The Roughest of Drafts

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Love, loss, betrayal, assault, healing. A book for the inner nut case inside of us all. The Roughest of Drafts focuses on those moments in one's life that (eventually) help shape us into a better version of ourselves.

Table of Contents


  Conviction i can force sunshine and warmth  down my throat fill my veins with  ignorance, doubt ... Read Chapter


  DestroyCreate The mind is a funny thing. It creates worlds between seconds,  destroys universes in a single b... Read Chapter

Green Rain

Idk what was happening with the formatting as I was re-editing this so let me know if it looks crazy or not please
Read Chapter


  Lilac (JC) Out of the shell you coaxed me, introducing me to the world beyond. Chaos flowed from those cur... Read Chapter


   Rue (JW) You were prom pictures  on my front lawn, and coffee dates on my lunch breaks. Arguments o... Read Chapter


  Enamored That small heap of my heart I left with you, I’m sorry to say it’s falling apart. Though to you I... Read Chapter


  Storage If I had to choose my favorite moment with you it’d be the day you kissed away my blues my walled of... Read Chapter


  Pansy (DR) Whether I admit  it or not, traces of you lie pressed between these pages. Though our time ... Read Chapter

Take It

  Take It This isn’t enough, words on paper. Take my heart, press it between the pages.  Perhaps it... Read Chapter

Still Life

  Still Life I used to stare at your  Photos for hours. Loving your smile. Never noticing it was Slowly... Read Chapter

Round & Round

  Round & Round Round and round memory merry go round you go Endless loop de loop of kisses and doors slammed, plagued b... Read Chapter

Death of the Ego

  Death of the Ego In out in out  Labored matched breathing  Drunk off your scent Moment of Id driven ... Read Chapter

D over P

  All I can think about  is how my skin  smells like You  instead of him,  and  I&n... Read Chapter


  I have to believe  that you know magic.  Because you leave me cracked, used, bruised. And yet I stil... Read Chapter

Cheesy Soul

  Cheesy Soul  Do I deserve love? Constantly chewed up, spit out.  I did this to me,  there is no... Read Chapter

Kingdom Animalia

  Kingdom Animalia  You each took a piece of me, made me Queen of nothing. This Kingdom Animalia, full of r... Read Chapter

Slow Swallow

  Slow Swallow    Slowly the holes been growing    After all this time    ... Read Chapter

Another Drink

  Another Drink  Another drink, the world tilts sideways Another blink, my stomach does a backflip  I can’t te... Read Chapter

Under A Rock

  Back where I said I’d never go The dust hasn’t  even settled I knew I’d teeter-totter  ... Read Chapter

Le Voices

  The voices in my head scream For hours on end always on top of one another  Yet I crave their comp... Read Chapter

Hold It All In

  Odd. I could have sworn the chasm  wasn’t that big. I’d emptied the floodgates. Yet there’s water e... Read Chapter

Which Came First

  Which Came First I’ll watch it all fall  Since I never learned to juggle. My, these eggs seem fragile, ... Read Chapter


  Meanie Am I such a horrible person?  That I affect those around me.  Everything I touch darkens, worsens... Read Chapter

Dream A Dream Of Pain

  Dream A Dream Of Pain   Numb fingers play with fire,  Warning bells long drowned.  Charred... Read Chapter

A Writer’s Crossroad

  The pages before me encourage  new changes and hope The pages behind me reek of self-pity and romance Tha... Read Chapter

Mindful Edge

  My heart, in agony throws itself off cliffs. My mind, somewhat rational hands over  the parac... Read Chapter

Deep Inside

  There’s a piece of  my soul that doesn’t realize  You’ve gone. It sits patiently  for... Read Chapter


  Room Never again shall I Be within your four walls Staring up at your peeling ceiling Wondering where my life ... Read Chapter

One Day

  One Day One day your ghost won’t haunt me. I’ll neatly place our memories in a box,  letting Time’s tid... Read Chapter


  For once I’m glad for the 1,112 miles between us. Moving on from you was no painless feat. But every mile helps. ... Read Chapter

Ghost Of You

  I saw you in someone else today.  Memories flashed like broken bulbs behind my eyes. I saw you in someone els... Read Chapter


   Orchid When I thought about writing a part two for you I realized there was no point. Most of this s... Read Chapter


  Tansy Our romance was like a maelstrom, waves of “I love yous” crashing into piles of broken vases, re... Read Chapter


