Wake up

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Flash Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Short scary story. It's supposed to give off the vibe of a nightmare- confusing and scary.

I hear my alarm go off, and somewhere in my sleepy subconscious I drag myself awake. The clock reads 6:00 am when I turn the alarm off. I go to get dressed, but I hear voices down the hall.

Mom and dad must be awake then- odd, they usually don’t get up until 6:15. I opt to go see them first. In the hallway I’m struck with dizziness, as if the walls were enormous trees that were about to fall on me. It was odd, because these walls were barely two feet above my head. 

From inside Shiah's room I hear shuffling- she must be awake too. I mindlessly wonder if she even slept at all and I go to knock on the door. As soon as the kock rings out all sounds suddenly stop. An unnatural, eerie silence covers the hall. I shutter, and reconsider walking in.

I call her name out, and creak the door open slightly. It’s dark, and the bed is empty. I step inside, and feel the temperature drop significantly. As I walk further in the door slams behind me. I turn toward it, startled. My gaze quickly runs to the desk next to it- it’s layered in dust, as if nobody had been in the room in a long time. 

I back farther into the room, silently questioning myself about where she could have gone. I freeze as I feel the all too familiar feeling of a malicious stare on the back of my head. I turn slowly, and out the window above her bed I see it.

It could only be described as a creature- no distinguishable features, no color, nothing; It was a living shadow with eyes. I could feel what it wanted, and it wasn’t something nice. I turned and ran out the door, suddenly in a hurry to see my parents waiting for me in the living room.

As I dashed down the hall and into the outer living room I felt each step bring a wave of dizziness. Suddenly I was not running but on the floor, my surroundings spinning and twisting. My eyes were forced closed by an intense migraine and-

I hear my alarm go off, and somewhere in my sleepy subconscious I drag myself awake. The clock reads 3:00 am when I turn the alarm off. I shake the fear out of my system- it was only a bad dream. I contemplate getting dressed, but talking in the living room stops me.

It sounds like a hushed argument. I decide to go see if everything is alright- 3 is pretty early for an argument, so it must be serious. When I walk into the hallway both Shiah and Nova’s doors are open- odd, since they both sleep with them closed.

A quick peek in both shows no signs of life, and I take note of the fact that all the lights are off, even in the hallway. I go to flip the switch on, but the bulb only flickers. “Is it broken?” I wonder aloud. The bathroom door, which was previously shut, creaked as it opened slightly.

I pushed it open more, to find that it wasn’t a bathroom at all but rather a closet. It was too tall- isn’t this house only a little taller than me? Why is the ceiling so far up I can’t see it? A sudden draft has me grabbing my own arms, just as in my dream.

I quickly decide that I want nothing to do with this eerie room, and go to leave. I feel something on my arm, and see a black, thick liquid dripping from above. It was warm, and it slowly encompassed my whole arm. I tug away from it, towards the door- I don’t remember walking so far in the closet- as the liquid fills from the bottom. It dreanches first my ankles, then my knees, then it’s almost to my waist.

It’s not warm anymore but rather burning hot. I can feel it constricting as if it were alive, and I am suddenly panicking to get out. Why is the door so far away? Why does it get further with every step? I cannot breathe as the liquid constricts around my torso and then I am screaming for help.

Bad idea- it’s in my lungs now. I thrash around but I can barely move, it is so thick, I feel like I’m drowning in molasses. It gets hotter with every second, and if I could still breathe I am sure I would smell burnt flesh. It keep constricting more and more and burning hotter and hotter until-

I hear my alarm go off, and somewhere in my sleepy subconscious I drag myself awake. The clock reads 2:00 am when I turn the alarm off. I am shocked out of my tired state by a huge crash down the hall. 

Nightmares forgotten, I jump out of bed- there are sounds of loud arguing, and things being thrown. There are more than two voices, none are distinct enough for me to count them. My door is closed- someone must have closed it sinceI keep it open for Lillie, and there was no way I forgot to open it before I slept. 

I open it, and there is no light in the hallway. Nova and Shiah's doors are closed, as is the bathroom door. I hear shuffling from every room I pass, but I pay them no mind due to the anxiety of a fight happening in the living room.

The shouting grows louder with every step, and so does the crashing and banging. Louder and louder still, until it is so loud I can no longer tell whether it is coming from the living room or my own head. Voices and noises alike blend into a deafening cacophony. My head hurts and my eyes swim. 

I step into the outside living room and they grow somehow even louder, until I am on my knees. My hands are clenched over my ears and I know nothing but pain. I soon realize that my voice has been added to the mix- a senseless scream of pain tearing itself from my throat until I am so hearse I can’t scream anymore.

Suddenly it stops. Once again there is an unnatural silence, as if the wind doesn’t dare blow. I pick myself up, shaken and weak, and walk to the kitchen. There is no one there.

I walk further in, and see how unnaturally clean everything is. Almost like nobody lives here. It is empty and barren aside from something shining on the living room floor. I walk over, reach down, and pick it up.

A silver picture frame reflects the light- what light? It’s two am and we have no electricity. The thought is lost on me when I see the picture inside. There are five people there- a man with his arm around a woman, three children in front of them.

This is my family- though I do not remember taking this picture. I look around once more to see if anybody else is here, and when I look back down I can see none of their faces. They have become just blurs of indistinguishable color, and try as I might I cannot picture them in my head.

I hear my alarm go off, and somewhere in my sleepy subconscious I drag myself awake. I am not in my bed. I don’t know where I am. I do not move from my spot on the floor.

The alarm continues to ring out. It has no origin.


Submitted: May 15, 2021

© Copyright 2021 JaybeeConfusion. All rights reserved.

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