Diamond 5

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

Diamond travels back home to get the truth about her family.
Note: The location and currency are fictional.

Holly returned to Windland, with her mother. They had relocated to Zurcky, but the past had become the present and the present was now in the past.

The plane ride was a smooth one. When they stepped out of the airport, they boarded a cab that took them to an hotel they had booked for online.

Holly: I love it here momma.

Janise: I know. I used to work here you know!

Holly: wow, that's nice.

Janise: (muttered some words)

Holly: say what?

Janise: never mind.

Janise handed a bunch of keys to Holly. She searched for the appropriate key, she could use to unlock the front door. Eventually, she found it and slowly tried it. It clang open, somewhat reminiscent of some scary movies, where as the door got opened, a beast or a ghost could appear.
Then, they both entered.
The room was too dark and it was tough to locate the light switch. Holly pulled up the sleeves of her silver coloured shirt, that matched her silver dyed hair.
She brought out a Samsung phone and turned on the light.

Holly: This place creeps me out.

Janise: It's just the house you lived in, before I adopted you. It isn't that bad.

Holly finally located the light switch on the wall and she turned on the light. The living room immediately got lit.

Holly: it's quite tidy. Who cleaned this place up?

Janise: not too sure who, cos I never really cared till now.

Holly: and all the rooms seem locked.

Janise: check the bunch to see if the keys are there.

Tricksy was a lady, very active in all she did. She worked in the army for some years, specifically in the intelligence department and was too committed to fail. She had unraveled several mysteries sometimes even going as far as befriending criminals without getting busted.
This time around, Tricksy was on a mission to find out the many secrets of a serial killer and get any other information she could, without her being suspected, within a time frame of two weeks. He would leave the country after that time, but she had already exhausted a week; leaving her with just seven days, yet she had only a few useful facts about him.

The sun shone brightly and Tricksy was at the serial killer's drinking spot very early in the morning. There was also a special place for gambling too and that's where the killer liked to go. The serial killer's name was Rolex Rue. He was a threat to no one, not even an ant; therefore, he was least suspected by the public.

Tricksy was dressed in black. Her boots were slim all the way to the front, and it pointed to the sky at the end. Her trousers were glittering black. The were rubber-like making it seem elastic. Her shirt was like a jacket with zips all over. She had brought along a dangerous weapon, but it was kept for emergency purpose.

The door opened and Rolex walked in.

He was not so popular, so no one other than a waiter friend of his, welcomed him. Tricksy took a peek at him, and it made her heart pump faster a little. She watched him chat with the waiter, as they both walked into the gambling room.

She stood up and followed after them. At the door, she met the waiter leaving. The waiter didn't let her enter.

Waiter: ma'am, this is a a reserved area. You won't be allowed in without a ticket.

Tricksy: how much is the ticket? Wait... take this. 
She brought out her purse and fumbled for a while, before bringing out some money. She stretched it to the waiter and he collected it. He counted it with confusion, as it was way higher than the price of the ticket.

Tricksy: keep the change. The ticket now.

Waiter: oh my! Thank you so much ma.

The waiter handed over a ticket and allowed her to enter. She walked in through the door and realized there was a passage. She opened the next door herself at the other end of the passage and she saw a huge man standing gallantly at the door. Without a word, she gave him her ticket and entered. Her eyes ran through the room searching for Rolex amongst the many people present. She finally caught him. He was standing opposite another man and they seemed to be playing a strange game.

Holly: no key seems to work for this door mum.

Janise: hm, I dunno. Have you tried all the keys?

Janise was seated watching a movie on her phone, so she was not so much interested in what Holly was doing.

Holly: second time I'll do so.

Janise: that must be a special room.

Holly: let's break the door.

Janise: it's not right.

Holly: what is ever right mum?

Holly turned and walked away. Her sleeves had rolled down, as she was doing all she did. She pulled them back up and went to the storeroom. It was totally empty.

Holly: there is no hammer in this house.

Janise: What do you wanna use it for?

Holly: to break the door. What else?

Holly left and searched the cupboards in the kitchen. She came back with a small knife. Janise moved backwards a little.

Holly: found something.

Tricksy stood behind Rolex like some other girls around. They all had their hands on him. He was on the losing side of the game. He was playing chess with an opponent everyone except him feared. The opposition's well-built body alone was intimidating. He looked hefty, and of course he had no shirt on, thereby revealing a tattoo on his chest.
Rolex had bet on fifty thousand Zuros as they have it, for a reward of one hundred and fifty thousand Zuros. It was a real dare, because the largest he had played on was thirty thousand Zuros for a reward of seventy thousand and he didn't even win.
Tricksy pitied him and thought of what she could do to save him from losing.
The girls around Rolex watched closely, hoping he would win. She bent down and whispered into his ears. He played what she told him to play, using the his soldier to tackle his opponent's queen.
The other player was shocked. Rolex smiled and turned his head. By then, Tricksy had straightened up. His eyes met with hers and she returned the smile. She still had her mind on her mission, so she was trying to earn his trust.

On that dreadful night, Heather was returning home in a public transport. She had been married to Logan since a long time, but they couldn't afford their own vehicle.
In the car, she kept singing a song joyfully to herself. When she didn't know what part was next in the song she sang, she stopped and decided to make a new friend. To her right, was an elderly and kind looking woman. Heather got lost in thoughts forgetting what she wanted to do. She was now thinking about the chocolate bar she had promised Dylan. She forgot to buy it and decided to get it from a local store around her house. The woman noticed Heather was staring at her and called her attention.

