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Alisa was in her room, resting on her bed, hoping she will fall asleep, but she didn't. Her minds was filled with endless questions. She had told Lucy and Max everything that happened too, but their discussion even brought more questions.

They first thought they were dealing with getting rid of poisonous gas that was so serious the civilians had to move underground. It was going to work greatly, it probably is still. Lucy’s contraption was a genius idea.

But then, a destructing, worm-like, ginormous, ground digging creature came out. It looked deadly enough with its spikes on its head, and that was just the little structure detail given from a silhouette. And they easily saw, even from the big distance the green poison coming out of its mouth as it screamed. It might have dropped the contraption to the ground too.

It has been what was responsible of killing a million in a week by poisoning them with the toxic it sent out from its mouth. So that it can own the surface for itself.

What was even more confusing was how Samuel the one that may own the duplicate of the key. Before Alisa thought that Samuel kept the surface for himself so he can live longer by getting the strength Bemonats need from the star of Polatil. But if he does have the key, how was he not attacked? The creature knew from dozens of meters that Zane and Alisa was there, does the creature not consider Samuel as an intruder?

There was so many questions. All were so different.

Zane was also lost in thought in his room. All he was thinking about was killing the creature. It practically enslaved everyone unintentionally by sending them to live underground. And the smell of rotten flesh, it really bothered him.

Sort of reminded him about Benjamin’s awkward chit chat with him and a few others. Being honest, Peter’s question that day also reminded him that there was no graveyard in Polatil. He tried talking about his father’s funeral, along with the rest of his family living in another village now, but there was no such thing like that. It was as if he was brainwashed not to think or talk about the funeral he thought would happen.

This graveyard thing has been a big question to him. He never heard of anything such as a simple funeral for anyone. It was like funerals didn't exist in Polatil. It of course did, when culture was on the surface it was graveyard, but did it have to end after they moved underground? Since it did, it became normal, but thinking about it made them realize it wasn’t.

If it does exist or not, dozens of people die in Polatil every day. Its how population always worked. But doing things such as burying the bodies is like a traditional trend going through out the universe. It was for many purposes, but Polatil not doing it was most strange. And the fact there was a graveyard on the surface…

Where does all the corpses go? It was a new mystery, yet Zane didn't want to think much of it. He already has a different quest, he doesn’t want to think of more. Maybe this shall be something he shouldn’t bother.

Tomorrow is going to be the day, the day where they learn more. Where they find out what is the real deal. All they have to know to understand. A creature like that on the surface is almost a legendary rare myth of dark magic. Surely it was related to dark magic. The features they saw of it was good enough to tell. Huge as ancient giants, sharp spikes on its head on defense even if it didn't have anything to defend itself from, and an ability of making poison. It was like dark magic.


Alisa was sitting at the council table, waiting for Zane to come. It was taking unusually long for him, and the others had already started the meeting without him. She was completely dazed off into space.

“hey, Alisa,” Peter called. Everyone was staring at her. “what do you think of doing?”

“come again?” Alisa asked. She didn't hear the last things they were talking about.

“about Max Wendell going missing,” Perry said.

It hasn’t been even a day since Alisa told Max and Lucy not to go back home and stay on guard near the pillar, hide the key somewhere else, and find out more of the creature on the surface. It was a lot, and would take time, but Max’s parents alerted the security about him going missing. Samuel really cared about what Max is just hiding to bring it up in a council meeting. Many people gets abducted, but not all are brought up in important places like this. Even special people to the country are brought up in police stations, and after 24 hours.

“he is probably just having some fun with Lucy,” Alisa said. “or… He complained about not ever being able to go to some forest-y area on Polatil to get some good food for his pet. He will back in just a while,”

“do you realize that this is a commoner who ran away from his home or something else?” Chloe asked.

“we never brought up about things related to commoners here,” Alisa said. “and I know Max, if he is in danger he will get himself safe somehow. It hasn’t been even 24 hours, and why do we not bring up about other individuals going lost before if we are going to talk about Max?”

Zane burst open the door and got inside. He was holding the sword too. Seems like he got prepared for this.

“and its not like what had kept him in danger is still there,” Alisa said.

“what are you saying?” Samuel asked.

“there had been a key inside his tongue since he was about seven,” Alisa said. She was going to say it all, now that Zane’s here. “we took it out. The key led to a door, in a place called Azure. The door led to the surface,”

Josh and Peter gasped in sync, while the others looked at Alisa silently. She knows.

“we went up to the surface,” Zane started. “after finding out that Samuel, over here, has a duplicate. He of course does, first it was a thought, but now it might be really him with the key. Why in the world, will he have a duplicate? And if he did, why on earth, was he not saving the lives of Bemonats, the species that has been dying by not getting enough light from the star?”

