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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

What if the banned vaccines were actually the ones saving humanity?

2029: ten years after the start of the Covid-19 pandemic...

World population: 1.2 billion people

The virus itself that came from China’s little markets, killed about 4.3 million people.

The British, Brazilian, South African, Indian, Texan and Belgian variants killed another 22.6 million people. So... from 7.9 billion to 1.2 billion, humanity lost 6.7 billion lives of which “only” less than 30 million by the virus itself.

It makes you wonder, doesn’t it?


The virus killed a lot, but humanity made the biggest killing after all.

Even kids on the streets wanting to party didn’t make that much of a difference. Yeah, all those events took loads of lives, but those weren’t the biggest killers of the biggest pandemic known by man kind, so far.


It all started with the vaccination campaigns. You know: the elders first, then the younger and so on, or better said: first the richest and world leaders, then the elder, then the others.

You might remember the Artois Zenith-vaccine? The one banned in Europe and US and so on? It got banned because too many cases showed deaths by blood clots after the injection of the AZ-vaccine. Well, banning it was the biggest mistake done... Surely many would have died due to blood clots, but it was nothing compared with the Zigzig, Boris&Boris, Biolog,... vaccines...

The non-AZ vaccines did work... in the beginning. But after weeks or a few months after the vaccinations, the first people started to drop.

It began with the elder as most of them didn’t have a very good immune system, but then the world leaders started to die too.

Of course governments held it still, but more and more died, even in the governments themselves. Only a handful of people in each government survived because they didn’t get the vaccine or they had the AZ-one in an earlier stage. But a handful wasn’t enough... States, royal houses and governments dropped. Countries and their borders were no more, or well some countries remained the same like the US, Canada and some others, the most countries were now no man’s land but some countries grew. Countries like Russia and China took the opportunity to take control over several Baltic or Southern Asian countries even though their state leaders were in a bad state too. I guess “the people” were behind their leaders after all.


After these hostile takeovers which took millions of lives, the variants that took many millions of lives, the vaccines still kept on taking many more.

The Vatican, Monaco, South Sudan, Peru, Tasmania,... even lost all humans. After ghost houses, towns and cities, humanity knew their first ghost countries. Those specific vaccines made hearts stop, brains drying out in and even worse: longs stopped working and started to rot from the inside. Those people died gruesome deaths.

And if we all took the AZ-vaccine... only max 10% of humanity would be lost... we think. We can’t be sure because there are almost no scientists left and those that are still alive, live so many miles apart.


With 1.2 billion survivors (and we are still losing about a hundred every week) we are trying to settle down closer to each other, but this isn’t easy due to different heritages, religions and of course the many many miles away. Planes no longer fly, trains no longer ride and there is just no more gasoline as not one survivor can handle the pumps or refineries.


You might wonder why I am writing this piece... this isn’t a diary... well, I am sending this piece of heritage out into the world. We need more people. We can no longer save humanity, but we are trying to reform it again.

Find us in the following 7 world capitals:


*end of message*

Submitted: May 11, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Disparvulgo. All rights reserved.

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