Room 2 at the Haylan Motel

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Sad love story, with science fiction elements...

Room 2 at the Haylan Motel



The hall bell rang. At the decaying Haylan Motel, the manager who was the receptionist at the same time got up from his chair. He came out of his sitting room.

Near the back entrance, at the bottom of the stairs, there was an old man, all wrinkles and with long thin silver hair that looked like feathers at his temples. In a black suit, white shirt and black tie he seemed to have just come back from a funeral. He was shy and apparently nervous.


I’m sorry, I think you’re at the wrong address,” said the manager. “Do you know what kind of place this is?”


I do, yes. Is Mrs. Franciana still here?”


Franciana? No, not anymore. She passed away six, seven years ago. Sorry if you wanted to see her.”


No, that’s not what I came for. Can I rent room 2? I’ll only need it for less than an hour.”


The manager looked outside. Maybe there was some woman waiting in a car. It happened all the time. Women were cuckolding their husbands more than anyone could imagine. Sometimes they came to fuck with men thrice their age. Most were in it for the money, not all though. They didn’t want it to be known for whatever reason they secretly came to the motel to be with a man.

There was no car in the small three car parking lot at the rear entrance behind the motel. Maybe the old man had left his car along the main road. If so, it was improbable that he had brought a companion with him, female or male.


Can I ask you how you got here? Do you still expect someone to join you?”


By train to Daiste, the small town close by. From there, I took a bus. I got off right here, on the other side of the road. No one else is coming. Just me. I’d like to rent room 2 for an hour. How much would it be?”


The unaccompanied old man had to pay the full three-hour tariff. With the key dangling in his liver-spotted hand he climbed the stairs with some difficulty.

His heart missed a beat when he saw the familiar room back. Once it had been Prussian blue. Ruthless and all devouring time had faded deep dark blue into dirty cerulean.

Stretched out with his shoes on, in black suit and tie on the antique walnut bed, he looked up.


After love, their bodies closely entangled, they had stared at the fantasy galaxy on the roughly plastered ceiling. Too many fluorescent moons and too few chrome-yellow paper stars created an improbable universe. The moons’ glow had been more intense then; now their phosphorescent fluorescence had dimmed. The paper stars’ creased curling edges were coming off the ceiling. The boxcar shaped spaceship with the small transparent plastic dome was still dangling from a nearly invisible angling thread. Its colours hadn’t faded; it still looked brand new. Shiny gun metal grey it was, with a silver spike at the front and round red head and taillights.


Lazily lying, their tired naked bodies one, they had childishly fantasised about getting away together in that spaceship to a faraway galaxy. They would forever be united on their own blindingly blazing star, unhindered in their boundless love. Her ever gnawing fear of shameful exposure would forever vanish.


The ceiling blurred in the man‘s eyesight. Silent tears dripped on the pillow from the corners of his eyes.

He relived unforgettable instants of tactile tenderness, frenetic passion and unfathomable love. Franciana had always sold them three heavenly desperately short hours. Once she hadn’t put a time limit. They had made love twice and fallen asleep in each other’s arms until Franciana had gently woken them.

Those golden hours… Unique, precious, priceless time-bound timeless hours now belonging to the irreversible past… Two splendid years with her had rushed by in an unstoppable dash… He still tasted her arousing saliva, the nectar of those exquisite moments with her in this cramped space, moments of mind blowing fulfilment. They had lived them exuberantly in this room’s intimacy. Inexorably dire reality, a hostile conformist world, the harsh call of duty and panicky fear had made his magnificent lover decide to put a bitter untimely end to their untellable, unspeakable, unforgettable bliss. As had the crazy uncontrollable call of her young and curious nature that she couldn’t resist. She had ripped him out of her heart and left him orphaned in his love for her, taking a colleague of hers as her new lover.


The man got up from the walnut bed with the new mattress. The springs in the old one had creaked and squeaked during their love games. He couldn’t but faintly smile through his ever welling tears. He thought with deep desperate nostalgia of all they had unselfishly tried to spoil each other in the intimacy of room 2 where they could live their love unhindered.

He went to the small window. She had always scrupulously double-checked if the bedroom door and the window were properly closed. Once, on a hot Indian summer September evening, he had pulled the two small windowpanes wide open to let some fresh air into their lovers’ room. No one on the road could see them. Nevertheless, suddenly frightened, she had immediately closed the window and drawn the chequered cotton curtains. If only she hadn’t been so irrationally anxious…


He knelt down at the left side of the bed his head turned towards the pillow that once was covered by her long dark chestnut hair. Her unique dazzling aura suddenly overwhelmed him.

A CZ 75 9mm Parabellum came up to his head. It was black, the colour of sinners’ souls, dark death and black bile mourning. Its taste was like stinging electric blue in the man’s mouth. He softly whispered her name, closed his lips around the inviting barrel and smiled at her.


The ceiling was still faded Prussian blue. Not so parts of the walls. They were fiery flame red as true love and consuming passion. As were now the unused lovers’ bed and the tomb-cold floor.


The spaceship came loose from the ceiling. It was swelling, grew bigger and bigger until it almost filled the whole room. Its red lights started flashing as it hovered in mid-air. The plastic canopy went up. Out of the cockpit came wild-haired gypsy fairy Franciana in a glittering silver lamé spacesuit. In her arms she cautiously took the bruised brainless man delivered now from his silent despair and carried him into her spacecraft.

