Sakura Chronicles{Relaunched}

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Within a solitary Solar System, on a Planet generated by Agate Stones, Chrysoprase Stones, Moonstones, and White Sapphire Stones is a Land called Sakura.

The Population within Sakura is at around Five Million People, but despite this substantial quantity, the Population is strictly secured by the Governmental Organization referred to as the Zodiac.

Within the Systematic Structure crafted by the Zodiac, the impoverished live within urban slums while the wealthy live within the Zodiac Belt, a paradise filled with pretty things, History, and opportunities….
Not many have experienced the Zodiac Belt, with the only alternative for the impoverished is to enlist for the Zodiac Military, and to do that...
They will need Seven Sakura Chips…

Sakura Chips, Chips made by the Zodiac, which only the Zodiac Recruiters possess; the only feasible procedure to receive a Chip is to challenge, and conquer a Zodiac Recruiter, which is not an easy achievement without Aura…
Aura...An eternal, yet recessive unique Energy within each Individual that can be attained at best by a resonated Mind...With a resonated Body...Cooperating with a resonated Soul.

The Zodiac has an Annual Enlisting Examination, an Examination continuing for a period of twelve months, and those succeeding by the conclusion of the Year will be recompensed with a Zodiac Badge.

Did you know that there are Sakura Cards too?

A Sakura Card is a Card with Abilities bolted within them, but the sole technique to manipulating these Cards will be to have your Aura activated; without Aura, Sakura Cards are an ineffective Weapon, but with Aura...Sakura Cards can have devastating Abilities, but these Cards-

The Annual Enlisting Examination has began, and it is the Ninth Month with just three months remaining for the participants to endure.

Right about now a progeny miss is proceeding down an avenue as I narrate, an avenue leading to Jamestown Village, a little Village within this impoverished territories.
This lass is around Twelve, with an enthusiastic expression reflecting on each spring as the frisky haired Child is racing for Jamestown. This lass is clothed within rags, grime powdering the caked bruises on her hazel skin, however she still has a lucid smile beaming on her face.
She is appearing to be sustaining a hefty backpack on her shoulders too as she is rushing by the Merchant Market, sprinting straight underneath people, and unintentionally tripping them up with regard.

This eager colleen is named Blessing Hightower, a native to Garden Village, a-

Table of Contents

{Chapter A}{Jamestown Village}

Blessing: “I can introduce myself!!!! Call me Blessing, Readers, Blessing Hightower!!!! My Home Village is called Garden Villa... Read Chapter

{Chapter B}{Mano a mano}

Blessing Hightower and Kansas Freaks are glancing for one another as the Sasquatch and Batsquatch are destroying Oinky, the Wing... Read Chapter

{Chapter C}{A Morning Duel}

It is now the next morning, an early morning as Blessing is Meditating in the backyard as the Sun is beginning to shine down on ... Read Chapter

{Chapter D}{A Strategy}

{Hightower:1000HP} {Ferrari:1000HP}   Blessing Hightower has already drawn her seven cards, now p... Read Chapter

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