Live Dream Desire

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

I am a Scottish dyslexic woman and new to writing but I have a writing app , I am a good storyteller and a creative imagination.
I hope people enjoy

this is the link to my book . 
I have left the main character up to the imagination off the reader as beauty is in the eye off the beholder, what is beauty to one person is different to another 

hope you all enjoy 

Chapter 1 Voodoo Woman A cold crisp clear winter night Ava beautiful bachelorette is looking out her window at the moon and all the stars glass off red vino and a smoke says to self “ I need adventure “ Then a shooting star goes by she makes a wish takes the last sip off vino and last draw off her smoke then melts into a hot bath. She lies there stoned warm relaxed starts to imagine living it up in her favourite city’s and experience new ones and all the hot men she can play with. Feeling relaxed in fantasy aroused, she gets out the bath Takes the candles to the bedroom, heads to her goodie drawer turns round and on her bed is this old voodoo looking woman dressed in white and red old creole style Ava shouts “WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU How you get in hear ?” The old woman laughs and speaks in a deep southern Louisiana accent “ Am magic child “ “ you come from the crazy house woman? “ “ No child I am mystic” “ What the fuck your a vivid off my imagination from drinking and smoking“ “ Think off me as your conscience kind off angel if you like “ Look crazy lady get the fuck out my flat go back to the funny farm you came from “ Then like the Cheshire Cat from Alice in wonderland she is gone . Then pop she is back laughing on the bed. “ You made a wish I came “ “What the fuck I wish for adventure not some crazy ass mystic meg from the funny farm “ “ ok child “ And like the Cheshire Cat she’s gone . “ holy shit I need to lay off the weed that was trippy, what the fuck was that all about” Ava sits on the bed trying to think straight then pop the voodoo woman is back . Ava jumps off the bed “ no this is not real ?” “ that’s right I am not real but real in your imagination child” “ I know I got blue dream to smoke but is this a dream? I mean what the fuck “ “ haha it’s not your smoke child well Mabie a little haha , so I will explain you want to sit down?” “ your not going to do some mad voodoo magic on me ? “ “ I might haha , no I won’t just let me explain “ Ava sits next to her but is very anxious. “ you wished on a shooting star right, so I came to be your Guide words off wisdom for your adventure” “ I wish for a lot off shit don’t mean it will happen “ “ oh it will happen , you will work use your skills “ “ what bar work ?” “ yes but new skills you will find along the way “ “ like what? “ “ you will see you can do anything you want my child just stay truthful to your self be brave and go forth you will know what to do so relax “ Then once again like the Cheshire Cat she is gone. Ava lies back on her bed “ god I need to lay off the smoke “ And falls asleep. When she wakes and still can’t quite believe last night but thinks maybe I should go for it maybe it was a strong smoke but made her think she needs to do this , so she makes plans. ? Chapter 2 Amsterdam It’s been 6 months off hard graft and over time at the bar and now Ava has the money to fund her flight and 3 months rent for Amsterdam that will be the start off the adventure. Ava lets her good friend Vinnie take over the rent off her studio flat , he needs to get out his flat share to have creative space for his music so It’s ideal plus it’s a great spot looking over a lush green park in the west end off Glasgow dose not want to give that up. Ava how long you going for ?” “ don’t know got a one way ticket to Amsterdam 3 months rent on a small studio flat so see what happens” “You going to get work in the dam?” “ yip be a good experience but have a week or 2 off chill out time first” “ your Brave wish I had your balls” “ you do have balls just mine bigger haha” “Oot ma hoose bitch “ “Nae your hoose yet bellend haha now pass that splif” Ava arrives in Amsterdam Steps out off central station walks downtown the small cobble streets with the lovely aromatic smell off green haze brings back memories off fond fun times wild and carefree. She get a taxi to check in to her small studio near the Damrak. After climbing all the stairs like ladders brings back a mad memory off being very high and a old mate finding her a sleep half way up Ava lapghs to her self . One week later after coffee shop ,bar,coffee shop, bar Ava decides to try look for some work as she as blown about 2 weeks budget in one week time to get the sensible head on. The next day when she is out in bars and coffee shops she asks for work . She ends the day into early night at Hill street blues one off her favourite hangouts , it a dark cool dive bar with lots off graffiti. Ava talks with a Irish bartender and she tell her that they’re looking for part time staff mostly weekend as it’s in a prime spot near the red light district. “ can you come in tomorrow? The manager is in about 9pm I will show him your CV but be better if he see you to “ “ cool cheers “ “ Scottish right ? “ “Yes, and your from Dublin?” “Yes, Rebecca “ “Ava, lovely to met you “ “And you , beer babe?” “Why not “