“and then, he didn't seem to get sick like the others. Was he, keeping the surface for himself? To survive? Selfishly? But no, there was more,”

“we went to the surface and put down a contraption that my friend Lucy made. The toxic gas was still there, and the contraption sucked up the gas in an eight feet radius,” Alisa continued. “how was she able to make a contraption that was able to get rid of this, when this so-called council wasn’t able to? What else was there? What is the reason, everyone here, except me, Zane, Josh and Peter, knew about this key, and didn't bother trying to save the humanity of Bemonats?”

“sure, under Polatil’s soil, there is so much beauty,” Zane said. “but saving lives, is better than living in a beautiful place, isn’t it? Still, was it worth killing my father, who was going to save lives by killing a creature that has been causing this gas to appear in the first place?” When he said it like that, emotionlessly, it almost seemed like his father’s murder didn't bother him now. But it did so bad.

“we discovered a creature on the surface,” Alisa said. “it was dark energy. Are you, Samuel, protecting it? Hiding it? But how? But why?”

Samuel started clapping. Once each few seconds.

“now, since you have found out,” Samuel said stopping. “I guess I have to tell you,”

“right on the day it all started, I met this creature. in order for me to live, it told me, to serve her. And yes indeed she is filled with dark energy, that’s how she communicated with me. She created the toxic so that she can have to surface for herself. But, you must be thinking, what does such a powerful creature want me to serve her?”

“in order for her to live, she needs flesh to survive with, rotten, and those send of a sort of energy. Benjamin told me, about your questions. Where does the corpses go? So, each day, I provide her with corpses that gets exported to the edge of Azure, so she can have the feast she wants. To be honest, sometimes we don’t have enough, making us kill sometimes,”

What? No, it can’t be possible. Samuel wouldn’t do that. Everyone trusts him. He was the leader. This can’t be as worse as it is. They knew it was wrong. It didn't feel even right. And murdering too. If, every corpse is sent to the surface for this creature, does it mean, Zane’s father…

“she feeds on them just partially, so it isn’t as bad as you think,” Samuel laughed. “you will get used to it. After all, you four have already joined us,”

“in what?” Josh asked.

“as being survivors,” Samuel said. “she also rewards us with more energy each year, and it could go up to immortality,”

“no one can be immortal in this world!” Peter said standing up. “you are such a jerk!”

“are you serious about this whole thing?” Josh asked. “a monster on the surface? Feeding it the corpses of the civilians? No wonder why you don’t bother listening to Alisa!” Of course the two were shocked more than Alisa and Zane, they didn't know anything about this.

“she is no monster,” Samuel said. “she is my queen, and I serve her,”

“you all?” Zane asked. The others put their head down, guiltily. Even Ginny.

“Ginny,” Alisa cried. “how could you? How could all of you do this! None of you seem to care about others, so why not care about your selfish selves? You are being enslaved by this ‘queen’!”

“don’t go that far,” Benjamin sighed. “please don’t,” his voice had despair, and a tune that told Alisa he didn't want to do any of this.

“why are you—” Zane started.

“stop,” Chloe interrupted. Her eyes were teary. “your father, he was an example. Not everyone here wants to do this,”

“if you are wondering, Zane, Samuel was the one who killed your father,” Perry said. “we are all so sorry that we weren’t able to do anything about it,”

Samuel smirked. He was the only one who wants to do this. He was the one who done it all. Someone who Zane’s sees every day. He was blinded for so long. But not anymore. Zane stared at Samuel with great hatred. He was the murderer.

“looks like you have no choice, but to choose to work with us,” Samuel grinned. “there’s more to do then said,”

“I'm not,” Josh said. “and I'm not going to be killed either,”

“if you don’t care about yourself, I'm sure you care about your family,” Samuel smiled slyly. He was the monster.

Alisa’s mind was racing. As she formed a plan. Killing the monster, would be the most efficient way to stop Samuel’ actions. Like that, he will have nothing to serve for, and nothing to do his actions for. By that, the poisonous gas will go too, and humanity will be free, and they will realize that the one who they gave the responsibility of the planet is a monster. A killer.

“you—!” Zane scream and lunged himself at Samuel drawing his sword at him. Everyone got away from the table as Zane jumped on it to come at Samuel. Samuel fell on the ground as Zane pointed his sword at him.

“look, I had no choice!” Samuel shouted on his defense. “I'm the innocent one! Its not my fault your dad came in trying to be the hero!”

“at least he tried,” Zane gritted, pushing the sword closer to Samuel’s throat. The others watched not knowing what to do. Ginny was quietly watching them, still sitting in her chair. She was calm enough for this.

“I'm the good one here!” Samuel cried. “do you really not believe me? I had been forced to do this for over a decade!” Samuel sounded hopeless and scared, but that wasn’t what is real.

“well, this is no ordinary sword,” Zane said. “this has a curse of good, which won’t allow me to attack anyone without an intention of justice of survival. Or I cannot stay pointing this someone who is good for this long. It probably would have flown out of my hand,”

Samuel’s expression dropped. He was in trouble now. But he didn't even attack yet.

