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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

A man stalks his prey: a beautiful woman called Catherine. His obsession for her turns out differently.

Catherine was always feeling comfortable enough changing her clothes in the evening in her bedroom as no one could see her from the street with all those trees in front of the house.

Most of the time she wore just a shirt of her late boyfriend with knickers underneath. Today wasn’t any different.

Her long red hair always looked more red than it actually was because of the soft, spotless pale skin she has. She knew having a ponytail in bed was really bad for her hair, but then again she treated her hair with most care by her own made special products.


At 10:12 PM he looked straight through the tall windows watching Catherine descending to the living room in her shirt and knickers. Like many men he liked redheads, but Catherine had something mysterious about her he couldn’t really place.

Often when he saw her walking through the house, he thought she paraded a bit, like if she knew he was looking at her and she wanting him, though, this would be impossible. He was way too careful to get caught.

Ever since the first time he saw her, he made sure he wasn’t visible. He took the needed distance from her, physically that is of course, and always remained in the shadows or between the leaves of the trees and bushes.


Catherine put on the television and sat herself down in such a way that only her feet were visible to him. He started walking a bit closer, but couldn’t get a good angle. After weeks of stalking and spying on her, he felt himself craving for her even more. Today, this evening he was planning to strike. Being so nervous, he had a hard time focusing on not getting detected, but first he wanted a better angle on her.

He started walking around the house, but still he couldn’t get a better glimpse on her. He started to get angry. Catherine wasn’t showing herself enough to him. She’s his! She needs to show herself.

He had no other choice but sneaking inside the house and started walking to the back door. He passed a certain sensor and the back lights went out. He hid as fast as possible and he thought he got caught.


The back door opened and he saw Catherine looking outside. She went back inside and he heard her going down some stairs. He waited a few minutes to go on just in case.

On a lower level of the house he heard some metal noises and after a minute or two he saw Catherine entering the living room again. She got herself a bottle of wine, which she probably grabbed in the cellar he thought.

A few minutes past by and he finally had the courage again to go to the back door. This time he remained out of sight of the sensor and managed to open the door gently and get in.

Once inside the house he saw the security system and he knew he was in luck she didn’t put it on yet. He heard some noises coming from the television and he walked on to the living room.

Arriving at the living room he startled. Catherine wasn’t there. His heart started beating fast when suddenly he felt a strong, painful pinch in the back of his head. The only thing he saw was black and he dropped down.


“You finally had the nerve. It took you some time, but I’m glad you finally made it. You see, I like men’s obsessions, and even more when they are single and taking the rights in their own hands. I do have to admit I have an obsession too, dear. I like to let men think I am vulnerable and an easy prey for them to take. Oh, where are my manners? You probably know my name is Catherine right? Or better Katalin.”

He felt weird. Not because he got hit in the back of his head, no, he felt all his blood pushing to his brains. Gravity felt weird. He opened his eyes and he saw the room being upside down and above him he saw a perfectly clean marble bath tub. He was hanging from his feet on a hook attached to a chain in the ceiling. Strangely enough he couldn’t move, nor speak.

“My mother once found the Elixir of Life or even the Fountain of Youth. It wasn’t at a certain place though, no, we all have it. And… she took it, but she got caught. She killed many young women, most of them virgins, but she got locked away in her own castle to starve to death. She was ignorant taking the lives of those girls when any human being could have done the trick.”


A tear dropped down from his left eye. The nervous arousal from before was changed into deep, hard fear. He heard Catherine grinding pieces of metal against each other.

“Don’t worry! You won’t suffer… long… And don’t worry about the cleanup and evidence. After centuries I know what to do. You won’t be found.”

Catherine took off her clothes and took the giant curved blade along with her into her bath. She smiled at him and then in a blink of an eye he felt a velvet, though painful feeling on his throat, followed by red fluid running over his eyes and ears, dripping on Catherine. Catherine rubbed his blood all over her milky white skin and drank some of it too.

“Thank you dear. This will grant me another ten years or so. You can finally rest now. I will honor your gift by letting your body join my family in the backyard of Castle Nádasdy.”

Submitted: May 11, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Disparvulgo. All rights reserved.

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