was a wrought iron fence, at least six foot tall, and had twisted spikes on each post. I felt it was there as a warning to anyone who might happen to wander down the lane that the occupant was not to be messed with. The gate opened at my push which surprised me, but all thoughts of strangeness were lost as I approached her front door. There was nothing strange about the front of the house. The lawns to the front were immaculate, as was the house inside I would later find out, and there were flowers everywhere. Everything was in bloom. The roses that climbed up and over the front door were a vivid crimson colour. I could smell jasmine somewhere but couldn’t see it. There was lavender, lots of it, all along the edge of the borders which were mixed with rosemary bushes. The smell was a mixture of scented flowers and herbs. It was a mixture I had not come across before, but it worked. I rang the bell and Ruth answered almost immediately, looking as beautiful as ever.  That first smile from her took away all my nerves and we spent a wonderful two nights together. It was the first time I had properly slept with Ruth. The first time I had made love to a woman in a bed, and I loved it. As she led me to her bedroom after a wonderful meal I was as relaxed as I could be after a bottle and half of wine, but still a little apprehensive. We had managed to explore each other many times before, but this was the first time she would see me naked, and I her. I needn’t have worried. It was magical.

Ruth undressed in front of me and whilst she retained some of her expensive underwear, by the time she lay back on her bed with her legs apart exposing herself to me, rubbing herself, I was ready to come myself. Ruth called to me and I removed what clothing I had and went to her. I was wet between my thighs, but it was Ruth who took control. I could tell she was already close to an orgasm, so I kissed her and used my tongue on her naked flesh to lick her around her naval. I wasn’t sure what to do next, but I was guided by Ruth. She began to push me down, further down to her wetness. My lips tasted her salty juices and I loved it. The taste was exhilarating. Ruth kept her hand on the back of my head pushing me deeper into her and I reached around her buttocks and pushed in even further. My tongue went as deep as I could and as I sucked, licked, and pushed home, I felt Ruth shudder and cry out in ecstasy. When she had stopped moving and her groans had reduced, I continued with my work on her pussy until she gently lifted my head. Ruth was breathless and smiled at me. I asked her if that was ok, and she told me it was wonderful before guiding me onto my back and using her fingers to find my love spot and I came almost immediately. Ruth knew I was ready to come and told me to let go as she rhythmically thrust two fingers inside me until I screamed out loud.

We continued to meet most days down at the lake when I was not working and spent many weekends at the house at the bottom of the lane. Fay, Ruth’s wife seemed to be spending more and more time away from the marital home and we made the most of it. I remember that summer being one of the wettest summers on record. It certainly was for me.

That summer I never left my flat without a spare pair of knickers in my handbag. It was a great summer, especially after the schools broke up for their summer holidays. We spent most of our time together, mainly at Ruth’s house, but I did insist that she spend at least one night at mine but although she promised she would, she never did turn up.

Towards the end of summer, I noticed a change in Ruth. The sex was still great, perhaps not as often as we had done in the early part of our relationship, but still, there was something. I began to wonder about my lover Ruth, and whether she was the woman I thought she was.

It was the last week of August, the sun was out, and I had not seen Ruth at the Lake. We never actually made appointments with each other, but this morning was the first time she had not appeared since that first day in late spring. I took a cab to her house and let myself in through the front gate. Her car was on the drive, so I knew she was at home. There was also another vehicle parked up next to her Mercedes. It was a Land Rover, full of tools in the back. I could hear voices so decided to head in their direction and make my way around the back. As I walked under the archway at the side of the house into the back garden, I was surprised to see a man tending to her garden. He was a young man, about thirty, very muscular, handsome too, but a little too hairy I thought to myself. He wore khaki shorts, a belt which contained a few hand tools, and was naked from the waist up. He was sweating which accentuated his physique. He was leaning against the apple tree taking in some shade and seemed a little surprised at my sudden appearance. His initial smile changed to a look of concern and he called out to Ruth who appeared with two bottles of beer in her hands.

Ruth looked at me, also a little surprised, and took a while to speak, obviously preparing her words carefully.

‘Meg, hi. I wasn’t expecting you. Come on in. Join us. This is Keith’.

The man nodded but did not utter a word. Not then, not the whole time I was in his company.

‘Take this Keith. Meg, come, let’s go inside’.

As we stood in her kitchen Ruth opened another bottle of cold beer and handed it to me.

‘Cheers’, she said.

‘Cheers’, I said.

We stood drinking in uncomfortable silence for a while then Ruth put her bottle down on the island worktop and said, ‘Sorry I couldn’t make it this morning but something urgent came up’.

