Book of Secrets

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Coral and her sister, Dakota are on a mission to find Lane Lykensen, the wolf scientist. Once they found her, she took them into her house. But that wasn't Lane Lykensen. That was Scarlet Light, the Alpha of the Dark Shadows pack. Lane Lykensen was kidnapped by her pack. They have to find her, before her MoonPendant is out of power and she dies!!!

Table of Contents


"Ready Stella?" Lane Lykensen, the wolf scientist who is holding human form. She was about to release her new creation. The Hoket. It was... Read Chapter

The Attic

"Coral, are you sure this is where we'll find Lane Lykensen's diary or map or whatever she put in here?" Dakota Miller, the thirteen year... Read Chapter


Once 9:30 hit. Coral and her sister are in their beds. All snuggled up. They both set an alarm at 12AM. And they slept in a flood of drea... Read Chapter

Lane Lykensen's House

They walked 2 miles until they reached her house. It was a pretty medium-sized house. It looked like a haunted house, but a little bit cl... Read Chapter

The Hunt

As they realized they're a new species. Midnight showed them how to use them and what to do. They have Telepathy, they can change from Ho... Read Chapter

So Close!!

They sniffed out Scarlet Light's house. They found it. It was pretty far. It took them about 25 minutes to go there. Once they went. The ... Read Chapter

The Wolves

It was a hard time walking. Especially since Midnight keeps running off and Lane always stops when her stomach starts bleeding again. Pre... Read Chapter

The Forest

"What?!" Coral said. Dakota was so surprised she stood right there in the way of Wynter and Wyatt. Wynter saw her and turned around givin... Read Chapter

The Fight

They walked into the den and saw everything. The stairs, the rocks and silver floor. With pups playing and adults watching them and talki... Read Chapter

The Change

As they got in through the door, the adults looked at them first. They quickly got up and took the swords and put them in their door, loc... Read Chapter

A few months later

A few months later, Dakota and Coral were more happy werewolves. Lane wanted to stay in the Black Moon so she wasn't alpha of the Dark Sh... Read Chapter


I hope you guys loved that book! I am right now making a Book 2. So you won't have to wait long. There will be a sneak peak in the next c... Read Chapter

Flash Front

They crashed through the door with the wolves's help. And they saw in front of them an ax with the moonstone taken off from the black thi... Read Chapter

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