The secret

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THE SECRET(by Rhonda byrne)


The title of the book pulls many people to read, even without knowing what type of book it was—yes, I'm one of those readers who took the book just to know why they gave the book name as secret and what the secret would be.

This book will give you a very different perspective about living that none of us would have thought of in that way before.

After reading chapter 1 itself, I got the answer to my questions That is, what's secret and why this book has been named as secret, but that didn't stop me or anyone, for that matter—from reading the full book.

The book has 10 chapters in total. In the first two chapters, the author explains the secret, which is nothing but the great "LAW OF ATTRACTION". The third and fourth chapter is about how to use the secret in our daily life and the powerful processes.

From the 5th to 7th chapter, they have touched various areas of our life, like the secret to money, the secret to relationships, the secret to health.

And the last three chapters talk about the secret to the world, the secret to you, and the secret to Life.

This is a life-changing book that explains the benefits of positive thinking: practicing gratitude daily, visualizing our goals in the mind to bring them into reality.

From beginning to end, the focus is more on thoughts and they explain how thoughts become things in both positive and negative ways. The importance of self-love is being beautifully explained in this book

To conclude, this is the best self-help book that everyone should read if they want to turn their thoughts and goals into a reality. We will get new points every time we read this book. Everyone should read this book multiple times to turn their thoughts into reality and to live a dream life.


~ Abinaya

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Submitted: May 11, 2021

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Tue, May 11th, 2021 7:07pm

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