Ava returns the following evening talks with the manager who tells her he likes her look and her experience sounds good and if she can start at the weekend. Ava loves working the bar and gets on very well with the staff having lock-ins and after hours party’s in underground hang outs getting to see a different side to the city . She starts to notice she is loosing track off her budget and only got one months rent in the bank the last few months has been fun but a blur just living in the moment. Ava confines in Rebecca “Hay babe can I have a word” “Sure doll what’s up?” “I have been spending to much partying and I need to top up my funds I don’t want to lose my studio as fall behind in rent and I only work the weekends “ “ I understand babe , I do extra work in a club 2 sometimes 3 nights it pays more than hear but it’s harder work and it funds my party life and my weekends away when I get time off .” “What kind off Club is it?” “Strip club “ “I can’t do that “ “Yes you can doll the girls will teach you and I have seen you dancing you love it a few drinks you be grand” “So if it’s more money why you not work there?” “As I said is harder more physical and I prefer the atmosphere in the bar different crowd and better music” “Now you are putting me clean off babe” “Is just a little competitive and a lot off coke heads so moods can be up and down but you be fine and on the up side you get to pick your own songs to dance” “My own songs I like that “ “I get John from the club to come at the end off our shift tomorrow to talk to you, put a a nice dress on show them sexy legs “

The next evening in the bar a hour before closing time Rebecca shout Ava over from cleaning the tables in the back “Ava babe John is hear , I will finish up you come have a chat and a beer with John” Ava comes to the bar “Hi Ava , how are you ? You look very nice “ “ Thanks nice to met you “ John is hot but bit sleigh seams very charming and sure off him self, tall slim dark eyes with eyebrows that met in the middle bit wolf like. He seams friendly. He decides to give Ava a 3 months trial 2 nights a week . “ the club takes 50% off what you take in the more lap dancing you do the more you make and weekends is the best “ “But I work the bar 6-12 at weekends “ “The club is open till 7am so it’s up to you lovely ?, now would like to carry this conversation back at my place ?” Ava knows fine and well what is going to happen back at johns place , she is boozy , he’s hot. “ why the fuck not “ As she downs the last off her beer .

Johns place is classic, minimal expensive modern taste but in a old fashioned building in the Jordaan district very different to downtown classy but cool. “Make your self comfortable lovely “ Ava takes her boots off and sits in the big round black leather sofa feels lovely soft leather and the smell one off her fetish’s. She can tell This is a player’s flat and she is hooked. “Oh can I rub my bare feet on your Persian rug please “ “ sure whatever makes you comfortable, do you want some red vino? “ “Yes love some “ John comes from the kitchen with 2 large vinos and 2 lines off Charlie on a black metal tray . “ you like cocaine?” “ sometimes when I feel like it “ “Do you feel like it tonight? “ “ Yes ,wow that’s good shit can you put some music on “ John picks up the remote to his hi tech modern sound system and sits back on the sofa with Ava they chat and lapgh then ZZ top La Grange comes on Ava jumps off he sofa to dance. “ I love this song “ The coke is strong so she goes wild sexy dancing. “ can you strip and lap dance for me Ava show me what you can do lovely” “ I more free style than routine like go go “ “Well do it just slow it down and more sexy, what about you pick another song and give me a full show” Ava picks down in Mexico the coasters and dose her take off the lap dance in Death Proof mix with the snake dance in Dusk till Dawn. “ Ava can you strip as you dance “ Ava slides her dress down shoulder to shoulder, it’s a little black spaghetti straps number, she slides it down and off slow and throws it at him , she crawls like a cat on all fours to him separate his legs and slides on him with only her black lace thong rubbing up on him like a cat on cat nip . He pulls her thong to one side so he can feel her wetness on his torso this makes him very hard. Ava slides Down on it john sucks her nipples as she shouts “ SUCK HARDER “ Bouncing up and down on his hard cock very wet and aroused she shouts “FUCK ME OH FUCK MY SOKEN PUSSY mmmmm “ He kisses her hard like animal passion and rolls her to the Persian rug wild across it then picks her up him still deep in side her fucks her up on the wall biting and sucking her nipples Ava screams with pleasure as he takes her back to the sofa , the smell and the touch off the soft leather makes Ava climax and John licks her nipples and cums over them . “ wow that was intense babe “ Ava with her clitoris still Pumping with waves off pleasure . “ mmmm sure was I would like to do that again sometime “ “ do you want to stay over then ?” Ava gives a huge sigh “ sure , smoke? “

