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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

These are a collection of New Idioms.

Jews in Egypt

When Joseph interpreted the Pharoah’s dream, he was elevated to the next in command of the Pharoah. Due to the famine in Israel, all the Jews migrated to Egypt and they were given land and enjoyed the patronage of the Pharoah. After Joseph’s time, then came a Pharoah who started illtreating the Jews and made them his slaves. They were forced to do hard labor.

Jews in Egypt as an idiom stands for a prologue of being in patronage and being looked after well, and then as an epilogue, it stands for being in captive and bondage.

The state of Palestine is a paradox and exists like the Jews in Egypt.

Parting the Red Sea

When the Israelites were fleeing Egypt, God Jehovah parted the red sea to make them escape and when the Pharoah’s army started chasing them, God made the red sea to join, and all the troops of the Pharoah started to drown.

Parting the Red Sea as an idiom stands for a miraculous situation happening in one’s life.

My newborn son had septicemia and was dying and then the Lord God of Israel parted the Red sea for him.

I can win a windfall if God parts the Red sea for me.


We all know that the coronavirus was engineered in the laboratories of Wuhan.

Wuhan as an idiom stands for a pandemic that creates a large-scale death and destruction.

Wuhan is spreading all over the world like wildfire killing and injuring thousands and millions of people.

Swizz Bank

Swizz bank as an idiom stands for money earned illegally and also for black money.

There are many Indians who are Swizz banks.

Without Blood in the Eyes

Without blood in the eyes is a Malayalam idiom that means to be cruel and unkind.

Some people speak without blood in the eyes.

Submitted: May 12, 2021

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