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 Zane pushed the door and got out side, covering his nose and mouth. Alisa followed him, and Lucy and Max fearfully took small steps looking around eagerly. The air was much clearer, and the Floshlid on the contraption was glowing brightly. It was doing what it was supposed to do. It felt like they were still breathing oxygen, not a bad poison.

They gasped, realizing the worst stench was in the air. It was the stench of rotten flesh. The corpses that Samuel gave to the monster heartlessly.

The contraption even advanced by itself. The fog that was the poison was really far away from it. It consumed the poison creating an environment of a sphere just with clean air the Floshlid didn't consume. A few patches of grass was also turning green, and they were wet, showing that it rained a while back.

“this,” Lucy started. She was looking at the sky, and the sun of Polatil gleamed through the clouds as it rose up for another day. “is this the surface? Is that the city?”

“that’s the city, totally wrecked,” Alisa said and she waved her hands around the contraption. “Lucy, told you that you are a genius!”

“that is working,” Lucy said going to it and examining it. “it really is!”

“I expected it to be a bit cooler,” Max said to Zane. “from the things I saw on the internet, the surface has a lot of plants. Not plants growing out of fungus like back down there. I mean, green grass everywhere, not golden with pink patches. Something that seems a bit more natural,”

“not everywhere looks like that,” Zane said. “this is Polatil. A place that has been suffering a huge pain. The plants will continue to grow right after we get rid of the creature. It will take time,”

“how are we going to get rid of it?” Max asked. “why do you have such a hope? I don’t know how to,”

“we won’t be,” Zane said. “neither will I be the one to,”

The ground started to shake. A building in the distance toppled over. And it came out.

It shrieked louder than it did before and jumped out of the ground breaking the shaking ground. Its spikes spread even more and it went back in the ground to come to the others.

“is that the worm?” Lucy gulped.

“Brace yourselves,” Zane said. “we aren’t welcomed,”

Right when he said that the ginormous monster jumped out of the soil just a few meters away from the contraption Lucy made, it was a miracle that it didn't fall. Rocks flew out when the monster erupted from the ground, and it shook what was its head, spreading the spikes even more. They got a closer look of it now.

Its skin was black and looked rough. The spikes were sliver-greyish. The biggest horror was its size, making just a quarter of its body meters higher away from the ground, and its mouth. It opened a few times but the others saw what was completely inside. Sharp teeth all around it, sort of growing out in a distorted way. Different sizes, different lengths and disfigured. And its mouth looked like an endless pit that led to darkness. It didn't have any eyes for sight, a new wonder came to the others mind about how it can sense them or fight them without sight. Its presence spread the toxic away as if it was in fact, welcoming its guests.

It bent down as the others got away for safety precautions. Just one wrong step and they can be crushed by the giant. It moved slowly unlike before. Someone was on its back holding on to its spikes.

“who is that?” Zane asked.

“Samuel!” Alisa exclaimed. Samuel jumped off the monsters back. Even with his weak bones he was able to stand the fall from the height. His robe was dirty because of the fact he travelled through the soil.

“well, I knew you two would come here,” Samuel said. “but I didn't expect you to bring friends,

“what are you doing?” Alisa asked.

“that’s the scumbag?” Max whispered to Lucy.

“looks like it,” Lucy whispered back. They backed away and stayed close to the door, hoping that Alisa would too. She wasn’t going to be the fighter, but she stayed in the same spot to talk to Samuel from the big distance. Its strange that they can both hear each other.

“people depended on you once!” Zane shouted at him. Mainly, he was speaking for himself.

“why not put those aside, and let me offer you some choices,” Samuel said. He wasn’t bothered by anything. He was cold and cruel, finally what they know and sees matched his stony face.

“what?” Alisa asked, looking at the so called ‘Queen’. It was distracting everyone but Samuel since it can just attack. Why was it not fighting them? “choices?”

“three,” Samuel said. “first one, you work with me, and follow the rules, along with keeping this a secret. Second, you allow me to do some spells on you for you to forget your memory so you will forget this experience and won’t have to fight the Queen. Last, you try fighting my Queen, without any of my interference, or this toxic. But I advise you, the last is the only choice that will leave you dead here,

“we won’t die,” Zane said. “and why provide us with choices, when all the results is something you can do easily?”

“I want to have a bit of entertainment,” Samuel smirked. “and I never got a chance to have four people to beg for mercy at the same time,”

“no one needs to beg for mercy,” Alisa said. “and leave Lucy and Max out of it! They have nothing to do with this!”

“but they know,” Samuel said. “why? I suppose you dragged them into this,”

“hey, if someone was ever dragged into this we would have asked Alisa to!” Max shouted. “no, we would have begged! I'm that willing, to earn a better life! A life where I don’t have to be forced to do so many things! A chance where I don’t need to have so many questions!”

“we are fighting this, so that we can come to the surface, to save the species you are classified in. How can you work for something like this?” Lucy asked. “It can just dig straight down and end us! Including you! You think your service is important? It doesn’t even need you! It’s just taking an advantage before it loses ii in case you become useful for later! Look at the reality, you are just obsessed with the chance for power!”

Samuel looked furious and he was. The others can make out is face from the distance. He doesn’t want to only survive, he doesn’t care about that as much as he wants power.

YOU ARE JUST FOUR KIDS!! I DON’T CARE WHAT I DO WITH YOU!” Samuel yelled at them like a maniac. He had a crazy look in his eyes. He was so mad, he was willing to kill the younglings.

and you are the bastard! You are the murderer!” Zane shouted back. “you will get what you deserve in the end!” Samuel grinned to that. He doesn’t have an ounce of sympathy for me, for what he did, Zane decided. Not for anyone.

“I see you made your decision,” Samuel laughed. “you know what’s best for you,” he backed away from the Queen, that was paused stiff, its head turned at Zane’s sword.

“he is going to use that sword,” Samuel said. “you won’t lose to a child, right?” the creature raised its head up high, and started to go up, to ready its attack form.

“guys, back away, back away!” Zane shouted, his voice shaking. He put a tighter grip on the sword.

“you think you can really fight that?” Samuel cackled maniacally.

“what are you even going to do?!” Alisa asked. “you kept on saying you had an idea, but you haven’t told me yet!”

“just go stay with them!” Zane yelled pointing at Max and Lucy. “this is a battlefield now!”

It was time, to become worthy. To accept victory. Adrenaline was swimming through Zane’s blood, all over his body.  What he hoped was for his plan to succeed. He didn't even need to do that much. All he has to do is do it for the first time.

“this is for you dad,” Zane said under his breath. He ran forward and jumped striking the sword that was passed through his bloodline, the sword that was served for justice. And most importantly, what held powerful magic to bring them a savior. 

Submitted: May 14, 2021

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