The roof of the Haylan Motel opened like the craft’s canopy had done. Not a single black tile slid away or broke. The starship whizzed up in the dark night air gaining unheard of speed. It aimed for the faraway invitingly blinking stars. Light years meant nothing to it, as it went far beyond the speed of light.


The peacefully smiling old man was lying on the leatherine passenger seat, his still tearing grey eyes wide open. Fabiana looked compassionately at the pitiful victim of true unconditional love. She switched on the autopilot system. Out of a stainless annithium cabinet she took a vial shaped like a broken heart. In its light sky blue thulenium liquid, shiny golden stardust brittles were circling around in perfect oval orbits. Carefully, tiny drop by tiny drop, Franciana poured the priceless vial’s content over the man’s body. An intense warm glow took shape around the passenger seat. Suddenly there was no more black suit, no more white shirt, no more black tie. A navy blue blazer, a greyish t-shirt printed with a line-up of Eric Tabarly’s Pen Duick sailboats and light grey cotton trousers clad the man. His fractured skull was gone, his head took shape again. His hair grew back, denser than it was than when he entered the Heartbreak Motel. Its colour changed. There was much less silver in it now, as strands of black came back. He sat right up in the chair. Through the transparent canopy he looked up, smiling this time without tears. No need for him to ask Franciana where they were going. He knew.


The spacecraft shot up, farther and farther, beyond planet Earth, beyond the boundaries of the Universe known to man. It rocketed out of the Milky Way.


All at once appeared the galaxy that Franciana had been aiming for. It was exactly as it had been glued to the ceiling in room 2 at the decrepit Haylan Motel. There were a lot of moons and not so many stars, but that didn’t bother the new-born man. The constellation was utterly beautiful, and looked full of long awaited promise.


Franciana pointed to a bright blue shining star. The craft headed straight for it. Once it got there, it softly landed at the foot of a hill. Franciana bid farewell to her passenger, saying that she had to fly to her own star, a gipsy star, where all the men she once had loved were waiting for her.

The man thanked her and kissed her three times on the cheeks as was the custom in the country on faraway planet Earth where they had lived.

When the spacecraft had shot up and disappeared into the galaxy’s nebula, he went up the hill. To his surprise, it didn’t take him any effort. He floated up, feather-light, trough the pure cerulean blue grass on the slope.

On the hilltop, he stood still for a moment. From where he was he saw a magical valley. As far as his eyes could see, nothing but blue grass and flowers of all colours, the red ones strangely scintillating. It was a wonderful view that he had never seen on Earth.


He went down into the valley. When he was at the foot of the hill he heard a voice.




It was a woman’s voice. She needn’t say no more. He knew who she was.


Hey,” he said. “How are you?”

Really happy. I’m so glad to see you. I’ve been waiting for you. I thought you’d never come. Maybe you forgot me, maybe you were cross, because I left you and let you down.”


I never forgot you, my one and only love. You were the light of my days and the air that I breathed, you, the woman of my life. Every morning I woke up thinking of your breath-taking splendour, every night I went to bed with you. Do you remember? Once we were both crying over our cruel lovers’ fate. You hoped that in another time, in another universe we might meet again and live our love unimpeded. That time has come. Now we’re here together, I for you, you for me, forever.”


With tenderness he looked at her. She was wearing a black youthful blouse and indigo coloured jeans, the same clothes as when they had met for the first time after having lost contact for over twenty years. Her youthful girlish looks had astonished him on that beautiful day in June when they met in an abbey park. She hadn’t changed since that sunny day. A unique day, never to be forgotten. From that day on their two blissful happy years had launched them into a maelstrom of incredible happiness in their untameable love for each other.


You are so beautiful.” he said. “May I kiss you?”


You may. But first, do you forgive me? When I left you it was for another man. It didn’t last for long, but I know it made you sad.”


That is the past. Just think of now. I wasn’t jealous, just sad, like you said, so sad that I’d lost you. Can I kiss you more than once and hold you in my arms for minutes? Or are you still afraid that someone might see us like you used to?”


She laughed.


No, this is our star, it’s all ours.” she said. “There’s no one here but you and me on our blazingly brilliant beautiful star. You can kiss and hold me all you want now. I buried all my fears before I came here. ”


All of them? You were afraid of so many things.”


You’re right, but forget how I was then. You can ask me anything now.”


Even to say my name? You seemed always so afraid to say my name. If you knew how sad I was that you didn’t call me by my name, not even when we were alone in room 2 at the Haylan Motel.”


I know. I wanted to protect us. Maybe Franciana or someone in the room next to ours would have heard it. We might have been found out.”


The man looked at his feet. There was something on his mind. She understood.


Don’t be shy. You can undress me. You used to do that and both you and I loved it, although I never told you in so many words. And I’ll undress you, and I hope your belt will be easier to undo than it used to be.”


And will you walk around in this beautiful blue grassy meadow and let me look at you, so I can admire your magnificence?”


Of course I will. Will you caress me for hours as you used to? I always felt your love for me in your hands as they went over my body. And you can kiss the inside of my thighs. I know that you adored that. I found it wonderful, although at first I was ashamed. In the last months of our two happy years I was looking out to feel your lovely lips there. I only once admitted it. But if you do kiss my inner thighs, you know what’s going to happen, don’t you?”


You’ll want me to make love to you?”


Yes. And afterwards we’ll hold each other closely, and watch together the too many moons and too few stars in our new galaxy.”





Submitted: May 14, 2021

© Copyright 2021 impetus. All rights reserved.

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