And You?

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

All desires come true one day, and you have to be careful what you wish for.
Because it may turn out that not necessary at all.

‘So! I'm tired of waiting for you! Are we going today or are you going to lie on?’

? sleepy voice came out from the bedroom lit by the morning sun, which was somehow especially round and warm today:

‘...Josi want to sleep! Let’s a bit later?’

The girl who was sitting on a chair in the garden, who had already gathered to the beach - they were going to go to sea today, dive with scuba diving - looked askance towards the house, and, showing her impatience a little, whispered ‘Oh-oh’ and went to the trees. The apple trees with cherries was in full bloomed already and seemed to be waiting for its lady, swaying evenly in the light breeze from the sea.

The day began at the villa in Saint-Tropez. That inimitable summer was already closing, striving to cover with its warmth the variable spring. Joséphine Posay, or simply Josi, as Jacques, her friend, called her, inherited from parents a wonderful house by the sea and decent funds in the bank account. She studied in the local Academy of Fine Arts, is already on the senior year and, little by little, taught for younger students several disciplines. The mayor of Saint-Tropez once saw her public performance and said that ‘the voice of art sounds more convincing than ever!’

She met her friend, Jacques, at one exhibition of a famous Parisian painter. Four years passed its course and they decided to live together in Josephine’s house. Jacques was a lawyer, often traveled to Europe on business and, at twenty-seven, was quite famous in wide circles of France.

And now, they have been settling for a year in this cute house wrapped in greenery. Josi was gradually engaged in his decoration, bringing in here and there sparks of coziness and warmth. Their desires were great, often changeable, but never cooled down.

... Joséphine returned under the trees and sat in a lawn armchair. On the table next to her was her favorite book. And after reading a little, she was so filled with feelings, the smells of the garden, the sea, that she fell asleep...

... After a while, Jacques came downstairs at last from the bedroom and walked up quietly to the girl, took some twig and gently stroked her forehead, with touching the separately prominent twisted dark curl. The girl's eyes opened slightly.

‘Oh, my God, really! So, what? Are we going now?’

‘Yes-yes, I have packed already a couple of necessary bags in the fireplace hall.’

They looked at each other for a minute, only with their own gaze, got up and silently set off on the road.

Opening the wicket, they saw a strange gentleman with a black hat, on a horse, that heading in their direction. Without attaching any importance to it, they turned onto a sandy sideway path sloping down to the sea, but a clear voice drew them:

‘Mademoiselle Posay!’

‘Yes. And, who are you?’

‘I have one letter for you, just for you. Sign the receipt. Looks like you are going somewhere? So please, read it in the evening if it isn't too much trouble.’

‘Does it have necessary?’

‘I wouldn't have traveled two hundred miles if it was unnecessary. Read it. Have a nice day to you.’

‘Oh well. I wonder, what's your name?’

‘Victor, mademoiselle.’

‘Ok. Thank you. Have a good day.’

…in five hours, having dived in the bay plenty, examined the wonderful underwater world and pretty tired of wetsuits, they returned to dinner and, coming the house already, heard a slight windy flapping of shutters on the second floor.

‘Josi! What is it?’ Jacques gestured to the left side as they entered the courtyard.

And, in the courtyard stood a magnificent and insanely rare red E-type Jaguar, a convertible from the early sixties.

‘It's a car.’ Joséphine answered with a smile. ‘But from where?’

‘Don't know!! Oh yes, an excellent condition! It's a dream!’

Seeing Jacques' inspiration, Joséphine, straightening her hair from the slightly blowing wind, said:

‘Okay, I'm actually tired. Let's figure it out later?’

Late in the evening, sitting and basking in the fireplace, listening to the crackling of logs, Jacques took out a letter. Joséphine noticed a strange round seal with inscription “?And you?” and opened the envelope.

“Mademoiselle Posay! From now on, all your wishes will come true. All. But be careful! Additionally, we inform you that one more, and only one person, who besides you touches to the signature at the bottom of this letter, will receive the same gift and all his wishes will come true too. We hope that our messenger, Victor, didn't scare you too much. With respect and care.”

At the bottom there was an inscription and it had to be touched.

‘So, what?’ Jacques looked at the girl.