Chapter 3 Strip Club Ava has been working in the club 3 months now and Is doing the club at the weekends 1am-7am after her bar shifts as John said it’s the busy time and you can make more money on the lap dance. So to keep Ava going she is doing a lot more coke and in her free time fucking John and partying with the staff at the bar after hours. Her free style dancing and her rock n roll black leather and lace look is going down well at the club and is getting lots off clients , some off the girls are not happy that she don’t work the pole and dose more private dance but with the help off mr Jack Daniels and Johns South American superstar dust she don’t give a fuck and just gets on with her work. One night a mysterious man walks over to sit at the table Ava is dancing on , his eyes fixate to hers it’s a intense look he gives her she feels intimated but excited, he has a look like Jonny Depp in once upon a time in Mexico, little ruff , sexy , cool . He lights his cigarette and drinks his shot but stays fixated to Ava, when the song is finished she goes over to him, “Would you like a private dance ?” “ what do you dance to, do you have a particular song , style?” “Yes Venus in furs” “Very nice , full nude ?” “Boots get left on , I like my boots “ “Nice I like to keep my boots on to “ “Very funny you will be fully dressed mr and no touching understand” “ ok how much?” “€60 “ “How much do you get ?” “€30” “Well I better have 2 dances “ “It’s one dance one song “ “Can I pick the second song please “ “ ok but better be a good one mr “ “Ok what about time off the season the zombies?” “Nice choice lets go mr “ After 2 intense eye fixated lap dances Ava is very aroused , she was glad he never mentioned how wet she was on his lap he must off felt it , she is a little nervous and intimated by him that means she likes him No Other client’s in the club have made her feel like that normally she wants the lap dance over and done with on to the next or back to the table but he is different he actually scares her but in a sexy bad way, like brings out the submissive in her like she would like him to take advantage off her the imagination runs wild but she is about business in the club. He ask her if she would like to met him later . “ no I don’t date clients “ “I am only hear for 2 nights could use some company a tour guide “ Ava still wet , head and heart racing “I work in a bar hill street blues if you want to come by tomorrow night 6-12 then in hear 1-7 “ “ ok I see you sometime tomorrow then , maybe get another Dance “ “Cool see you then “ The following evening at the bar In walks the sexy ,mysterious guy from the club. Ava intimated and aroused once again at the sight off him and the memories off last night slowly walks over to him . “Hi so you came to the bar , what can I get ya?” “Tequila, small beer and some nuts please and won’t you join me for one?” “ no tequila for me when I drink that I end up in places I should not be if you get my drift haha , I stick with a small beer thanks and I can’t join you till I have my brake in about 20mins we can sit down stairs is chilled “ “ cool I go down and see you in 20 “ Rebecca comes over to her “ who the fuck is that sexy fella mmmm “ “ he came in the club last night I gave him the 2 most intense lap dances I have ever done I am get moist thinking about it , he ask me out said he needs company for 2 nights “ “ you go Girl “ “ but I am working the club tonight but then I am off “ “Tex John say you got your period you cant come tonight and go with that sexy man babe cause if you don’t I will oooh my imagination is going wild haha “ “ mine to babe ever since he came in the club and I had a play when I got home 2 times haha “ “ don’t blame ya doll I would off taken him home and a wild time haha “ “He intimates me babe “ “ you like him then , tex John fucking enjoy babe “ “Thanks doll “ Ava gives her a kiss on the cheek and rubs her back. Ava get a beer and goes down stairs, her heart is racing with excitement and anxiety , she sits next to him on the low sofa, she feels nervous and her nipples getting sensitive, They talk and have a laugh he always keeps eye contact with her sometimes she has to turn away as it’s to intense and she giggles like a little girl. “ Ava your beautiful and funny “ Ava get nervous bit shy “ right I got to go pee then back up to work “ “Ok I will go back up to the bar have a few more tequilas then when your finished take you for food “ “ ok why not , I like to eat after work I know a nice little place open late but it’s only takeaway “ “ well that means it my hotel or your place “ “ the hotel sounds good to me “ As Ava is just about to go into the cubicle when he comes behind her , she knows it’s him she feel the nervous sensation he gives her it’s a strange thrill she has never felt before he makes her very wet . They say nothing he gropes her breasts and she gropes his firm ass they pull each other close she feels his hardness on her back they both very deep breathing, she turns round as he kiss her firmly passionately Ava pulls him in the cubicle he pulls her shorts down pins her arm’s above her head to the cubicle door with one hand pulls her black lace thong to one side with his other hand then she feels him hard inside her, its so quick and intense with eyes closed she sighs with pleasure the nervous tension is now gone . “ I better fix my self and get back to the bar “ He kisses her “ cool can’t wait to get you back to the hotel now “ “Me to “ Two nights and three days off intense passion and pleasure with the sexy mysterious man , Ava now has two nights to work at the club, Being fucked literally and not much sleep needs to see John for his superstar disco dust to keep her going . “ Ava need a word with you , it’s been 3 months time to met Dion “ “Who ?” “ big boss babe “ “ I thought you was the boss “ “Manager lovely “ “ ok when ? “ “After your shift stay back and I haven’t seen you in a while after hours “ “ been tried John , cool can I get some candy please “ After her shift she is taken to a part off the club she has never seen before. A door behind one off the heavy deep red velvet curtains in the VIP back room lounge . Along dark corridor to a big heavy black wooden door . John knocks , a deep male voice answers . “Who is it ?” “John with Ava “ “Oh come on in “ They walk into a tacky 80s style black and gold room like something out off scarface. Stinks off stale cigar smoke and no windows, dark and very smokey. Dion is in a big black leather arm chair , he’s a big man with a big gut in a white loose shirt and black leather pants , long dark greasy hair slicked back off his face , heavy stubble growth on his face and chest hair popping out his open shirt. He hugs John and tells them both to sit . “So