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The land ahead of them was filled with fog, but it was easy to make out the shadows and what was close to them. The dirt on the ground was in an unhealthy orange and there was some grass that was yellow and the rest dying. It has been long enough for the grass to die. Sooner, there may be no plants to give them oxygen on the surface.

In the distance was shadows of tall buildings and skyscrapers, the shelters of Polatil before the sorrowful decades came. There was a sort of light coming from the sky that gave the fog a yellow shine. It was the light from the sun of Polatil.

They both looked up, to see a dark clear sky, barely lit by just a few stars twinkling in space. This was how the sunsets of Polatil’s surface looks like now. Before, it was nothing like this. Not that the two know how it looked like before, the fog was the toxic gas, and if it wasn’t there the result would be a much more beautifully scenery.

The sky really reminded Alisa of her home. It was like she was back, only by looking at the sky, the atmosphere that separated Polatil from the universe.

The place looked unhealthy, especially the fog. It wasn’t the normal fog, it was the toxic gas. They are in it right now. But even if they were wearing plastic suits that also covered their faces along with their nose, they smelled a stench of rotten flesh. Is this what the surface smells like now? Is it the smell of the dead bodies that didn't make it to the underground along with the rest of the society? Was it really that, or something else entirely?

“wow,” Zane mumbled. His voice came out very quietly and rough because of the suit. He was stunned by what he saw. The sky.

“this place looks so different,” Alisa exclaimed. “I mean, there is no crystals, there is a sky, and stars! Is that the—”

“yeah, that’s the city,” Zane sighed. He succeeded something his father was murdered for. He will save the society, millions of humans and Bemonats, especially Bemonats, those who need to come to the surface, but that will happen if they get rid of all dangers. Something is telling them that this poisonous gas wasn’t the only danger, strongly.

“okay, we don’t want to spend much time here,” Alisa said. “it's been about a minute already,”

Alisa opened the bag and put down the contraption. Lucy advised her how to start it, and it was a bit complicated, but Alisa mastered it on her first try in a few minutes. She put the biggest Floshlid crystal and pressed on the light.

The fog immediately got sucked into the crystal in the area it was in, and slowly the fog that’s wasn’t taken in by the crystal started going near it. Lucy’s contraption was fast reacting, worked better and faster than Alisa thought. They achieved something that the government of Polatil and the system Polatil was in wasn’t able to. This was going to work so well.

“Lucy must be super smart,” Zane said amused.

“I know right!” Alisa cheered. “wait, she said to measure how much is cleared,”

“with what?”

Alisa pulled out a measuring tape from the bag. “this,”

She took some measurements. Zane continued looking around. The sky, he never seen it before. It wasn’t covered by something. He sort of felt free enough to go soaring out in the sky. He can’t fly, but he felt like his soul can soar freely now.

“let’s get out—”

Zane was abruptly interrupted by a sudden thud from the distance. Alisa looked ahead, and saw that one of the building had toppled over and fell on the ground. It wasn’t only that, she saw something big pushing it over. And so did Zane.

“what was that?” Alisa trembled. “it was so big,”

“wait,” Zane shushed her. “it is coming out,”

“out?” Alisa asked.

“from the ground,” Zane said. “all the way over there,” Zane heard it, and felt it in the ground. He was holding his enchanted swords, and one of the old enchantments on it was detection. He tightened his grip on the sword even more.

He pulled Alisa closer to him holding her hand and grabbed the bag on the ground with the remaining crystals as he ran near the door for safety. It was coming out.

There had been a monster living on the surface this whole time.

A giant shadow of a worm erupted from the ground near the building. The shadows illuminated the creature in a big size, spikes like things on the end they are seeing which was the head. Just like Zane detecting the creature, the creature detected life on its surface it now owns.

Visibly, a greener gas came out of its mouth as it started to scream. A horrid screeching that was buzzing behind their head and echoing. Even if they had such a large distance, it was so big it was easy to see what it was doing and some of its features like its sharp spikes on its head.

Shaking the ground, it jumped out and with the impact it made, dug in the dirt. It was coming towards them; the shaking didn't stop. The spiked tail came out and went in the ground along with the rest of the ginormous worm. The shaking got stronger, as it got closer.

Zane pulled open the door and pushed Alisa inside and himself. He pushed close the door, and the shaking stopped immediately. The creature, didn't want to get them now.

Alisa was crying in fear. She was so confident, but then she just faced a predator, breaking her faith. A monster. It wasn’t going to give her any freedom. None of this will with that creature. She knows it.

Zane took off his suit and took off Alisa’s helmet.

“are you okay?” Zane asked. He was also trembling.  It wasn’t anything they thought of, got ready for, or expected. There was an animal ruling the surface. For itself. Wrecking what used to be Polatil. Ruling the place. It was what started the poison. Zane saw the gas coming out of its mouth as it screamed. This wasn’t what they were thinking of. This was getting more and more serious.

“what was that?” Alisa asked cooling down.

“I don’t know,” Zane said looking at the door. It wasn’t coming. It was as if, this is a safe zone. A zone it wasn’t going to come to. But why?

“I can never go back home now,” Alisa sniffed. “not now,”

“hey, don’t say that!” Zane said. “I think I'm getting it now, this was why my father was going to come to the surface with the sword. It was to kill that beast!”

“how is Samuel related to this?” Alisa asked. “how? Is this why he is hiding the doorway from others? To keep the others safe?

“I don’t know, but we will figure it out soon,” Zane said. “we have no choice but to go straight to Samuel and ask him,”

That was the best they can think of. They don’t want to go up the surface without knowing anything about the creature. It was deadly and looked like that too from the shadows. It was wrecking the surface and owning the place. And the smell, of rotting flesh. It was so strong and real it entered through the plastic suits.

we will figure it out,” Alisa repeated. “we will,

She made up her mind. She will tell that she went to the surface in front of the whole council, and that way, Samuel may tell her all of it. Samuel has to. He better. This is getting more serious by the second, as if it wasn’t before. If matters get worse, Zane could start a whole out war fighting the mystery. To fulfil his father's wishes.

And he wasn’t afraid to.

Submitted: May 14, 2021

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