I didn’t immediately respond inviting her to continue and eventually she did.

‘Thing is Meg. Fay has gone’.

Eyes wide now I stopped in mid swallow.

‘What do you mean gone?’.

‘She’s left. She won’t be coming back’.

‘I don’t know what to say Ruth’. I approached her and gave her a hug. We held each other a while until I removed myself and indicated to the man outside. ‘And who is that?’.

Ruth turned to watch Keith hard at work again. ‘That is Keith. He does the odd job for me’.

‘What sort of jobs?’, I asked.

‘He’s a fixer Meg. Can lend his hand to anything. When I need anything fixing, I give him a call’.

‘And what else does he do for you?’, I asked, an element of jealousy creeping into my tone.

Ruth took a pull on her drink and laughed.

‘Are you asking me if I’ve fucked him Meg?’.

‘Have you?’.

‘I sure have, but not today, not yet’.

Ruth seemed to be angry at my questioning, so I tried to calm myself down from the jealous rage I felt inside. Ruth saw that I was not happy and approached me. She reached out and pulled me in towards her before continuing.

‘Meg, not all men are like your ex. You had a bad experience that’s all’.

I broke from her and nodded, ‘Yes I know’.

‘Do you Meg. Do you really. Why don’t you try him?’.

I coughed, nearly choking on my beer. ‘Pardon’.

‘Keith, Fuck him. With me if you like. He will do as I say, anything’.

I didn’t like the way this was going and gave a little shake of the head. I started for the door but Ruth came after me, held me close and said all the right things. I didn’t really want to leave. I didn’t want to have sex with anyone but her, but Ruth could manipulate any situation to suit her needs. Within a few minutes I had gone from being shocked at her suggestion and about to leave to actually meeting Keith in her garden and watching him put the finishing touches to a beautiful bed of flowers, carnations I believe. I watched as Ruth applied some sun protection to Keith, massaging it into his shoulders, his back, then his arms. Finally, Ruth unbuttoned his belt, his shorts loosened, and she proceeded to place her hand deep down into his nether regions.

‘There, that should do it’.

She smiled over at me and said, ‘Give us twenty minutes then come up if you want. Suit yourself’.

Ruth then led Keith into the house and disappeared. I was left standing in the garden, admiring the large bed of carnations.

I was emotional as I climbed the stairs. I had tears running down my cheeks whilst my juices were flowing down below. I was confused but so wet as I walked into Ruth’s bedroom. The sight in front of me was not what I expected. Ruth in all her nakedness was tied to her bed face down whilst being sat upright in a what my yoga teacher would say was a downward facing dog position. Her buttocks were raised, and Keith was having sex with her. He was fucking her from behind. Keith was also naked, so muscular, so much hair on his arms, back, legs, everywhere. With every thrust Ruth screamed. A scream of joy or a scream of pain I wasn’t sure but then I heard her pant and shudder as she so often did with me that I knew she was having an orgasm. Keith removed himself and untied her. He turned to me and I saw he was still erect. I couldn’t take my eyes from his manhood, so large and stiff. I remember looking at him watching me. My clothes were being removed by Ruth. Keith was helping, then I was suddenly naked. Ruth was caressing me as I lay on the bed. I tried to focus on Ruth but couldn’t stop looking at Keith. Ruth took in one of my breasts and started to nip and suck. She knew I loved this. I held her head pushing it into my breast then my hand was being taken and I had hold of Keith. His swollen penis in my hand. Ruth whispered in my ear, ‘Do you like this Meg’.

I wanted to be a part of her life and though I wasn’t sure this was for me I decided to comply.

I said, ‘Yes, whatever you want Ruth’.

‘Turn over’, she whispered, and I did.

Ruth tied the bonds securing me to the bed a little too tight I thought. I was completely at her mercy. She positioned herself underneath me and massaged my breasts as I looked down upon her. I closed my eyes as her hands wandered and found my pussy. Then a second pair of hands were upon me, bigger, stronger. They had hold of my buttocks. I could feel the hardness of him. Keith was entering me, filling me up. As he pushed deeper into me, I felt like he was about to push through to the other side. His hands were now on my breasts, gripping hard, my nipples being pinched. Keith was thrusting hard, faster, more power with each thrust. I had never been fucked like this before. I found I liked it and started to feel a pressure build. I started to groan, slow at first, then pant as each thrust pushed harder into me. Keith seemed to have quite a thrust and as I finally climaxed, I gave out a scream that stopped Keith in his tracks, albeit only momentarily. He continued to pound me until I could stand it no longer. He had been thrusting for a good fifteen minutes and I was beginning to get sore. Ruth was still underneath me and was enjoying it all. She had a vibrator in her right hand and was using that on herself. She had another orgasm and seemed excited by my less than happy position.

