Thorvald The Wanderer

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Many battles were fought, blood was spilled and many warriors found their way to Valhalla and Folkvangr.

Thorvald was not one of them. He was, or better: is, a great warrior, one of the greatest.

He fought alongside Ragnar and his sons, but he managed to stay alive when all of them went to Valhalla.

Thorvald was sad. For no apparent reason Valhalla has been taken from him. Thorvald Sigurdsson was now a loner. One without a future. Many countries he has seen and he was always exploring new countries, now known as Thorvald The Wanderer.


A few days walk north from Stavanger he was now. He traded some goods in the new city of Bergen and stayed the night, but now he was walking north again. He didn’t really have a purpose, he just wanted to travel and see more of the new great kingdom.


A traveler greeted Thorvald and stopped him.

“Good sir, my name is Abellona. I come from the East. Can I interest you in a trade?”

“Hail, sister. I am Thorvald Sigurdsson, though they call me The Wanderer. Though this is very kind, I am but a few hours gone from the new city of Bergen where I traded. I am headed up north to explore. You are welcome to join me on my exploring.”

Abellona looks at the tall, strong, bearded man and smiles.

“I will join you on your trip soon, wanderer, but for now I need to go to this new city, for I am needed there first.”

The two greet each other again, though Thorvald found Abellona’s answer a bit strange.


Thorvald takes the path north again and after a few hours it is starting to get dark, so he sets up camp and a fire. A rabbit he bought at a market in Bergen goes on the fire and after a bit he enjoys this well-cooked meal.

“By Ullr! This rabbit is so tender and full of taste! Thanks be you Ullr for helping the hunter getting this nice piece of meat.”

The wanderer devours the meat with so much pleasure, a smile is fixed on his face for half an hour. After his meal, he drinks a bit more of the mead he brought along and falls asleep on a bear skin.


Thorvald opens his eyes, but it is still dark. The fire is no longer smouldering even, so hours must have past. He looks up at Mani and sees he is blue and vague, as if Mani is sad.

“What is going on here? Why is Sol not being chased up in the sky and Mani away from it? Maybe it is but the mead or rabbit that wasn’t still edible after all?”

Thorvald is no longer tired, takes down the camp and goes on his route north.

Hours go by and still Thorvald can only see stars and Mani being blue.

“Where are Sköll and Hati to chase Sol and Mani? By the Norns, something’s very wrong! Allfather, please guide me through this long night and bring back Sol.”

Thorvald has seen many things in his life and fought many battles, but this long-lasting night is frightening him. He has this gut-feeling which has never been wrong to him.

Suddenly in the corner of his right eye, he sees a dark presence lurking from the woods. He even feels it. Something dark and cold. Thorvald places his left hand on his axe, ready to swing at the foul thing lurking.


The presence is coming closer, though Thorvald walks on forward as a bit further a ditch and a tree might give his goods some shelter as he faces the dark presence.

The moment Thorvald sets down his goods and grabs his axe, the creature starts running towards the wanderer.

Thorvald yells “Skeggold! Til Valhalla!!” and rushes over to the big black warg while gazing fiercely in its red eyes. The warg tries to bite Thorvald’s face, but the latter manages to throw the warg aside. The warg tries it all over, but this time Thorvald hits the warg with his axe right below its left ear.

The warg howls loud and sharp in pain, turns around and looks Thorvald right in the eyes.


Suddenly the warg says with a deep, low and dark voice: “You still have the battle speed, warrior. But a hit with that axe won’t hold me back. You know you can’t kill me, right? If you kill me, this night will be the last.”

“What are you talking about you foul creature?!”

“Why isn’t Mani going away? He shines blue as he is tired of being in the same place now… as I am not chasing him.”

“Hati! Son of Loki! Get back to the skies! I might not kill you, but I can wound you and rain terror on you.”

The warg laughs loud. “Not until I finish my job here, Thorvald Odinsson!”

“How do you kn… I am the son of Sigurd!”

The warg laughs again and takes a huge leap towards Thorvald.

Thorvald is knocked on the ground as he is still a bit confused and why Hati wants to kill him.

Hati manages to bite Thorvald’s left leg and the latter screams in pain while blood comes gushing out of the wound. Thorvald gets thrown away and Hati sets himself ready to attack again.

“These are your last moments, son of Odin.”

“I am but a man and son of Sigurd! The Allfather has got nothing to do with me.”

“On the contrary! Your father, the Allfather imprisoned my father. Now Odin is being stuck at Niflheim held under control by my aunt, I can finally take some revenge on Odin!”

Hati attacks again, but Thorvald manages to strike Hati in the abdomen. Hati grabs Thorvald’s axe, throws it away and leaves Thorvald unarmed.

Although Thorvald yearns for Valhalla, he cannot give up if it were true his father, being Odin, is held in Niflheim. This might be the beginning of Ragnarok.


Hati jumps on Thorvald and wants to bite the neck of Thorvald, but the latter manages to yield Hati of by putting his arm in Hati’s mouth. Thorvald feels and hears the black creature gnawing his bones and screams in agony, when suddenly a very bright light shines on Hati.

Hati screams in pain and runs off. A foul stench of burned fur and some smoke is slowly leaving the area.

Thorvald sits up straight and the light is getting less bright.


“I told you I would join your journey!”

Abellona is standing in front of Thorvald and reaches out her shiny hand to Thorvald.

“Get up, wanderer.”

“Abellona! But how?”

Abellona smiles and says: “I know Hati left chasing my brother Mani in order to go and kill you, Thorvald Odinsson. So I left my spot too and came over to help you.”

“Sol? So it is true? I am…”

“Yes! I am Sol and yes, you are a son of Odin. Heal up and rest a bit. Tomorrow we need to meet up with Thor and get Odin back.”


Submitted: May 14, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Disparvulgo. All rights reserved.

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Ann Sepino

I enjoy reading a good myth-inspired story as much as writing one. I love the atmosphere you chose to give this story and the way Abellona was introduced.

Sat, May 15th, 2021 2:47am


Thank you very much, Ann. I am still wondering if I should leave this short-story with this end or go on making a series :)
Either way: I very much appreciate your comment. I’m still new here and every comment received is nice.

Sat, May 15th, 2021 12:50am

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