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Rays of light bent and curved around Zane. It wasn’t what anyone expected, not even Zane. He didn't think it would happen this fast, or that it would even work. The light was white but then as it spun around Zane even more, even faster, it started to flash in different colours.

Summoning was up to max. Zane remembered reading it out loud on the list Scraper gave him. It didn't bother him and it didn't even come to his head. He thought it wasn’t so important at the time. but the question was summoning what?

Usually, an object that has a skill of summoning has a connection with the creature that was to summon. The object can be enchanted with blood of the creature, or could have a part of the creature.

Summoning was at max limit. The scales on the sword belonged to the Zadtacia, the species wiped out from Polatil. This had to be a fair fight.

“I hereby summon,” Zane mumbled under his breath, and then he raised his voice. “OUR WARRIOR!”

The light spinning around his body divided and flew fast towards the battlefield near the Queen. The magic knew that it won’t be so long before its too late to fight. The light spun in a big speed growing larger by size. And with a flash all of the light spread out like an explosion. The others looked away, and when they looked back, the fifth was here.

The Zadtacia, a creature inherited from dragons, the one with a strong magic. Having the figure of a dragon, its scales shone in different colours under the star that was coming up for the sunrise. Its wings was huge and was bigger than its body. Its eyes were green and its horns and claws were sharp like blades.

This was the perfect battle too. Both the legendary creature and the mischievous monster can control the air and can turn them into what they want. The science of this phenomenon was hard and unexplained with scientific terms, and that’s how its classified as magic. They were both the same size in comparation, but none knows which is the strongest.

Everyone silently backed away. Zane pulled out the sword and looked at the Zadtacia. It was finally here. One thing he dreamed of seeing, and one thing that will make the incoming fight fair, and can even succeed.

By being summoned by Zane, the Zadtacia immediately knew the purpose itself was summoned. It was time to fight.

Queen dropped itself on the ground and coiled up like a snake. Its head was facing the Zadtacia, as if it actually has eyes to see its opponent.

Queen started moving quickly, in circles around the Zadtacia. Zane got out of the way and so did Samuel, looking as the Zadtacia started mauling the monster with its long sharp claws. With each swiped, a cut that bled was made on the skin of Queen, but it didn't look like it even bothered itself.

“what is that?” Alisa asked, pulling Zane even further away from the fight. One of them falls, it would make the biggest impact and would crush them.

“I had summoning maxed out on my sword,” Zane said. “and the scales on the sword’s handle was how it connected to summoning and came!”

“but what is that!?” Lucy asked.

“a Zadtacia,” Zane said looking at the fight. They were repeating the same thing, and Queen still didn't attack. It was getting ready to.

“both of them are so awesome!” Max exclaimed. “I like the dragon more! Does it have a name?”

“I name it,” Zane thought. “Warrior. Maybe he is a boy,”

Warrior got exhausted by putting all his force on his claws. It wasn’t effective at all. Its opponent just continued coiling around Warrior unbothered.

Suddenly, Queen sped up even more, and got closer to Warrior. Its long worm body got out of the soil entirely and started crushing Warrior by coiling over him, from the legs first, then the wings. Its spikes scratched on Warrior’s scales, and some small ones started falling off.  

For both their size, they moved quiet fast. Warrior got himself in a bad situation by not attacking first. Now his rival was going to crush him with strength and force. Warrior observed more, Queen and his surroundings. He finally knew the reason why Zane summoned him in the first place.

The colours on Warrior’s scales started changing into different gradients, and he started breathing out smoke from his nose. He opened his mouth wide open and a type of smoke started coming out. The smoke changed its colours and it circled around Queen’s head. Now it was just getting started.

The smoke turned into a dark red and backed away to give itself more power and impact. The smoke banged on Queen’s head. Even if it was smoke, it looked like it was heavy and gave a big shock. Queen screeched and the others covered their ears. Warrior saw the chance and made the gas go in Queen’s open mouth. Queen fell on the ground sending of dust flying into the air, and still screeching tried to retreat and get away for the while.

It didn't stand up after that. It laid on the ground not moving. Warrior spread its wings and started flying just a bit far from the ground, the flapping giving off a cool breeze. He didn't believe that it was over this easily. Still flying, Warrior nudged his snout on Queen’s head.

Right when he did, Queen jerked up and spat out toxic from its mouth right into Warrior’s face. Warrior started doing something similar to wheezing, the toxic that got in his mouth coming out. He stopped flying and got away from his rival. He started shaking his head. The gas had already entered his lugs and it started getting hard to breath.

Zane started coughing. Somehow, it felt like there was a huge pressure on his chest. What was effecting Warrior was effecting him a little too.

