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Zane slammed the door close as he got in his home. Unlike himself, his room was extremely colourful, thanks to some books and some posters. All posters were different but advertised the same thing; the Zadtacia.

A Zadtacia is a creature that had a relation to the dragons. It is a dragon; the smallest is usually ten times larger than an average human. It has huge graceful wings and has a long tail. A Zadtacia’s eye colour can range from all colours but mostly fully blue. Its long teeth are sharp enough to pierce into anything. That was the few main things Zane knew of the Zadtacia, but the reason he found out this dragon species existed was because he heard of its greatest feature when he was a toddler, the feature that it beautiful and known.

A Zadtacia main feature is its scales that’s all over its body. Each scale separately switches colours in different colours. Any colour that can come to your mind, and shades even new to the world. When the scales fall off it often just ends up remaining the same colour it was right before it parted away from its body. The scales on Zane’s sword he was looking at right now had the scales, but those changed colours. The sword before was his father’s but he decided to give it an upgrade in case he ever needed to use it.  

Zadtacia is a magical creature that has multiple strengths as one. It can breathe out gas that magically forms inside its lugs with an unexplainable ability. Zane always thought and still thinks that one of the creatures are responsible for creating the fume that had forcefully trapped all life on Polatil leaving them no choice but to move under their planet. But even then, there was no story of a Zadtacia doing cruel things like this, not even for defense. The least it does for defense is try to enchant a sleeping gas so it can escape safely, or in worse situations, like when it sees or smells something like blood, it fights, but retreats later. The air on the surface was nothing safe.

A Zadtacia is the only thing that Zane can think of that can help save Polatil’s life. But that wasn’t what he had on his mind now.

Is Max really not bad? Is he really not related to anything that happened? Are we both trying to find out the same thing? What is it actually going up on the surface? Zane thought. Whatever that is happening on the surface is the only reason his father even went to Azure in the first place. He wants to know what the actual reason he went there with his sword to fight what or who, more than he wants to know who the killer is.


Alisa woke up from her sleep with a sore throat. She picked up a cold from her visit to the broken city in the morning. She looked outside to see the crystals shining brightly. It must be late in the evening.

By now Lucy and Max would be getting the gravitational box to put the Floshlids inside. Just like they said. Alisa thought. Or maybe Lucy will just make one. It was nice of her friends to give her break since she did most of the hard work of cutting all the crystals. But being inside half of the week wasn’t the way she thought she will spend her holiday.

She looked out through the window to look at the beautiful crystals on the ceiling of crystals. It was so pretty, Alisa hasn’t thought of it for a while. Looking at it most of the time before was a pain in the back for her, it always reminded her of her home on Earth, how she was supposed to be there instead. With her family. But now all she can think of as she looked at the crystals while sitting on her bed now was that she is finally going to get out of Polatil, the home she had served well, to go where her life started.

She had so many questions. What was Zane doing in the city? How did he know Scraper? Why did he not even pay for all that enchantments? But most importantly, she thought of what Lucy told her before.

‘An enchanter must be teleporting here and working for Scraper’ Alisa didn't care what the enchanter was doing but knowing that enchanters can teleport meaning magic is that strong. So strong to teleport through planets and around the galaxy…

If it was this strong, why am I not trying to teleport back to Earth? Why can’t I do it? Am I not allowed? Alisa thought. She know remembers suggesting the idea to Samuel when she was younger but she faintly remembers that he got angry. Very angry.  

Samuel was leading the council and the council was in charge of everything in Polatil making him one powerful person that makes him someone who is practically ruling Polatil’s people. He can just ring up the ruler of Polatil’s planet system and then they can easily get a simple enchanter from the galaxy they are located in. It can also be easy since the time goes the same in all of the planets in the galaxy she is in right now because of something like a fail in an experiment.

An enchanter coming to Polatil means that the enchanter also may be strong enough to make a light source like the sun so that Bemonats won’t keep on dying. Maybe a group of them can bring civilization back on the surface.

So simple. Can save lives. Did it not occur to Samuel’s mind or is he just not ever going to? Is he going to wait for someone to just do it for him? Or does he just not want to? Why will he not want to?

Thinking about this reminded Alisa about the conversation where Benjamin said that the graves of the one million people were on the surface. The one million that passed away due to the gas on the surface.

What was strange was how Benjamin interrupted her when she was about to ask where the graves are now. Alisa had never gone to a funeral, and she doesn’t think anyone else did. Its as if people here doesn’t know what a funeral is. Alisa started her little brain storm.

Something is being hidden. Alisa knew it. Her brain, heart and gut is telling her. There is something more than just the gas on the surface. It could have been stopped by now if enchanters can come. And they surely can. That’s how Zane’s sword got so much enchantments. And if it wasn’t an enchanter from a different place it means there is an enchanter from Polatil that can save them. And Samuel isn’t even trying. Sooner or later the gas will be a threat, under ground or not. And Benjamin seemed pretty suspicious when the Alisa started talking about burials. Maybe, those two things aren’t related, maybe they are, but she was now sure that Samuel is a jerk.

That’s where Alisa remembered about Zane’s dad. He was killed in Azure, but why? The door to the surface was there too, so it must mean that there is someone making sure that no one finds the door and that could be just Samuel who is also not getting an enchanter, avoiding to get rid of the gas. But he has the opportunity to safe a dozen of Bemonats who are right now just dying because of the lack of starlight. He can save himself too.  

Samuel is someone that Alisa, Lucy, Max and Zane will have to face soon. Alisa almost dozed off and remembered that she forgotten to do something.

She looked at her desk and walked up to it to find what Max told her to burn. It was nowhere. The map of Azure wasn’t there. Alisa lost it. She searched, everywhere, in her room, but it wasn’t there. The map was gone. It wasn’t even under her bed. 

Submitted: May 14, 2021

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