Ava John tells me you do well in my club with your freestyle/go go dancing and private dance nice to met you “ “ yes I do and nice to met you “ “ John also tells me you are enjoying my South American clientele “ “Sorry , what ?” “The candy , darling “ “ oh haha , yes it helps keep me going good stuff “ “Only the best for my friends and girls , but that’s a big bill you own me lovely “ “ bill , I don’t understand” “ well you owe me money for the candy baby” “ John I thought it was covered ?” “Really who said that ?” “ you never ask me for the money” “And I never said it was free did I ?” “ so John she thinks it was for free” Both John and Dion give a dirty laugh. “ John I was giving you 50% off my lap dances and I was fucking you “ “Haha oh baby 50% is what I take off all the girls and I have fucked all the girls you not special “ “ and do them girls pay for coke ? “ “Yes in other ways “ “I get it so what’s my options?” “ so Ava baby lets see what you owe me first , John tells me 3 months you been working , 2g four days a week “ “ hay 2g a day , I never had that much “ “John said you had a your bar job to “ “I don’t remember all that much” Ava starts to feel sick with anxiety, Maybe she did have all that It’s been a mad fun three months. “Eany way 48 days , €60 a gram Works out €2,880 You owe me baby “ “ can I work it off ? “ “1 week baby you better get them lap dances in or you pay me in kind if you get my drift “ Dion gives her a wink and devious smile makes her sick and shiver. “Yea I get ya , I will get it for you” “Ok baby doll see you in one week oh can I have it in cash no credit card shit “ Ava now feels really sick the thought off fucking or sucking that Dion and god knows what else he would do yuk she cringes and get tense. “How the fuck am I going to get that in one week I only got €400in the bank not even enough to cover my rent and €200 in cash n the flat” She has got know one to ask everyone she knows is as broke as her. Ava walks out the club and walks around with the sunrise, it’s her favourite part off the day but her mind is miles away she just keeps walking till she is far away out off the red light area. She can’t believe how stupid she has been , she has been so naive to fall for that sly John charmer , how she going to get that money in one week and keep her flat. She have to work more at the club every night and it might not be busy this week it’s not every week. All that extra work She would need the coke to keep her going then she owe more money to them . She could take speed it’s cheeper the thought off that makes her sick the poor mans coke that shit fucks you up more and Would need weed or Valium for the come down more money ahhh it’s a vicious circle. She now thinks I bet they do this to all the new girls and that’s how they get them to stay working there fucking hustlers. She comes across a bar / smoking lounge got a lovely Moroccan atmospheric decor perfect. She get comfortable in a booth with lots off big cushions candles on the table. With a large red vino and a shish-a pipe off Afghan black she melts into the cushions try’s to escape her mind Ava is then approached by a tall dark hair vamp looking woman hard looking but sexy and very curvy. “ can I join you ?” “I need to be alone “ “ you look like you could use a friend?” “Look love I have had a bad day I am best alone “ “I can tell when you walked in boyfriend trouble?” “Haha no way not got one off them or a girlfriend so don’t get ideas not into chicks love “ “Haha I am not trying to chat you up just be a friend “ “Ok why not join me then “ “So you in trouble? “ “ yes with my work got in a mess” “What kind off mess ? Drugs money ?” “Both , I need to have a lot money in cash in one week for my boss or I pay him in kind if you get me “ “Yes I get you , so are you a addict on brown?” “No just I work hard two jobs party girl but I was work & partying to hard and using coke to keep me going , it to much to explain and I am high now “ As she takes a big gulp off her vino and sighs. “Ok so what you plan to do ?” “No idea run away haha “ “Not a bad idea you see the funny side off it “ “Rather laugh than cry doll , where the fuck would I go with the little cash I have and I am no ready to Be a trolley lady yet haha “ “I can help , I have been there and I have helped other girls out to” “I don’t even know you ,you could be full off shit and get me in more trouble “ “ look I have a club in Berlin and a flat hear in Amsterdam, I come here once a month to chill out and this happens to be one off my favourite bars you have good taste I can tell and your style another reason I come to talk to you” “So how can you help me then ?” “Come to Berlin work in my club” “No way it was strip club got me in this mess “ “It’s not a strip club. You see I got my self in a mess with hard drugs the brown I was a lost soul , Peter Pan , party girl . I had a overdose came back from the dead clean my self up worked hard in a club then took it over. Then I took on girls and guys that need helping out from the same mess as I got in” “What kind off club then?” “It’s a Dance club different nights every night , fetish one night rock n roll or rock music the next , techno, house, glam , no striping or lap dances only sexy cage ,stage dancers, sexy outfits or whatever you like .you don’t have to dance you can work the bar , coat room, glass collection or you can do it all it’s up to you whatever your comfortable with. The people that work the club don’t do drugs and just work at what they enjoy the clientele do as it’s a Berlin party club and we get a lot off tourists. So what do you think?” “ if I did say yes I have to get out off Amsterdam tonight sooner the better “ “That’s fine we can drive when it get dark” “You drive hear ?” “Yes I love to drive , travel in my car Night is best quiet I always stop at a hotel I know on the way then I go at sunrise best time off the day and nice to drive the rest off the way with a rest. So what do you say ?” “ well what choice do I have , a midnight flit to Berlin with a strange sexy woman or fuck , suck , sex slave for my sleaze ball boss , god the thought off sucking his balls” She shudders at the thought “So I guess I go With you I am Ava by the way “ “Varla so we are not strangers now. Now finish up we got to my place you can tell me everything, rest when it get dark we go get your things and head off”. Ava very high now “This sounds to good to be true like your my fairy godmother haha are you friends with the voodoo , Cheshire Cat woman haha I like her not seen her in awhile haha” “Ava what you going on about haha your funny girl” “ I will explain at your place babe haha “ Ava stubbles as she get up form the booth “ I think black coffee and a hot shower for you babe come on “


