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Alisa, Zane, Lucy and another man was sitting at a table, camera’s pointing at them. The other man was Billy, a news reporter that was a Bemonat interviewing the stories to be told live. Max was afraid of getting in front of camera and so was Lucy but Alisa didn't want her and Zane to be the only up there. Lucy did so much, she wasn’t going to stay out of this. Alisa decided. They reported what happened, the rest of the council members started taking care of things after Zane sent Samuel to prison till further actions.

The rest of the council also did some scouting with some soldiers on the surface. The soldiers were ones who owed their service to Samuel because of what he had against them. Only Samuel wanted to serve Queen, no one else.

The city that Queen was wrecking before was were Samuel exported all the corpses for Queen to feast on. Most of them were decaying but none of them were fully decayed even the ones that Chloe and Noel studied that was a dozen of years old from what they examined. Whatever Queen did to them remained a mystery, but the only damage on the bodies was wounds that had turned black. They interrogated Samuel and he said that Queen fed on the energy that emits from a person even when they are dead.

It took just a week, and now they are here, telling the rest of Polatil about it.

Now Alisa, Zane and Lucy were being interviewed in a live conference, live to the entire Polatil. About every single device in Polatil was viewing it since Perry used her advantage of being in charge of the technical department and made every device view the conference with the help of satellites, since it was important.

Zane was wearing a black suit, with the sleeves rolled up. If he combed his hair he would have looked like a business man. Alisa wearing a pretty red jacket that matched her skin tone and Lucy left her hair untied and wore a blue dress with a long outskirt. Out of everyone, Lucy was dressed to impress.

“she looks much prettier today…” Max muttered. Today his eyes were for Lucy only.  

Max was giving thumbs up for his friends behind the camera that was where the crew taking care of the camera’s and technical stuff was, even happier that he didn't have to get in front of the camera. He was also happy because he told his parents and uncle what happened and they got incredibly relieved like a heavy responsibility was taken off from their shoulders.

“okay, let’s not waste any more time,” Billy said. “you called us, and said that you three and another friend had ended something that can change the humanity. Can you introduce yourself to the spectators?” Billy was told a bit of information but not all, now he will hear it the rest.

“I'm Alisa, you might know me since I have done a dozen of things for Polatil,” Alisa started. “this is Zane, the prison minister of Polatil, and this is my friend Lucy, who helped a lot during this time,”

“the reason you are now watching this is because we have great news for the future of Polatil,” Zane started.  “the toxic gas on the surface occurred because a creature of dark magic was living on the surface, and that creature decided to obtain the surface for itself. We have now killed it, the fog has dissipated and now civilization can move onto the surface, Bemonats can stop dying because of the lack of light from Polatil’s sun,”

The camera crew started muttering. Maybe that’s how everyone who was watching this is reacting like. Max thought.

“if you want to ask any questions, you can log in into our webpage that must be shown on your screen right now,” Lucy said. The technician started pressing buttons on his laptop and gave thumbs up to Billy.

you three look and sound so professional!” Max mouthed bashfully, but the microphone definitely picked up his voice.

“is this the first time someone knows about this?” Billy asked. His eyebrows was raised.

“other than the council and some soldiers, yes,” Alisa answered.

“how did none one else know that a creature was responsible for the toxic on the surface?” Billy continued asking.

“Samuel, he was serving the monster, forced people who knew about that to keep their mouth shut and do small things by threats. The rest of the council who didn't know about this before found out, and then that motivated us to go to the surface and kill the creature,” Zane said. “Alisa, Lucy and someone else named Max…”

someone else?” Max asked.

“…decided to go to the surface even before they found out about the creature so they can save Bemonats and also see the surface. I joined a bit late, but I know how much of a jerk Samuel is,” Zane said. “we sent him to jail, kept it secretive till now incase things goes wrong,”

“this will seem stunning for you all, so it’s okay if you don’t understand anything fully yet,” Lucy assured. “but now there is no danger we know of, and the webpage is there for you to ask questions and we will hopefully have answers for all of them,”

“Elly asks if there is something else that should be told,” Billy said, reading from a screen in front of him.

“we will be writing a report in detail, but there isn’t anything else big enough to be said right now,” Alisa said. “one thing we need to tell you, is that the creature fed on dead corpse. The body of every single person that passed away was exported to the surface and the creature somewhat fed on the energy they emitted even when they were dead. The only damage on them was marks of dark magic, from what we think. They were barely decayed because of some dark magic and because of that we can bury their bodies sooner or later,”

“Hans asks if you can explain the creature a bit more and how its responsible for the toxic,”

“the creature’s birth along with its species is unsure, it was sort of like an earthworm but in the scale of giants,” Lucy said. “it exhales the poison out of its mouth and can control it. Samuel calls it Queen, so I suppose we call it Queen and maybe it’s a she,”

“Maddie asks ‘is there any proof of this?’”

“the remaining left of Queen is just its skeleton, and it is still on the surface,” Lucy said. “right now, someone will be working for the council by examining it, and it is there for you to see it,”

“Felix asks how you went to the surface,”

“we found a door that led to the surface, it was a hollowed crystal in a place that we won’t be able to see without a specific potion,” Alisa said. “it was the same path that Samuel takes to go to the surface and maybe the same path the corpses were taken from. Any other entrances must have been hidden too. We only found the doorway because Max was the key keeper,” 

“Anonymous asks if Samuel is really the criminal here,” Billy said. “and what makes him the criminal?”

