Prehistoric Island

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When a rich investor with a habit of exploring isolated corners of the earth goes missing, his wife has to put together an expedition to find him. She learns that he is located on a remote island, full of wonders beyond compare, and dangers that are insurmountable. Will the specialized team that has brought together make it out alive, or will they become the latest victims of The Lost World?

(Authors Note. I changed the title of this work from The Lost World to Prehistoric Island, for copyright reasons. I do not want to get sued for using a title from another author.)

Table of Contents

Introduction/ Prologue

Prehistoric Island     By AR Smith       Introduction   Throughout hist... Read Chapter

Mystery Predator

  Chapter 1: Mystery Predator   Ethan Henshaw, cuts away at the tropical ferns with his machete. Behind him, are hi... Read Chapter

The Daily Grind

Chapter 2: The Daily Grind   Bozeman, Montana   Marcus Decker walks down the isle of SuperMart, doing his weekl... Read Chapter

Meeting Mrs. Henshaw

Chapter 3: Meeting Mrs. Henshaw     Bozeman, Montana.   Marcus steps out of his Bronco, and goes to un... Read Chapter

The Stargazer

 Chapter 4: The Stargazer   Marcus Decker walks down the dock, passing various boats. He wonders to himself why so many... Read Chapter

Journey to the Island

  Chapter 5: Journey to the Island   Daniel Hyde, Marcus Decker and Peter Clark are in a small room, filled with ca... Read Chapter

Prehistoric Wonderland

  Chapter 6: Prehistoric Wonderland   Smith leans over, and looks out the front wind shield. He looks for a few mom... Read Chapter

Not Alone After All

  Chapter 7: Not Alone After All     Amanda is leaning over the console, showing Marcus the images on the ... Read Chapter

A Crippling Blow

  Chapter 8: A Crippling Blow   A few hours later, Marcus is asleep. Hyde has also come in, and is listening to mus... Read Chapter

The Team vs. The Poachers

  Chapter 9: The Team vs. The Poachers   Marcus approaches Daniel, who has been searching for the hostiles camp for... Read Chapter


Epilogue     When the Stargazer reached the mainland, the team all went their separate ways. As agreed, none of the... Read Chapter

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