Don't behave like a monkey

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Children Stories  |  House: Booksie Classic

Once many scientists do research or you can say that an experiment. This experiment is on the monkeys.


Many monkeys came and prison in a cage then in a cage a stair is taken. On the first stair of the staircase, a bunch of bananas is taken place. 


One of the monkeys came there and took the banana. As it took the banana scientists fall a cold water not only on that monkey but all four monkeys which are present in the cage . 


The next monkey again goes and then the scientists again fall the cold water on all four monkeys. 


Now all monkeys know that if they go on the staircase the cold waterfall.


Then after some time scientists replace a monkey with a new one. 




The new monkey was unknown for the story. He came there and all the three monkeys beat him badly because of the cold waterfall on them.


Now new monkeys know that if anyone went there they beat.


After some time scientists replace a monkey with a new one.


He unknown for the story he came then all the monkeys beta him badly but this time there was no fall of not only cold water but also any type of water. But they were beaten. He knows that if anyone came there they beat him.


After some time scientists replace all the monkeys.


Now no one knows why they were beaten. They do not know the actual reason.


It the same way many bad customs are going on once time for a reason but now the reson was finish but the bad customs are going on . We are behaving like a monkey we do not know the reason but we do the work.




So friends it is in your hands that you behave like a monkey or not. 


#Be happy#Be motivate#Be stay and stay happy

Submitted: May 11, 2021

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