Old woman: You seem to be in a very good land lady.

Heather's hers popped realising she was still staring. She gave a shy smile in return.

Old woman: The power of the mind is very strong. That's why meditation on the right thing is important. (Still smiling warmly).

Heather: Yeah. Was just thinking about my son. (She finally spoke up. She tried to maintain her composure.)

Old woman: Going to meet him?

Heather: who?

Old woman: your son.

Heather: I'm going to meet my family actually.

Old woman: Oh my... (calmly) I am Beira and you are?

Heather: Heather Connor.

Old woman: it's going to be a long journey to your family.

Heather: why?

Suddenly, the bus driver turned sharply. Everyone in the vehicle wondered what was wrong till they looked and saw what was being avoided. Three cars had collided and a fire outbreak was the result. The passengers began to scream on top of their lungs. The driver, a Japanese man was trying to stay focused and headed nowhere. He was ready to be the hero of the season. He kept driving, then he received the unexpected. A tyre exploded. He did not see it coming. Immediately, their bus went into the air like a balloon that got loosed from a child grip. It landed upside down and would have gone up again, but it was too heavy.
The bus compressed as a result. All the window's glasses were completely destroyed. The driver unbuckled his seatbelt and crawled out through the broken windshield. The windows in the bus were too small for an adult to pass through. So no one else had gotten out. 

Soon some teens unbuckled their seat belts and began to crawl out. They got out through the same windshield and laid on the floor for a while.
The driver ran to the back of the vehicle and opened the boot. Passengers flooded out with gratitude.
From inside, someone was forcing the door to open noisily, but it was locked. The Japanese driver soon noticed something had leaked and was streaming down the not-so-straight road. It went all the way to the door. He knew what's next. The vehicle was going to catch fire. He ran to the door and screamed

Driver: Stop! It's going to explode.

The passenger did not realise it was him that was being referred to. Lord

Driver: Stop. Who is that? Stop

The door finally opened with a spark. Then it exploded!
The pressure threw the driver, landing him away from the road. The teens that came out first, took to their heels.
They were avoiding fire, but they got into another fire.
All the passengers began to crawl out as fast as they could. Heather finally came out and stood up wanting to run. She suddenly remembered Biera, her newly found friend.

Heather: Did you see an old woman in the bus? (to an old man, limping away from the vehicle)

The man just left without answering. She went closer to the burning bus. And saw a young woman.

Heather: Did you see an old woman inside the bus?

Woman: No.

She kept asking and asking till she summoned courage and went back inside. The flame was so hot, she knew she wouldn't survive. Someone saw her returning and called the fire department.
Minutes later, Heather dragged herself out. She was weak and dizzy. She began to cough badly. Her throat was really dry. A fire truck finally arrived and the firemen began to quench the fire.
A fireman lifted Heather on his shoulder, helping  her away from the fire.

A few days later, Heather searched for her way back home. The pain she was feeling was much, but it could not be compared to the joy of reuniting with her family. She first bought the chocolate bar from the store down the street and returned to her home with high hopes. Finally, she knocked.

On the other hand, Logan was still mourning about the news he had heard. It was a shock to hear that his wife had died. He heard someone knock at the door and didn't want to answer the person. He eventually went to the door.
Heather stood patiently and the door slowly opened, then she smiled.

Logan: who are you?

Heather: what!

Logan: who are you? I don't know you. Please leave immediately.

Heather: you... you... don't... ha! (Tears began to gather around her eyes)

Logan looked closely and could not recognise her. The burns on her face made her unrecognisable.

Heather: I am Heather, your wife.

Logan: argh! You have done the worst. I am calling the cops on you.

He stormed back in, leaving the door ajar. Heather hoped her kids would come out, so she could meet them. But she heard him shout on phone, calling the police. She turned and walked away. She didn't want to cry at all, but she eventually did as she left the compound. She knelt by a tree and wept till she was tired. After a while, she wiped her face and decided to leave the country.

Heather was happy to finally return to the States, after some years. She had one thing in mind- to reunite with her family- and she was determined to do it. She bought another bar of chocolate for Dylan. She was now slightly chubby, as she had taken so much care of herself.

She hit the door gently just the way she had done the last time she was there. The delay she received, brought worry.

The other player got angry and scattered the whole game. Everyone around screamed. He attempted to attack the judge in the game, but those around stopped him.

Player: return my money. He's a cheat.

Judge: what did he do?

Player: he cheated. Someone told him. He's a cheat.

Judge: it's against the rules and you know it.

Player: your rules stinks. Return my money.
He set himself free and pounced on the judge, knocking him to the ground.

Judge: alright. Alright. I'll do it. I'll do it. Just let me be. Please... I'll do it.

Player: (screaming) now!

He brought out his phone and showed the player. The player rose up from the judge and waited with frowns. The security had come, so they helped the judge up. He returned the money from his bank account. The money was paid electronically and so it was returned the same way.

Judge: it's against the rules. We don't want you here again.

The player checked his phone and saw the message. He had received the money.

Player: I don't want myself here again. 

He turned and walked away. The judge returned Rolex's money, as Rolex too wanted to leave. He realised Tricksy was not there anymore, so he went out.

Submitted: May 13, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Excellent Theophilus. All rights reserved.

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