“for the first one, yes,” Zane said. “he didn't hesitate to kill anyone who was against Queen’s existence, and he was the one who gave dead corpses to Queen to feed on, every day. I don’t want anyone to forget this after I say it; he killed my father who was going to go fight it,”

They answered more questions, Max watched, hyping them up, wondering how they don’t look even a bit nervous talking in front of a camera. Live. Everyone in Polatil can see them. That was five billion. Soon it became an hour.

“now we are going end this,” Billy said. “is there anything else you want to say?”

“I want to say that it’s been thirty years since you all have lost an independence without knowing,” Alisa said. “we have earned it back today. The council had been thinking about living on the surface and underground at the same time. The ones who want to live on the surface will live up there when things are restored perfectly. Especially, Bemonats who are ill should start continuing their lives on the surface, since it is safe now. We will not abandon underground, you can still continue seeing the ceiling of crystals. This will be a big change in the society, but it’s better than what we had before,”

“from tomorrow one, we won’t have a leader for Polatil, but the only leaders will be in charge of a village’s or town’s nation, an island, or country,” Zane said. “we may be separated, but when disasters like what happened thirty years ago happen, we will come back together again,”

“with the help of some from other planets that will be coming here tomorrow we will restore the surface’s nature, the cities and mostly everything!” Lucy said happily.

“thank you all for listening and in few days or few weeks we start thriving on the surface!” Billy said.

“and we are done!” someone from the camera crew shouted. All of them cheered.

“that was longer than I thought!” Lucy whined standing up. “I wasn’t ready to stay up there that long!”

“you did great though!” Alisa said.

“I may speak, but I sweat!” Lucy cried. “I know I did a mistake once, I almost forgot what to say too!”

“but I still survived up there,” Alisa said.

“it ain’t hard for you, you planned this!!” Lucy cried. “my hair looked so bad too!”

“but you looked cute on the screen too,” Max smiled.

“ah really?” Lucy started to blush.

“Alisa, can we speak outside for a second?” Zane asked.

“sure,” Alisa said, and they both got out of the studio they were in, out under the crystals.

“so, I did really love to thank you, for everything,” Zane said.

“welcome but, I don’t know what I should be thanked for,” Alisa said. She genuinely looked confused.

“well, I just said it. For everything,” Zane said. “you were the one that gave me hope along with confidence, enough for me to stand a chance at fighting Queen,”

“I don’t see how I helped with any of that. You still killed it!” Alisa said. “by the way I'm wondering if Queen is actually called that if it’s really a she or a he…”

“Alisa, accept gratitude,” Zane said. “know the fact you did more than I did, and you need this so much more than me. I owe my life to you, and everyone in Polatil owes you almost the same,”

“geez, I don’t know what to say to that…” Alisa mumbled. “I'm really happy for that. I owe you that much too. Everyone did as much as me. One of us not here means none of this would have been achieved,”

“that’s true, but I think I was a tiny bit more special,” Zane snickered.

“yeah, you were the one who was most likely to die,” Alisa said.

“hey, Alisa, is that you?” Alisa heard Asher’s voice calling for her. Leo was right by his dad, and they both walked up to the other two.

“hey you guys! This is Zane, Zane this is Asher the one who found me, and Leo, his son,”

“hey,” Zane greeted.

“evening, good sir,” Asher greeted Zane back, tipping his hat over. Did someone older than me call me sir? Zane wondered. This dude knows respect.  

“oh! Asher, you can stand now!” Alisa exclaimed.

“yes I can,” Asher said. “I wanted to walk right when I got better, I think that’s how I will get better,”

“and we saw that conference!” Leo said. “that was so stunning! Its still hard for me to believe when thinking about it,”

“I still don’t, is it all over?” Asher asked. “a creature? Everything in that live was true?”

“it is,” Alisa said. “and Asher, you can go to the surface now! You will get better!”

“I'm feeling lot better after realizing that!” Asher said. “everyone went crazy when it started to sound serious!”

“everyone? How many people saw that then?” Zane asked.

“the conference came on full volume in a liquor bar, and about half of the village was there waiting for that famous show!” Leo said. “then the live came and we all went wild! And right when it ended, we both decided to come find you Alisa so we can confirm that!”

“we don’t have to worry about people not seeing that I guess,” Zane said.

“is it really true?” Asher asked. “are we finally getting back the freedom we thought we had? Is this the start of a new era?”

“I say yes,” Alisa said. “it is just great, isn’t it?”

“it is amazing!” Asher said. “but the fact we trusted that buffoon. I feel so blinded. We depended on him to take care of Polatil. At least he will get what he deserves,”

“he doesn’t deserve to die,” Leo said. “that’s just better for him,”

“well, see you later Alisa,” Asher said. “we have to go and tell them the big news. I really hope you can go back to where you came from now. It’s the little of the reward you deserve,”

The two skipped away, continuing their father-son day, and going back to the bar to tell the others. That was how happy the whole Polatil was.

“so, when can I take you back home?” Zane asked. 

Submitted: May 14, 2021

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