Chapter 4 Varla & The Midnight Hour After 3 black coffees Ava has explained everything even voodoo woman she is now exhausted. Varla tells her to have a hot shower and rest on the sofa. It’s winter so it gets dark quick Varla wakes Ava “It’s dark babydoll lets get your things and go. We will stop half way at the hotel I told you about rest then head off at sunrise. After 3 hours in the open road Varla pulls into the small hotel more off a inn guesthouse cosy dark wood nice green trees round it. Varla checks them in. Ava gets comfortable in the lounge area on the White sheepskin rug by the open fireplace it’s so warm and cosy. Varla comes in with a bottle off red vino and 2 large wine glasses. “ this is bliss Varla so glad to be away from that club, but it’s sad as I will miss my bar work and mates there and I love Amsterdam always have special city, I will have to tex Rebecca to tell her . Can’t believe I was Hustled like that I wonder if she went though the same but never said” “If I was you Ava I just forget about it and Rebecca, people come and go in life and you can always go back to visit Amsterdam in a few years they will have forgotten about you babe and fresh meat will have come your not the first or the last to do the midnight flit or stay and get messed up . You did the right thing , now relax enjoy” After a big glass off wine and the warmth from the fire Ava is very chilled out and het head is miles away from Amsterdam, Rebecca and the strip club. Varla leans over and strokes Avas thigh and keep going up her thigh Ava sighs “ you like that ?” “Feels nice “ “Have you ever been with a woman ?” “Only drunk kissing in bars , gigs” Varla comes closer to Ava un zips her jeans gently puts 2 fingers down her lace panties softly strokes her clit, Ava closes her eyes Varla then kisses her softly on the mouth bites and pulls softly on her bottom lip , she then pushes her 2 fingers in her warm wet pussy . Ava sighs with pleasure as Varla bites her ear lobe. Then they hear a woman’s voice “This looks nice room for one more?” Both Ava and Varla get a shock and look up to see it’s the woman that checked them in and gave them the wine from the bar. Varla looks at Ava “I don’t mind up to you ?” Ava is shocked but her aroused heads floating she is not normally in to girls. “Why the hell not , when in Rome or on the road haha” The woman is androgynous looks like a pretty young man very different to Varla who is a very womanly and curvy . They both lie either side off Ava both kissing and and licking her ears taken turns stroking and finger Ava’s clit and wet warm pussy till climax. Ava lies back in relaxed haze off pleasure. Then Varla and the androgynous woman pull each other close and pull there tops off and suck one another’s nipples then get down to just there panties sliding there Hands all over one another. Ava sits back and watches she can tell they have both been with women before it’s seams natural to them as it’s very new to Ava but she finds it nice and starts to play with her nipples as she watch them and drinks more vino. When they both climax and look round to see Ava playing with her nipples they both go to Ava side by side and suck and lick her nipples Ava starts to rub her clitors as so do the other 2 all 3 off them play with them selfs till they all cum again. They all lie naked relaxed on the sheepskin rug warm by the fire. By sunrise they are on the road to Berlin. ? Chapter 5 Berlin & The Pleasure Dome Ava is now living in Berlin shares a flat with a dope smoker/dope dealer in Kruzberg they both work for Varla at her club the pleasure dome and both keep away from the Charlie stick to weed and afew beers. The club is very different to the strip club Ava has worked all the nights apart from Sunday’s . Varla has told her it’s for German locals and VIP clients only because before Berlin got hip with clubbing tourists it was not so commercial so they keep Sunday’s private kind off religion, Valra calls it the church off filth. Ava is always curious about it but never asks. Ava’s favourite nights to work are rock night , live music, go go and cage dancing on stages round the club and fetish night Ava loves to dress up in PVC and leather, leather is her favourite makes her look and feel sexy and has got educated in the fetish world and loves it the effort people go to dressing up and the strange pleasures that turn people on it’s so sexy and the interesting to watch. If she wants to take part she can and when she feels like it she dose. The fetish nights are different than techno / house club nights people don’t get really wasted as it’s about the kink is the drug and Ava finds this more enjoyable it’s a new world that she loves being a part off. One off her favourite experience was one night she was on a round table in the club with a black leather bra and panties with a leather blind fold on and 3 men in leather tight shorts stroking her with feathers, ice cubes and candle wax drips mmmm lovely that was a good night at work. It’s been 6 months now and Varla can see Ava works hard and enjoys the club , she asks Ava if she would like to come to a Sunday VIP night Ava says yes obviously and feels honoured and excited to find out more and see what the special Sundays are all about . “ what should I ware Varla? “ “Leather and a mask , the mask is very important babe know one shows there identity “ “ like 18th century Venice ?” “Yes touch off old world with today world we mix it up you will see babe just don’t forget the mask “ Ava dresses up in a leather cat suit and leather cat mask so you can just see her red lips and puts on a black top hat. She feels like cat woman all in black and sexy. Varla mets her at the door she has one off them masks with the long point nose it’s gold and peacock colour feathers at one side she has a long black hooded cape on she is completely covered. She tells Ava “their are four Rooms each has different things going on just walk around look , if you want to take part just ask I will stay close to you .” Ava walks in the first room It’s dark with only white candle light there is two men with rubber horse masks and one off the men has a horses tail but plug and given the other man anal sex. The second