  Hemlock I got over you.  There are more important things in life than thinking about someone who was ... Read Chapter

Nightmares & Dreams

  Nightmares & Dreams I wanted someone sturdy,  then the world gave me you. Mind your dreams for sometimes ... Read Chapter

Faithful Flinch

those days when every blue honda crv drained me of every emotion but fear and years of dreading seeing that old red pickup round the co... Read Chapter

Between Blinks

Between Blinks I came face to face with my past last night. I’d forgotten how unforgiving and mighty his grip was. ... Read Chapter

BC’s Once PV

BC’s Once PV Did you drop something? Nothing was dropped. I had stared at that vase for a while. Felt the weight of it ... Read Chapter

Scar Tissue

From opposites I swing. From fear of repeating all my past mistakes, I end up making that many more. Though they hurt ... Read Chapter

Stacked & Racked

I really debated on posting this one
Read Chapter

She’ll be Good

She’ll be Good I hope her eyes dazzle you, that she’ll take your breath away. Maybe she’ll say things that make you... Read Chapter

Atropa Belladonna

Atropa Belladonna We were a blur of too many song notes overlapping, playing against one another.  Time wasted tryin... Read Chapter

Me & You

Me & You Though most of these pages are of you  three, there are sadly more who were once in my heart’s queue. &nb... Read Chapter


S8: Wanted I want to take someone’s breath away and have them do a double take. I want stolen glances over coffee at a cafe... Read Chapter

Painful Pleasure

Painful Pleasure Nothing brings me more pleasure than the pain of waiting for you For I know that patience shall make you... Read Chapter

Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer How deeply I love one who does not exist. As sturdy and there you may seem, you slip through fingers like mist. ... Read Chapter


Patience Right now I just want a hug from you You, whom I’ve never met Yet I’m desperate for your warm arms t... Read Chapter

A Hypothetical Apology

A hypothetical apology I’m already sorry we’ve not met yet but already I’ve placed much on your strong sturdy shoul... Read Chapter

Tainted Preacher

Tainted Preacher   I preach hypocrisy  of moving on I’ll swear up and down they mean nothing  to... Read Chapter

3 Pigs

Decided to write in a different format for chapter 50
Read Chapter


Editing After a bit of self-reflection and staring at spelling errors I “fixed” my past section by section Layers of ... Read Chapter

Light & Sweet

Light & Sweet In those moments where my life seems the happiest these journals pages are left neglected. It’s harde... Read Chapter

From Nothing, More

From Nothing, More I crave to create. To mold life where there was none. From the ashes rise. A new life begun,  ... Read Chapter

Quiet Healing

Though I feel I have nothing to write about, in reality I’m simply healing.   ... Read Chapter


In moments of darkness the Muses wrap their arms around me and whisper thoughts of tomorrow ... Read Chapter


I’ve raked my nails across the inside of my skull I call that layer of gunk poetry ... Read Chapter

Honey Ears

There’s sweet music playing on these winds. Blowing honey hot breathe across war ravaged lands. Singing songs of hope ... Read Chapter

Oil Smiles

This everyday chaos broken up with classic rock roads oily cheese cheerio smiles and scream tornados is a happiness&n... Read Chapter

Stolen Joy

This joy that oozes out from my poems Is intoxicating. It builds up in my muscles and gushes from my tongue.  This n... Read Chapter

Ah, Daddy Issues

Tucked away inside a box resides a photo of the two of us. It’s of happier times that I don’t remember. All I hav... Read Chapter

Just A Few Reasons Why

Just A Few Reasons Why I’ve been told many times to forgive you, simply because you’re my “dad”. Only, there are ... Read Chapter

Army of Men

An army of unknowing men raised me from hand to knowing hand I passed Each one shaped me as I reached a new life’s ston... Read Chapter

The Games We Play

The Games We Play When I was younger we went on a family vacation. I made up a game to see how many words I’d say to you the enti... Read Chapter

Our First Step

Our First Step Ah, our first rejection.  Fret not, for one day these pages shall be dog eared.  Our sp... Read Chapter

Insider Days

Insider Days Too many flaming facial expressions  and stolen coffee cup glances cushioned by halo hair and sun st... Read Chapter

Watchful Eyes

This is a happiness I never thought I’d reach There’s children playing in the background on a cool sunny sweater day ... Read Chapter

The Poets

Let the poets sing. Let the poets scream. Let them wrap their letter heavy arms  around the world and try to hold us all... Read Chapter

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