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The land was like sand, but held blue crystals shattered into to particles. Some of those crystals bonded together and had turned into large crystals, largest was one that was as tall as Max. The hills rose up high and could easily be an avalanche of sharp blue rocks. There was a pillar, a huge blue crystal thick as a mile across was connected to the ceiling of crystals. These kinds of pillars aren’t so common in Polatil, but those pillars are what holds the ceiling of crystals without falling down, having an important role of holding the ceiling up. There was a missing clump of crystals on the ceiling of crystals right above Azure, indicating that Azure was formed when a mega crystal broke down or crashed from the ceiling shattering into pieces. Even then, the pillar stood, not breaking down to cause more chaos. A twin of the pillar, didn't have the same fate, for there was a piece of rock-hard land near what looked like the end of the valley, just one blue crystal like the stump of a chopped down tree, showing that pillar collapsed, a mile across. What made the wreckage so beautiful was the fact that the crystals were still shining, even when it was broken, it reflected the light that hit them. Azure means blue, and all that Azure, the valley of blue had was, well, every shade of blue with the prettiest shine.

“this place is great,” Lucy said. Gary bleated agreeing with her.

“yeah,” Max mumbled. He didn't look as enthused as his friends, but he was memorized, it was a sight to see in a lifetime.

“the crystals that had shattered is like,” Alisa bent down and cupped her hands taking a handful of the crystals she was standing on. They felt like rocks, but so small it shouldn’t be called rocks. “they feel like, something I remember,”

“what?” Max asked.

“I just remembered, traveling somewhere with my whole family, when I was very young,” Alisa stood up recalling a memory she remembered of her family till now. From every detail. The hot, salty air around her, the sound of waves…

“sand. It’s called sand,” Alisa said. Max and Lucy glanced at each other. They didn't know what sand was because they also haven’t seen any, probably because they were living underground on a different planet. “I remember going to a place like a desert with my family, a place that looks like this, but a vast endless pond’s waves was constantly hitting the sand,” she didn't know what the words and names of the most that she was recalling. The vast pond, she thought. I think it’s called an ocean…

“we are going to the surface no matter what,” Alisa snapped out of her head.

“let’s find the doorway then,” Max said, walking towards the pillar. “it is there,”

“how do you know?” Lucy asked. Alisa also looked at Max for an answer.

“because—” Max quickly turned around at them and brainstormed for a way to look like he didn't really know. “this doorway, its leading up to the surface. This pillar is connected to the crystal ceiling and will probably have the doorway to something like a staircase leading up to the surface,”

“how are you sure it will a staircase that will lead to the surface?” Alisa asked.

“I don’t know, I'm just guessing what is most likely to be there,” Max said. “I think the second flash already happened, we should hurry up,”

The others started talking a different topic making Max lucky for his reasons. Gary ran around the place still close to Max, sniffing and jumping over every big crystal he encountered. Because of all Max knew, they didn't have to take out the map, and they all trotted through the broken crystals, some big pieces painful to step on, and then made it to the pillar. When they got closer to the pillar, they saw that the pillar had a rough surface for that it had smaller and a few large crystals growing on it.

“I don’t see any door,” Lucy said.

“this crystal is big, we may see the door by walking around it,” Max said.

“there it is!” Alisa exclaimed, pointing just a bit further away from where they were standing.

There was a spot where crystals were growing in lines shaping a rectangle, a door. There were crystals on it, few were purple too indicating that the doorway was there. There was also some plants in blue and purple growing out of the ground near the bottom of the door, which Gary started to eat immediately. And last but not least, there was a silver handle designed with a vintage style and a keyhole beneath it.

“well that was easy,” Max sighed, lifting Gary up and putting him in his arms. They have got along very well in the past two hours.

“not for long,” Alisa said, lean down examining the keyhole. “we still need to find the key,”

“right after we make a contraption that eats the gas and after we find a full plastic suit,” Lucy said. “getting the key is the second last thing to do,”

“what is the last?” Max asked. “going up there and putting down the contraption?”

“yeah, but we might have to do more up there,” Lucy said. “we have thought of this a lot, we have no information of what is up there,”

“we aren’t giving up right?” Alisa asked.

“we made it this far,” Lucy said.

“why are you thinking of that so much?” Max asked. “why do you think we will give up?”

“this is my path back home,” Alisa said, looking up high at the pillar. “we didn't get much danger doing this, but I'm sure we will sooner or later. I need to be certain that you won’t leave me alone by giving up. Promise me,”

“we promise we won’t ever give up,” Max said. “we didn’t do even half of what we are going to, but we came this far, and there is nothing that can stop us from doing so,”

“we will do everything, and we will get the key no matter what,” Lucy said. Max gulped, unnoticed by everyone but Gary, who looked up at him, knowing that there was something hidden. 

Submitted: May 14, 2021

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