room she walk into there is someone in stocks medieval torture device getting wiped by a very tall woman in a leather butcher apron and thigh high leather boots they both have metal masks on square shaped with the long point noses. The room is all wood and metal like a work shop Ava starts to feel a little un easy not a erotic atmosphere it’s very hard and the music is the same hard, dark and industrial but not loud like a club party in the background I suppose for effect off the atmosphere it’s not doing it for her at all . She hears lots off screaming as she carry’s on to the 3rd room . It’s all dark with white strobe lights same music as the last room , it’s pitch black till the strobe lights flash then she sees two people bent over naked with leather dog masks being fucked up the ass by two tall woman with big black strap on also in leather dog masks shouting in German “You like that you dirty fuckers “ As they spit on there ass. Ava is shocked but in a perverted way can’t help but look again when the strobe light go back on , she sees other people round the room all naked with dog masks watching but the next time the strobe lights go on she can see the two people getting fucked by the two woman are now standing up and to her horror are two young boys she can tell by there body’s teenage or Maybe just really thin men , she’s unsure but turns to go out the room. “You ok Ava ?” “Is that 2 teenage boys or really thin men ? , I don’t know if this is for me Varla “ “That’s why it’s private babe it’s not for everyone and yes they are 15” “That’s illegal there just young lads “ “We don’t force them Ava they come to us on our website and we pay them and look after them “ “What you mean look after them?” Well they are run aways or got messed up in drugs and drink like I helped you babe “ “But I am grown woman there teenagers” “As I said they are old enough to decide for them selfs and come to us not forced, you want to see the last room?” Ava feel very anxious and little sick scared but in a perverted curios way feels she needs to see the last room. The final room is dark with dim red wall lights with big cages in the middle off the room with people standing around them. In the cages are some big black dog’s and in some young boys with dog masks and the people are have masks and hood capes like Varla “Ava this is my favourite room I take part” The people in capes got to the Centre off the room , take there capes off and are naked with just boots and masks , they all lie down side by side. Then some woman in play boy bunny outfits with Frank the rabbit from Donnie Darko masks come and take the dogs and the boys out off the cages on leads take them over to the people and Varla side by side naked and then ask in German “ Where do you want it” Then what body part they say they let the dog or boy shit and piss on. Ava runs to the toilet to be sick , She has heard off things like this but never seen it and did not expect Varla to be into that. She splashes cold water on her face and wrists to clam her then Varla comes in “Your hear babe was looking for you. You ok , to much for you “ “Yes Varla I was sick and that can’t be legal with the young boys and the dogs is that not cruel “ “Ava did you see them dogs get hurt and it’s the clients pets and as I said about the boys they come to us we help them and it brings back a bit off the old world the Greeks and the romans had 14 years old lovers and beastifilia use to be legal in Germany but we don’t have sex with the dogs or boys we use them for scat as you seen I make a lot off money from this and it is also my pleasures. We pay the boys well and they are looked after. “ I want to go now Varla thanks for letting me experience the Sunday nights but it’s not for me” “ I understand babe it’s not for everyone but I trust that everything you have seen tonight you keep to your self right , or you will see another side to me , you don’t want that now do you and after everything I have done for you , I suggest you stay on my good side. Varla says it in a sly tone off voice and this is a different side off Varla she has not seen . She licks Ava on the cheek hard then a soft kiss. Ava leaves the club feeling very anxious, sick and confused walks till she finds a dark quiet bar , the kind she likes when she wants to be alone and think. ? Chapter 6 Wise Old Jim And Magic Sam Ava is in a corner in the dark bar by candle light on her third whisky deep in thought, when out off nowhere a old man pops up across the table , got a face that’s wise could tell a thousand tales the school off life. “What do you want?” He speaks in a deep ruff voice like he’s smoked twenty pack a day “ been sent to you girl “ “ oh great another one off you voodoo people fragment off my imagination, only had three whiskeys must be lack off sleep and the shock off what I have just seen. So oh wise one what you been sent for and did mystic meg voodoo woman send you ? How is she next time you see her tell her thanks for my new skills I have found got me nothing but trouble.” “ haha yes we talk” “So why are you hear not her?” “A bars not really her place so you got me girl , will we order two more whiskeys and chat?” “Sure” “You have lost your way again girl” “You can say that again, Two people I thought I could trust turn out not to be the people I thought they was. John I should off known better a sleazy, coke dealer , manger off a strip club and a man , but Varla I am shocked at what I seen tonight and the way she was with me , I really thought I found a friend, guess you can’t trust know one” “That’s right girl don’t take people for face value no mater what gender people are people and now you have learn that you won’t get fooled again, John never ask you for money for the coke and Varla keeping Sunday’s privet and your not asking and just going along with it all red flags girl “ “ ok old wise one what’s my opinions now “ “ I prefer to be called Jim girl” “Ok Jim “ Ava is now a little drunk “So you going to pop off like the Cheshire Cat to haha “ “Haha I might do girl , but before I do I have to help you get back on your path, you see it all about you you have to look inside you what do you want and help your self not look for it in