Queen spread the spikes on its body and started swiping them on Warrior continuously. Till one blow on his face, Warrior fell on the ground, and got back up. He started swiping his claws around Queen’s head defending himself. He pulled off a spike, which put Queen into agony and screeched again. Warrior got down trying to gain better focus again, trying to cough out the toxic. So, being smart, Warrior started to stall by repeating the same thing till he can regain focus.

“he won’t be able to fight back in a bit!” Zane exclaimed.

Zane observed Warrior’s attack pattern on Queen. One thing that was easy to see was that Warrior was only swiping a bit lower from Queen’s head, maybe the neck, through the spikes. It might just be the part that can kill the monster.

Something was asking him to do one thing. Someone. A voice he didn't know how to explain, he didn't hear it, but heard what it was trying to say, he didn't understand, yet he understood the meaning.

Zane ran with his sword into the battleground. The others screamed at him trying to reason him that it was a bad idea, while Samuel just smirked looking at him. You are going to have the same fate. He thought smugly.

Zane threw his sword, aiming at Queen’s neck. He wished that it would be worth it.

The sword flew through the air at Queen emitting a blue glow, went through the spikes and dug into its neck deeply. Queen stopped swiping its spikes on Warrior. It looked up at the sky and screeched, this time differently. Warrior flew away and Queen fell on the ground, this time not faking it. Zane ran out of the way and got covered in dust. He was just inches away from being crushed by Queen’s now dead body.

The others looked at Queen for a few minutes without doing anything else. Warrior nudged it with his leg. Queen was really dead.

The flesh malicious monster that was now dead started to disintegrate like a time-lapse of a recording in reality sending of dark, black smoke with errant energy, till it was only the skeleton that was left. The skeleton was just the spikes attached to a spinal cord, still big and long as the whole body. The bones fell and Zane ran out of the way before a spike fell right on where he stood.

The fog on the surface in the distance began to dissipate. Everything became more clearer, the Floshlid on the contraption that was now fallen, stopped glowing not having to feed on anything as much.

Warrior roared celebrating victory, spreading his wings, letting them shine brightly. Alisa, Lucy and Max ran up to Zane, who picked up the sword that fell along with the remaining’s of the monster.

“Zane, you did it!” Alisa exclaimed. “you did it!”

“you killed it!” Lucy cheered.

“you and Warrior looked so cool!” Max shouted. With time, Max started to consider Zane as a friend.

“I don’t know guys,” Zane chuckled. “I heard this voice—”

“thank you,” Zane turned around to see who said that, and saw Ginny, smiling kindly. She was the voice.

“who are you?” Max gasped.

“you left the door open, right?” Zane asked.

“yes,” Ginny said, still smiling. “thank you, again. I can finally get some rest,” saying that, she closed her eyes and became see-through, then disappeared.

“now that was so scary to me…” Max laughed awkwardly. “was she a ghost?”

The four started to celebrate together, and looked at Warrior who was waiting for Zane to notice him. He bowed to Zane with respect and left turning into the light shining in the colours his scales had, and the light went into the sword Zane held. A true warrior has fulfilled his masters wish.

Samuel fell on his knees, looking at the ground. He felt the dark magic he was gifted seeping out in a way that left him in shock, despair and torture. None of this would have happened if I done something better about it. He thought in agony. Four children managed to take down my queen.

“looks like we won,” Zane said walking up to Samuel with Alisa. “you had too much hope,”

“you…” Samuel mumbled.

“beat it Samuel,” Alisa said. “civilization can continue living on the surface. Maybe they can live both on the surface and underground. You can get the what you deserve after that,”

Samuel was doomed. When the other leaders in the planetary system finds out what he has been doing, what he has been hiding from them, he will most likely be executed.

“I will say this only once,” Zane said. “you are disgusting. You had the ability to end the Age of Bemonats Extinction. Your species. You are a disgrace to Polatil’s community,” Samuel put his head down. It was all over now.

“guys, look up!” Max called out. He and Lucy was looking up at the sky. There were thin clouds and from them, cold, tiny ice droplets in the shape of tears started falling. The warm light from the star gave them a glisten as they fell on the ground, turning into cold liquid a second before. It was beautiful.

“so pretty!” Alisa squealed and Zane stared at her suspiciously. He never seen her so happy.

“you are very happy, huh?” Zane asked looking at the rain.

“of course!” Alisa agreed. “now I have the guarantee of being able to go back home!”

The sun of Polatil shined brightly, the rain sparkled through the air, the stench start to go, and it was a new beginning. Humanity of Polatil has been really restored. 

Submitted: May 14, 2021

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