‘Don't even know. Story. Freebie. Joke. Trap. But ... let's do this: we wanted to update, decorate the house, the plot. And without any online stores, decorators. In general, only our own, unique things. All the more, the living room is full of my drawings, sketches about it. Do you remember?’

‘Yes. And I keep thinking about the car. It really was a dream when I was a child. Exactly did it! And so, it's here...’

And Jacques looked at Joséphine with that touching look that gives our world a soulfulness, beauty, and the one who is being looked at - the feeling of belonging to something very good. These were the eyes of a child.

And Josi was enticed away by the catching feeling:

‘Let's try. Very careful.’

They touched to the signature with hands and made their first wishes...

On the next day, a cozy pool appeared in the courtyard, with statuettes in the corners and sun beds nearby, for guests. The car now has a garage. New, chic curtains filled the living room, and a lovely bed with canopy took up space in the bedroom. Joséphine walked in the morning with complete delight: this is it, what's needed! And Jacques fiddled with the Jaguar's engine valves in the garage.

Later, they went to sea again on a small yacht, swam, dived over and over, enjoying the pulling flexibility of the undertow. Joséphine found some striking pearl, and Jacques...Jacques found an old bottle of rum, apparently from some pirate ship. The label showed a skull, with a sitting parrot on it, and a couple of bones below. The girl really didn't like this find and she threw it back into the sea with a joking “Fi”.

In the evening, after supper, they sat on the open terrace of the house, listening to the sounds of the sea, cicadas. Sometimes in the distance the hooting of an owl was heard, and a night bird that flying by flapped its wings. All it was in effect so soothingly. That evening Jacques furtively kissed Joséphine, for the first time. And then, lying in bed already, they began to dream about...

Yes...! Increased in the morning!

Here is a new chic tableware for guests. Next to Jaguar was Kawasaki now, the motorcycle that Jacques had dreamed of. And finally, a wonderful library appeared in the house. Joséphine had long wanted to acquire rare specimens that could be useful in work and study.

And here are the guests!..

The day went well. Having said goodbye to her friends, Joséphine was sitting in the evening garden, covered with a blanket. She felt so good! And Jacques was already asleep, he had to leave in Paris tomorrow, on the affairs of his law office.

In the morning, opening her eyes, Joséphine saw a painting of Renoir hanging on the wall of their bedroom. Apparently, it was the original. And then, next to her, another one slowly appeared. It was Paul Signac and his little dots.

Then, around the still sleepy room, a kind of black cornice began to appear. It enmeshed it around, gradually closing in to the entrance.

Joséphine touched Jacques ‘Ja! What's happening?’

Jacques woke up. Suddenly, a very large, just a huge bed appeared nearby. Then, from somewhere to the left, a creak was heard. Turning, Joséphine saw a huge, thick book, opening slightly like a heavy oak door.

Jacques looked up and some colored screws and cogs appeared off the ceiling. They floated down slowly, touching and covering him like snow. Then huge propellers appeared, wheels, ship parts, masts, a small kubrick, a boat filled with plates, kettles and other utensils. Joséphine screamed. All of it somehow approached to them, encircled on all sides, began to press and squeeze. It started to get dark. As though some kind of puzzle was doing, and when it's assembled, then will come... There were so many objects, things all around!

Both of them felt sick. Jacques suddenly lost consciousness. And Joséphine, not understanding anything, closed her eyes tightly...


...Waking up in her garden, Joséphine came to her senses slowly. It was a good day, the wind was extremely quiet, the air was filled with a slight scent of the sea and flowering trees. Joséphine glanced at the cherrytree next to her: a black hat was visible in its branches, and something white stuck out from below. She went to the tree and pulled off the black cylinder. It contained a letter. And, on the envelope was written “?And you?”

Opening it, Joséphine read:

“Mademoiselle Posay! It's all right, don't worry! Remember to be judicious. Yours sincerely.”

And the signature is “The one who wrote it.”

‘Ja-a!’ the girl called Jacques. ‘I need to tell you something!’

And from the bedroom, from the upper floor of the house a cheerful voice was heard ‘And me too!’

Submitted: May 11, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Alexander Melnicov. All rights reserved.

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