The Dyatlov Pass incident

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Recently the well known author Douglas Preston send out an email to readers, advising us that he had published an article in The New Yorker magazine re: the Dyatlov Pass Incident. "Dead Mountain." He did not offer a solution, however he mentioned a new theory which is viable, in my opinion. But, as a psychic, I saw something else. I tried to upload this post earlier today - it has since disappeared. Let's try this again. Btw, I have read The New Yorker for 40 years.

The Dyatlov Pass Incident

By Alexander Guinevere Kern


This morning I posted what I felt and saw (psychically) what happened to the approximately nine young people who died under mysterious circumstances in the Ural Mountains during a cross-country ski trip which ended on what is locally called Dead Mountain.

I received an email from the terrific author Doug Preston, advising us that he had written an article concerning this subject and it was published in The New Yorker magazine. He provided a link and I read this fascinating story.

Previously I had read a bit about that incident and wondered what happened to those young people, as well.

So I had a look and here is what I saw - they died because one or several of them had White Fever. To read about White Fever and what it does to the human brain, Google it or even better, read the exciting and well written book: White Fever: A Journey to the Frozen Heart of Siberia by Jacek Hugo-Bader.

Working physically hard, skiing across long distances, carrying heavy backpacks and setting up tents, re-packing them, etc., is tough labor.

You have to drink something and in 20-30 degree below zero weather, everything freezes except vodka. Don’t tell me a group of University Russian students did not drink vodka, ‘cause I ain’t buying it.

White Fever causes all manner of confusion and the sensation that one is running a high fever. Ofttimes people don’t know what the heck they are doing. They walk out of their wooden structure buck naked, into deep snow and ice and sub-zero temperatures, and die - quickly- of hypothermia.

All it would have taken is one or two of the student adventurers to be under the thrall and the rest would have had to chase after him/her/them.  In a hurry.

Under their current condition, I have no problem believing they got lost at night trying to re-locate their tent, especially considering the blizzard conditions and limited visibility.

I only had one other question: not why did they leave their tent in such a hurry that no one seems to have been adequately dressed, or even grab at least one of their well provisioned backpacks - in fact, why were they  in stocking feet or bare feet?  It had been snowing heavily and the winds were 65 miles per hour. The bodies were not found for a week? And they want me to believe the footprints were still visible?

One group was found in a snow cave.  Under ten feet of snow.  That’s a LOT of snow.

Yet the investigators found footprints?

There is a load of mystery in this story. But for Miss Kern it sounds like someone had White Fever and what I want to know is: why were these expert and experienced cross country skiers, athletes, etc. wearing nothing but the few clothes in which they were found? Read up on the doomed Scott party in the South Pole expedition. Read up on those who venture forth to find the North Pole. No one sleeps in their sleeping bag in shorts and underwear. Please.

White Fever.  In the snowy conditions and the almost immediate effects of hypothermia, the 65 mile per hour winds, at night, how could anyone have saved one or any of their fellows? Especially if under the effects of White Fever. The internal injuries sound like what happened to those in the Snow Den who fell due to the ice cave they could not possibly have seen.

For me: Case Closed. Look it up. It is the only possible/probable answer and it is what I saw.

Then again, no one can ever *really* know.


~ Guinevere

Submitted: May 13, 2021

© Copyright 2021 RexMundi555'.-. All rights reserved.

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