others to help you, you hold the key to your life girl so what you going to do ?” “Guess I should head home or somewhere new, but I like Berlin but I can’t see Varla or go back to the club “ She shudders with the thought off what she seen. “ I know you do girl that’s why I am hear what about Bruge “ “Bruge as Belgium?” “Yes girl train going tonight 1 night then the ferry home , cheep way to go longer to so time to think reflect and you always liked the film and beer” “Yes true” “Well take what money you got and go girl make a good last memory before home , once you get home you will know” “Know what Jim?” “You will know girl “ And like the voodoo woman , Cheshire Cat he’s gone. Ava drinks here whiskey and gets a taxi. Ava is getting comfortable on a pull out bed on the train , she was surprised she had enough for a privet over night cabin. She was happy to be Alone and lost in her thoughts. After two stops a guy opens her door tall and sexy but soft friendly yes. “Sorry is This privet?” “Yes but there is room for two” As soon as the words was out she thought, oh no hear I go again thinking with my pussy and not my head, well I am only sharing a cabin over night that’s it I am still on my path not going with him no ware what harm can it do right. “ you sure I am not intruding?” “No your cool “ “Nice thanks “ “Am Ava , Pull out the other bed make your self comfortable “ “Hi am Sam nice to met you and thanks” Sam has a guitar case with him and one case. He’s sounds America but has a Latino look about him with big brown gentle eyes. He takes his jeans off and get comfortable Ava can’t help but look . Very sexy nice ass. “So you from America Sam?” “Yes and you ?” “Scotland “ “Nice I would like to go there “ “You in a band Sam?” “Sometimes and sometimes I play solo depending on what mood I am in or how much money I need “ “So where in America?” “SanFrancisco but my parents are from New York originally” “ wow I have always wanted to go to both them places New York more “ “ I love to go to New York to see my grandparents and my family” “ so where you heading now ?” “Bruge” “Me to then I go home “ “ you been traveling?” “ let’s say I have had a big adventure in two great city’s” “I am just traveling playing to get bye in Europe as I have never left the US” “ have you traveled and played a lot off the US ?” “All over” Ava is very interested and Sam tells her all his story’s . Ava tells him about her adventure and the mess she got herself in , he laughs “ well your kind off travel is different but it don’t sound all that bad , you had some fun to.” Ava as never done what she is about to do next but she has to ask if she can kiss him , she is so use to men coming on to her and one off her fantasy is to do it on a train and he’s so sexy and a musician, three in one got to be done. “Sam this might seam forward but can I kiss you “ “Sure “ Ava gets up to go over to him “Stay where you are Ava I come over to you and say laid down and get comfortable “ He sits next to her learns over kisses her softly and licks round her lips she dose the same back to him, it’s very soft and sensual she can feel her nipples get hard and aroused. She’s wet and wants to un leash the animal primal passion but he slows her down and she goes with it. “Let me relax you Ava and pleasure you “ “What about your pleasure don’t you want me to play with you go down on you ?” “This is a pleasure and you will pleasure me now relax close your eyes “ He licks down her neck un buttons her white shirt Kissing her breasts , licking her hard nipples then kissing and licking down her belly and her thighs Ava is very wet and circling her hips she wants him in her now but he keeps teasing she is in a trance and thinking what’s going to come next. He pushes her hips down and licks the top area off her pussy then across to each thigh not going into how open and wet she is and she wants him to but he then takes her wet black lace panties off then licks and kiss down her legs then holds them up together with one hand then he feels with his other hand how wet she is then he puts his hard cock in her slow right in deep then slow right out to the tip then in deep again and is watching Ava enjoy as she explodes with pleasure and it makes him cum and lie in between her legs with his head on her beasts. ? Chapter 7 In Bruges Ava and Sam decide to get a hotel together as she Is only staying on night and would like one more night off passion before home , why not. “I am going to take a shower Sam then I want to go to a bar alone for a hour” “Ok I play some guitar and what about a meal later I can met you somewhere” “Ok cool can you play some blues” Sam starts to plays some slow blues with a slider. Ava is in the shower humming and don’t hear Sam come in the shower and soap her up from behind massage her ass and breasts she goes down on him and sucks his hard nice cock as he massage her head and hair till he cums. “Right Where will we met Sam “ “I tex you when I find somewhere then come join me oh where that black dress I seen you had bet you look sexy in it “ “ I Do and my boots ” Later she mets Sam at a lovely little cosy restaurant with cosy booths and candles in a old underground vault style building. “This is nice “ “I like the booths come sit in the middle with me” They get a bottle off wine order there food then Sam asks Ava to to the bathroom and take her panties off and bring them to him. “What sit with no panties on “ “Yes then I want to finger you under the table “ “Haha your mad but fun , ok “ She comes to the table and gives him her panties under the table , he sides his hand up her dress on her thigh and then his first two fingers inside her she bits her bottom lip “Keep eye contact with me I want to see you cum” The food comes but they don’t stop looking at each other Sam says Thank you. He keeps going till Ava gives a silent sigh he kisses her then they eat . The next morning Sam sees Ava to the ferry “It’s a shame you have to go “ “I would love to keep traveling but I have to go home sort my head out then who knows “ “Well you have my number Ava” “Thanks Sam it’s been fun maybe you can come to Scotland one day” “I would like that , keep in touch” They kiss and hug and say good bye.