‘I think I’ve had enough Ruth. Ask him to stop’.

‘Don’t be silly Meg. He loves to fuck. He can go on for hours. He can’t speak a word of English either’.

Ruth smiled up at me, concern on my face. I started to panic and tried to scream. As my mouth opened Ruth pushed a pair of her panties into my mouth stunting the sound of my scream. I watched in horror as she removed herself and left the room. At the door she said something in a Foreign language to the man who responded by slapping my thigh and thrusting ever so harder. Then it all went black. 


Chapter 7

We had such a wonderful time Meg and I. So many beautiful walks down at the Lake, holding hands, laughing together, visiting local dress shops, finding places in the park or at the Lake to kiss and cuddle, and more. It brings back some lovely memories. But I noticed a change in Megan, towards the end of Summer. Late August it was. She was beginning to be more assertive with me. Trying to control me. Well, I was not used to being controlled. I didn’t like it. I should be the one in control. It came to a head one sunny afternoon just before the end of August.

I had a problem that needed fixing, and I had called upon Keith for help. He was a fixer and had come over at short notice to help me in the garden. A young man, I had met Keith whilst helping at one of the local prisons. He was a little rough around the edges, had done some bad things, some very bad things, and was paying the price. I was helping Keith with his English, along with a few other foreign prisoners, and we seemed to hit it off. We both spoke Spanish, so that helped. He was from Madrid and had a real temper apparently. Anyway, I volunteered there for a while, all part of my research into my book, and when he was eventually released, we kept in touch.

I was unable to go to the lake that morning so had not met up with Meg. I had a problem with the garden I really needed help with and had Keith over to help. Keith actually did the whole job, the digging, the filling in, and the planting. A whole new bed of beautiful carnations. They looked magnificent.

Keith was just applying the finishing touches. His body all a sweat in the afternoon sun. I had decided to take him to my bedroom and offer myself to him as part payment. It suited us both and it wasn’t the first time I had fucked Keith. Then, Meg appeared. She seemed shocked to see Keith in the garden and even more shocked to find out that I had been had by this delicious man in the past. I thought she was going to cry when I told her I would be making good use of him this afternoon. As I said, Meg was becoming a little stifling.

She had to go.

I loved her but was not going to accept being controlled. I couldn’t accept it with Fay. I would not accept it with Meg. She did cry, a little, so I comforted her. I took back control, eventually persuading her to join us. In the bedroom that was. She didn’t really take much persuasion, so after a brief meeting with Keith I asked her to give us a little time alone, Keith and I, then come up to the bedroom. Keith would show her what a man could do.

I took Keith up to the bedroom and explained to him what I required. He nodded his understanding and went to work on me. I prefer sex with women but every now and again I like to be fucked by a real man, and Keith was a real man. Keith is not his real name of course, it’s just what I call him. Well, it must have been about fifteen minutes later when I noticed Meg in the doorway. I had been loosely tied to the bed posts and was receiving a sound thrashing from Keith when I saw her. It excited me to see Meg watching. I had a large mirror above the bed and as Keith took me, I saw her. I knew she was excited by us which spurred me on, and I came very quickly. I signalled to Keith and he untied me.

Meg was in a state of shock or something because she seemed motionless. We both undressed her and led her to the bed. I tied her up as I had been and positioned myself beneath her, massaging her everywhere. Meg seemed a little panicked as Keith entered her but quickly accepted his loving thrusts. He knew what he was doing. Keith could last a long time. He was so stiff. He was good. He was pumping away, and Meg was being ridden like never before. I watched her come from below, heard her screams, saw her smile too but still Keith pumped. Meg accepted his thrusting for a while, then I saw the look on her face. I couldn’t wait any longer, I had things to do. I didn’t want to be disturbed by Meg so as she was about to yell at me, I pushed my panties deep into her mouth.

I quickly left the room then, but as I was about to walk through the door I stopped, turned, and gave Keith his final instructions.

I never saw Meg again after that. I wonder what could have happened to her?




Chapter 8

As a writer I am always looking for new material, new subjects to write about. Sometimes I write about my experiences, often about my relationships. I turn them into the Crime novels I have become so noted for.

You can’t beat writing about real experiences, real life affairs.

My affairs may be brief and short lived, but they are full of love and passion. Ask anyone.

If you can find them.

Submitted: May 11, 2021

© Copyright 2021 sparkles9999. All rights reserved.

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