The Hidden Sage and The Star Chariot

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

The Elders will tell you the stories and lore. Of our ancestors, their deeds, and of the foes of yore. They will praise to you the chariot, and how it flew to the stars. How it stole the sun's light and slew the night’s roar.

The Shamans will tell you the tales of their wisdom. Their wars on schism, and the unlettered world of ours before. Perhaps they will sing you the songs, of what our clans' ancient customs tore. Poems of how our ancestors took what the discs had offered them, the Manna and the mundane, and made it more.

The kings will tell you of the follies, the sins, and the anecdotes of all our ancestors' wrongs. They will curse to you their names, the Ender of Fate and the Ruined Song. How they had dug up the hearts of the discs, euchred its relics, and blasphemed its prophecies, with oracles withdrawn.

But they will only tell you the legends, recount the myths, and sing the allegories washed ashore.

The Elders, the Shamans, and the kings can only retell what the storytellers of their own time had voiced. What they have read in books or heard in the minstrels' songs they adore.

They don't know what really happened. They were never there.

They can't tell you how our ancestors slew the angels from the sky, and sent them back to where they belonged. How they poisoned our minds, and made our people slothful and feeble, with the reforms they had undergone.

But I can.

I can tell you how the Ender of Fate severed destiny's strings, weakened them, and weaved them to our feeble flesh and souls.
I can tell you how the Ruined song razed the heavens with her blood-stained melody, and reshaped our hell into utopia, with the deaths she deplored.

Because I was there. I can tell you the truth, with my virtue strong.

Table of Contents

Prologue - Farewell and Again

The energy shields of the monolithic hybrid-vessel ‘Gigantomachy’ on the orbit of Enceladus fluctuated with intense light once more a... Read Chapter

Tethered Twin Stars

"Waaaa" Bright waves of light gushed out from the tiny berth for the fourth time that day. "Oh dear, not again. The princess is l... Read Chapter

Dreams of a New Life

"Get out." He said calmly. His right hand rested on the arm of the swivel chair while he tapped the desk with his left. The analogue cloc... Read Chapter

Investigative Grappling

It was his third time waking up, with someone swaying him tenderly while singing a soft tune in an unknown language. The shock from befor... Read Chapter

Beast Taming

Thirty days passed in the blink of an eye. They both learnt a lot of unusual things about their new home. The most important thing, i... Read Chapter

Secrets of Baby Speak

"Did you see how valiant he was! How he communicated with our daughter?" Bromwyn, the current chief of the Earthloch clan, exclaimed whil... Read Chapter

Window to Another World

"Why are we so small?" Agwyn looked out of the window towards the bright blue sky. The warm rays of sunshine licked her scrunched-up face... Read Chapter

Important Cewemonee

“Ewuned, dance!” Agwyn spoke in broken Uorian. “Eluned is busy, my love. Why don’t you play with my cute Elrhain? He looks li... Read Chapter

Love in Retrospect

Elrhain sprinted out of the corridor, tumbled out of the doorway, and bolted across the wooden trail that led to the garden. ‘Those... Read Chapter


"We're sowwy." "… sorry." Elrhain and Agwyn had their heads lowered as they whimpered their apologies. Eluned had been scol... Read Chapter

What came first?

“Were you avoiding me?” Elrhain asked. He was currently sitting on top of Alleigh’s back with Agwyn. Eluned sat behind them so ... Read Chapter

Water flows up, Annie goes down

“Magnificent, isn’t it?” Eluned patted Agwyn’s and Elrhain’s heads as the two children gaped at the view before them. She had t... Read Chapter

Dungeon Spelunking

“Welcome to Lochuir, my loves!” Eluned said with a laugh as she led the two kids into the township. “Aren’t we going to the E... Read Chapter

Two Parts of the Same Stone

‘It’ll be alright.’ Elrhain pushed down the nauseous feeling in his chest. ‘It’s not like we won’t see each other again.’ ... Read Chapter

Dance of Genesis

“Let who what?” Dofnald tilted his head. Elrhain did the same. After a few seconds, his father finally realized that he f... Read Chapter

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