Chapter 8 Back In The Real World It’s been 5 months now since Ava is back in Glasgow back to reality no more voodoo woman, old Jim , Sam , Just work the pub and home . She has started writing and singing alone in her flat she starts to feel restless, her friend Viny is now doing well with his solo music and on tour so he is never around all her friends are married, engaged, got kids and settled down. She thinks about Sam but she knew she had to come home , yes they had fun and he was super sexy but she don’t know him and after John and Varla she has trust issues, but yet the past week can’t get him out her head and the train sex the thought makes her wet as she puts her hand down her shirt to grope her breast. Then the voodoo woman pops back , “Oh my child“ “Oh shit” As Ava sorts her self “How the hell are you , long time” “Yes I am good child , I can see you miss him” “Only this past week he has come in my mind morning and night, I know this is meant to be the good girl life work look after myself have a nice home , but I am more lonely and board, it’s not who I am” “You have learnt so much now child and done what’s right for you and now you know what path is for you” “I am scared to trust and give my heart, it’s been 5 months he might off got with another woman or back in the US” “It’s up to you child” Then once again like the Cheshire Cat she’s gone. Ava is not sure if that’s the last time she will see her but she knows what she has to do. She get her phone “Hi Sam” “Well you took your time” THE END

Submitted: May 11, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Clare Troup. All rights reserved.

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Criss Sole

Ah, hope things between Ava and Sam work out. Glad she has those voodoo folks watching over here. At least i hope it's a good thing.
She seems to be living a very wild life.
Interesting story.
I think it would be better to put this on on Booksie Silk :
You would probably get a lot more reads on that site. Think about it and good luck.

Fri, May 14th, 2021 1:48pm


Hi I just went on the other website you said but it closed for a few weeks ,
But I will try again.
Thanks again I am so new to all this and bad with technology.
I as more off a real people person
But technology as taken over some ways it good and some it’s sad.
Take care babe xxx

Fri, May 14th, 2021 11:15am

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