To Save a Dragon

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Faith and Trials

Book 2 of the series, 'The Parables of the Game Master'
After asking Game Master Jesus to help a bully named Sid, Arthur Pye finds himself back in his Land of the Heart with a new quest. But there's this injured dragon who can't remember ...

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

The howling wind drove Sid Meyer without mercy across the twilit desert. Ahead, a mountain, glowing ghost-like in the moonlight, thrust... Read Chapter

Chapter 2

The dragon seemed to get its appetite back the next day, forcing Arthur to go into town twice to get food for it. On the second tri... Read Chapter

Chapter 3

The next afternoon, as Arthur followed Sid as closely as he dared, he was startled when a net suddenly sprang up around the dragon and ... Read Chapter

Chapter 4

Arthur dropped the cauldron with a metallic boom onto the stone floor. “Here’s the cauldron you ordered,” he said to Baba-death. ... Read Chapter

Chapter 5

“I don’t get it,” Arthur said to Morning-star as they sat down for supper in the village. “Sid can’t get revenge on that gian... Read Chapter

Chapter 6

As they continued on their way through the valley to North-wind’s Ice Palace, Arthur said to Francis, “Joyful-mercy told me Sid’s... Read Chapter

Chapter 7

Lord Day-star, seated comfortably in a leather-covered wooden chair in his sitting room, inspected the stranger standing in front of hi... Read Chapter

Chapter 8

“What is the lie behind prosperity?” Morning-star asked rhetorically, reworking Arthur’s question, and leaned back against the wa... Read Chapter

Chapter 9

“That’s as big as a house!” said Arthur, peering up at the top of the rock where Sid was standing in the fading twilight. “... Read Chapter

Chapter 10

In a panic, Arthur ducked as he held his sword out in front of him and braced for impact. But when the monster hit the tip of the sword... Read Chapter

Chapter 11

The giant came over to Arthur. “Come, tiny. I have no dispute with you, and so I will take you to your friend.” Before Arthur could... Read Chapter

Chapter 12

Sid checked Arthur’s alarm clock radio some time later. “Oh-oh, it’s getting late. I’d better get going.” “Okay.” Arthu... Read Chapter

Chapter 13

“What do you think?” Sid said to Arthur as he gathered up his cards at the end of the final match. “Anything happen?” Arthu... Read Chapter

Chapter 14

The next morning, Arthur was at home, studying his mother’s Bible and trying to make sense of the gospel of John as he wiped his nose... Read Chapter

Chapter 15

Arthur watched the world go by from his place in the wooden cart where he was firmly bound by ropes. Under the perpetually-overcast sky... Read Chapter

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