Hacking for Money

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Just wondering.

Now I'm not saying that this is true, but I'm inclined to believe it.

"Would you like a Conspiracy Theory that holds water? Try this on for size. The country is opening up, but the oil companies aren't happy with the slow rise in gas prices and the lack of people driving their cars; so might they invent a crisis with the help of the pipeline companies.

Could it be that the pipeline company gave access codes and allowed some hackers to create a phony hack. It would look like the real deal because they are actually hacking the pipeline system.

But the thing is, what the hackers have doesn't amount to a hill of beans. Any company worth it's salt has back-up systems in place, they shut-off one and start the other.

This isn't rocket science, it's pipes with oil in them.

Not only that, the computer operations of pipelines could and should be a closed manual cable system, no access unless you are in one of their buildings and on one of their cable connected computers that are in those buildings. If they are not, then they are asking to be hacked.

All oil pipelines still have the old "Manual Systems" in Place, so the pipeline company can, and did in some places, simply turn off the computers and send people out to operate the pipelines manually.

Could it be that this is just another Oil Company fiasco because their profits are low and they want them up sooner than later.

It's summertime people, and we know what happens in the summer. Don't we? Someone finds all sorts of reason to slow oil flow to the gas stations; like unexpected shutdowns due to oil refinery maintenance, and refinery fires that only seem to happen in the peak driving months.

But this year is different because there are not hordes of people out on the highways and burning gas while on vacation.

Could it be that someone has devised a new con that they can point at Russian hackers as the problem.

Oh wait, Russia produces lots of oil too.

Could it be that they are all in cahoots and this is just a coordinated boost for more income? After all, the ones paying for this hack will be the drivers.


JE Falcon


Submitted: May 14, 2021

© Copyright 2021 JE Falcon aka JEF. All rights reserved.

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Serge Wlodarski

Right now, millions of IT employees are working from home. If someone hacks one of their PCs, they are in. I doubt very many businesses are as locked down as you suggest.

Sat, May 15th, 2021 11:10am


Thanks for the comment, Serge. But what I'm saying is that the oil pipeline companies don't seem to care, and even may have welcomed this hack in the first place. It seems silly that they might do such a thing, but the FBI told all the pipeline companies, months ago, that this was coming if they didn't upgrade their systems. They didn't and they wouldn't let the FBI show them what needed to be done. Why? My guess is, Higher gas prices at the pump for the consumer, which spells more income for them.
I worked in the oil company service industry for years and some of the tales that are told are down right scary.

Sat, May 15th, 2021 3:52pm

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