Black air came out of Samuel’s air. It illumined the others eyes as if the dark air was glowing in a sort of unexplainable light that glowed the colour black. He put force in his hand and stiffened his fingers and tried making his hands into a fist, but at the same time kept his fingers spread so it won’t become a fist. Zane felt a great amount of pain in his stomach. He groaned, trying to stay standing but fell on the ground.

“wha—” Zane throbbed.

“what did you do to him!?” Alisa shouted. The others had the same question. 

“I told you it gives us rewards,” Samuel smiled getting up. “well, only if you work up to its expectations. And I'm getting a hold of it,” he kicked Zane’s sword to the corner of the room.

With a click of his finger, about four guards came in the room through the door. They had there face covered with a black cloth.

“if you choose to keep this secretive and serve the queen, I won’t do anything,” Samuel said. He was now talking to Alisa, Zane, Josh and Peter. “but if any of you refuse, I think it would be best to get rid of you,”

The others looked at him silently. He really has the guts to do that to Zane in front of us. Alisa thought. In front of me.

“come on, make a decision,” Samuel demanded. “we don’t have all day,”

“I'm sorry,” Josh sighed, and walked away from the others.

“Josh?” Alisa asked.

“why?” Zane asked still on the ground looking up at his friend. But, Josh winked at him.

“I won’t,” Peter said. “and I don’t even care if you won’t let me live or die, and you can never find my family to harm them,”

“if that’s what you want,” Samuel said coldly. “what about you?”

“we all know my decision,” Alisa said. “even if it means to kill, I will stop you,”  

“you will not be able to if I already stopped you,” Samuel said. “take the three to the cells,”

Alisa saw black as she fell on the ground to a thud on her head. She didn't know where she was going to be taken, but she knows it will be some sort of cell, because that’s what Samuel said. The last thing she thought of was that there will be either defeat or victory. There can’t be an in between.


Alisa woke up. She looked at a dull grey ceiling and stood up. She was in a cell dividing her in a room to the side by some railings. Peter and Zane was right beside her. Peter was looking at Zane who was mumbling in his sleep.

“you woke up,” Peter smiled. He seemed calm, but in his eyes, Alisa also saw sadness.

“what happened?” Alisa asked.

“well, they put us in here,” Peter said. “Zane woke me up first. Samuel came over here and Zane grabbed him by the neck and Samuel did that to him,”

“what?” Alisa asked stunned looking at Zane. They have some bad blood now. “what did he do to Zane?”

“I'm not sure,” Peter said. “but I think its something that makes him sleep bad,”

Alisa nudged Zane to wake up. Zane felt Alisa’s hand but he still kept his eyes closed. He couldn’t open them. And cannot talk. But he can hear the others too. The urge of waking up again was what consumed his mind. Yet he can’t.

“did Josh really choose their side?” Alisa asked. “I can’t believe it,”

“I can’t believe the others even chose to work for that creature in the first place,” Peter said. “from what you were saying, you went to the surface?”

“yes,” Alisa said. “it felt great, yet it led to this,”

“tell me how it was like,” Peter said. “and how that creature looked like,”

Alisa told him about everything. The sky, the air, the poison, the ground and the falling city.

“and the creature, that Samuel calls Queen,” Alisa started. “it, or maybe she was like an earth worm we see in the ground in muddy places here, but she had shape spikes all over her head area and tail, but her body didn’t, or maybe it did,”

“that means the spikes aren’t for defense, since it’s not around the rest of her body,” Peter said. “what else?”

“I only saw enough to make out the shape of her,” Alisa said. “she was really far away but detected us, and her screeching was horrid. It rang behind my head,”

“that’s some serious animal,” Peter said. “she could have been born from dark magic that went out of control,” Peter was once obsessed with reading about magic, Alisa won’t be surprised if Peter became one of the sorcerers with no magic in their blood just by learning.

“but how could magic go out of control?” Alisa asked.

“there are many ways, but most common way is when the one who has the magic goes through a type of spell that affects their mental health,”

“you know a lot,”

“they are very interesting—”

“erm,” a voice came. Josh was right near the railing on the other side.

“it does sounds interesting,” Josh smiled. He held Zane’s sword in one hand and in the other he had a small object in his hand, but the others weren’t quite sure what it was.

“how could you?” Alisa asked. “can you really stay smiling like that? Knowing that you are now responsible for so much things? Bad things?”

“the only reason I said I will join them is because I want to survive,” Josh said. “I also had a chat with the others without Samuel. They said that they had no choice,” Josh sighed loudly.

“but I only said I will,” Josh said. “they think I agreed when I just said I will. I didn't have to sign some form or anything,” he lifted his hand. He held a key. “I'm going to let you out,” 

Submitted: May 14, 2021

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