Alone in the world

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

Since her mother's death when she was 8, Ama has been very unhappy with her step mom. Few days after her 13th birthday, Ama runs away from home in hope for a better life. She gets homesick very quickly, a feeling she wasn't expecting, but has no way back home, no transportation, no more food, no more money, no shelter, no knowledge, and she is lost. She soon finds out that giving is better than taking, no matter what or how much you have left.

Table of Contents

No more.

"Ama! Get over here!" Laura, my step mom, shouted. I was hiding in the closet, in fear of getting caught. Earlier today, I had broken a g... Read Chapter


Well, I did what my mother taught me. Weight the options. Pros VS Cons. Escaping was much better, with only few inconveniences, like my a... Read Chapter


I had to do it. I knew that. It was eight o'clock, and I was very busy taking everything I could with me. My most priced possession; a ri... Read Chapter

Driving problems

I had to get out of the car right after getting, for I had forgotten the keys. I had already loaded all the bags, and taken my house keys... Read Chapter


As I got to the train station, I saw my train. I ran as fast as I could, hoping there was still a chance to get on it. I heard the warnin... Read Chapter

A bit of hope and some guesses

I had to use my senses now. They were my only hope. Slowly, I started relaxing my breathing, and I heard a honk. So I was in a car. Then,... Read Chapter


"Eric!" I heard Simon shouting. "What?" the rude man replied. "I need to go poop!" Simon said. I had to make a tremendous effort to hide ... Read Chapter

Deja vu?

At the next stop, we started following the plan. With our now free hands, we removed the blindfolds. At first, the light was so bright th... Read Chapter

Run as fast as you can.

AS we were getting out of the car, the men got back. "Stop!" Don't move!" One of them shouted. "Run!!! Run for your life!!!" Carl screame... Read Chapter

A town

After running all day and half of the night, we reached a town. It looked abandoned. There was a small chilly breeze, enough to make me h... Read Chapter

Miss Boss and Base 4

I ran and ran and ran, running for freedom, running for life, like I had so many times before. Suddenly, I thought "I'm tired of this". T... Read Chapter

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