Moon, Him and his thoughts about her

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

A small cute convo between heart and a brain. Please do read and comment.


The night was so dark and in the company of the night sky when the moon didn't exist, as clouds covered her fully to admire her beauty and making us jealous of her

the chaos is not there in the silent night but in his head worrying about his heart but the heart is proud to have his brain worrying for him

Heart: is it wrong to love someone unconditionally!
Brain: it's not wronged, my dear, but to love is not getting hurt
Heart: but the pain in love is pleasure
Brain: it's been so long you felt pleasure, so it's just a hallucination
Heart: One should experience the pain of love at At least once in one lifetime, it's just a bliss
Brain: don't repeat it again and again. Then what about those who love you and want you to spend time with you
Heart: I want them also, but the love will come on one person only at a time and the feel is so special and I love to feel the pain for them rather than faking a smile for the one who loves me
Brain: it's your habit always not to listen to me
Heart: leave me in the way I want to
Brain: then, don't come to me when you are completely broken and again taking stupid decisions
Heart: hahaha
Brain: Listen to me. At least for once, I'm not saying that you should follow it. Just listen to me, from your friends and we all tell the same thing only, but the problem is...
Heart: wait, wait, I'll listen to everyone and you. But at the end of the day, I'll make decisions for my own because I'm the one who is going to feel the joy or pain of whatever I'm responsible and it's up to me. Just tell me what you want to say
Brain: Leave the one who is the reason for all the chaos and make me peaceful and feel joy
Heart: hahaha. What to leave that person, ah, will think about that
Brain: uh! what
Heart: I won't leave her because she’s the only person who made me realize that I can able to give so much love to one person without getting anything in return
Brain: at the same time, the same person is giving all this chaos
Heart: But that's okay for all the love I have, I always search for the ways I can show more love to that person
Brain: it's up to you
Heart : (silent)
Brain: tell me what's your plan
Heart: I'm just going the accept that she is ignoring me, but my love towards her is unconditional and to get hurt, it's okay to get hurt and let it go...
Brain: haha good decision finally to let her go
Heart: Not let her go, I just let the hurt and negative feelings go. My love for her will be constant and the love I have towards him is part of me
Brain: Oh, crap

(The night gets darker and darker)
Brain: it's time to sleep
Heart: Okay, good night.
Brain: I know you are faking, that's okay, I'll always have your back
Heart: Thinking about the love of his life and The whole night turns into pink.........that’s a vibe she has, He told to himself.

Submitted: May 14, 2021

© Copyright 2021 abhii. All rights reserved.

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