Title: Crystal Shine
Genre: Action and Adventure / Fantasy
Summary: In her past, a girl came to a sort of fantasy leaving her home, but with faith and trust, she managed to achieve great things and discovered something to get rid of in her new home and starts an adventure with her friends. Her story continues, but would it be what she wants in the end?
43874 words

Table of Contents

The White Flower

“get out of here! Now!” That was the last thing she heard from her brother. She ran and ran, further into the woods through the s... Read Chapter

Another Day

Alisa woke up and slapped the alarm to shut it down. It fell off the stand it was on and the glass on it shattered. Alisa stood up and lo... Read Chapter


“Happy Birthday!” her two closest friends was there, and screamed in unison. Alisa totally forgotten. “today was the day that y... Read Chapter

Art of Lapidary

Alisa woke up, extra early this time. Just like always she got dressed up and went out on her way to the hut her friends meet at, and rem... Read Chapter


“all we have to do is cross this river now,” Alisa said, pointing at the river near them. They were miles away from the village a... Read Chapter

Azure, Valley of Blue

Alisa tiringly walked through the village, holding the books. Today was great. She thought smiling. She just saw Asher and Leo get reunit... Read Chapter

Doorway, A Pathway Home

The land was like sand, but held blue crystals shattered into to particles. Some of those crystals bonded together and had turned into la... Read Chapter

Flashback with the Howl

“you are all dismissed,” Samuel said, and slapped close the book, Alisa coming back to reality from her daydreaming. “remember ... Read Chapter


Alisa was on her bed, looking through the window in her room she left open. The crystals was replacing the sky. Alisa jolted herself up o... Read Chapter


“well, how did Max find you then?” Alisa finally got herself to ask the map that was lying on her bed. She didn't expect an answe... Read Chapter


“that is where we are going?” Alisa gasped, looking at the distance. Gary tried comforting her by rubbing his horns on Alisa’s hand... Read Chapter

Hiding but Why?

Zane slammed the door close as he got in his home. Unlike himself, his room was extremely colourful, thanks to some books and some poster... Read Chapter

Protector of the Key

The week ended quite fast. Alisa spent most of her time on her bed with a flu, now feeling a lot better. It was actually the last day of ... Read Chapter


“are you feeling good now?” Lucy asked. “yeah the healing potion really helped,” Max mumbled. He wasn’t able to talk so goo... Read Chapter

Onto the Surface

“so you are good?” Zane asked. “yup. Just want to go back home,” Alisa agreed. She kept her word, Zane thought. It wasn... Read Chapter

Creature in Hiding

The land ahead of them was filled with fog, but it was easy to make out the shadows and what was close to them. The dirt on the ground wa... Read Chapter

Survival is Vital

Alisa was in her room, resting on her bed, hoping she will fall asleep, but she didn't. Her minds was filled with endless questions. She ... Read Chapter

Free Wills

“but, only with one condition,” Josh said. “what?” Alisa asked. “you and Zane seemed to have gone to the surface alread... Read Chapter

Time for Change

 Zane pushed the door and got out side, covering his nose and mouth. Alisa followed him, and Lucy and Max fearfully took small steps... Read Chapter

The Fifth Savior

Rays of light bent and curved around Zane. It wasn’t what anyone expected, not even Zane. He didn't think it would happen this fast, or... Read Chapter

Voice for All

Alisa, Zane, Lucy and another man was sitting at a table, camera’s pointing at them. The other man was Billy, a news reporter that was ... Read Chapter

First Home

“is this really the place?” Zane asked. “this is the place that looks familiar to me,” Alisa said. “we both will wait o... Read Chapter

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