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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

The sky was clear, the sun shining, and a scent of sea salt floating in the air. The perfect day to sail. Jaxx hopped out of his small makeshift bungalow wearing red-coat, linen shirt and brown trousers and set off for adventure. He ran down the streets of Litore’: Litore’ was a beautiful tropic Island with beaches and Oceans. Jaxx was heading to the docks to go his Ship and she was his absolute world. The world could be on fire and still his number one priority would still be his ship. It was a big ship: though it was only him on it. Once he got up on Evangline he went to his office area and opened a hidden space under his desk to find a collection of treasure maps. He thought today would be a good type of day to try to find Elwood the rouges treasure. Elwood was famous for not only being a pirate but also being extremely strong and was able to protect his treasure by himself. He was a legend among pirates! And Jaxx wanted to be the next Legend so he thought that if he could find and retrieve his treasure, he would be famous. And that’s exactly what he wanted. He went to the port quarter side of Evangline to rise his anchor, he manually cranks the anchor from the seafloor to the ships side to set off into the ocean.
“Phew! That will NEVER be easy. Well, I should get going just in case if someone else beats me to it!”
“Um, excuse me young sir?” there was an older gentleman on the dock in front of Jaxx’s Ship.
“Could I ride Apon your Ship?”
“I'm sorry but no.” Jaxx went back to what he was doing: raising the sail, Collecting food for sea scurvy, Etc.
But what Jaxx didn’t see was the older gentleman whispering into a walkie talkie to someone............... Everything was ready to set off. But went he turned back to face the gentleman he had disappeared. He thought of it was strange but just shrugged it off and headed to sea. Jaxx would often be by himself at sea, so he would haft to do things by himself, but he did not mind. He liked being by himself since he was the best pirate. it was smooth sailing at first until he noticed that he was not the only ship on the sea that day....... through his peripheral vision he noticed 2 other ships behind him. They had the upper hand since they both had a crew of people and Jaxx was by himself, so he knew that he was in for terrible time since he had encounters with those other pirates before and they are NOT friendly.
“CRAP! Don’t tell me they're also trying to find Elwood's treasure too! He was disappointed but was not going down without a fight since that is just how he was. The 2 other ships quickly caught up to him since there ships where bigger and both had crew’s while Jaxx did not. When the other ships came closer, he could notice who was the captains.
“Just my luck. Its Cole Morden and Rosetta Hartford.” other young pirates around Jaxx’s age but they weren't friends quite the opposite. Cole and Rosetta always made it their duty to always 1 up him.
“Wow! Its Jaxx’s! The Nobody pirate." Rosetta Mocked him, Cole laughed at him. That was all he was good for.
“Shut up. I have things to do that don’t included being around you idiots.”
“Aw! Little baby is mad.” This really started to tick off Jaxx's he was silentlyfuming on the inside. Something he couldn’t contain. 
“What are you guys doing here?”
“Me and Cole are here to “Accompany” you on your trip. A little birdy told us you would be here.” Jaxx knew what Rosetta meant. That old man was a fake just to get Jaxx’s location. This made him even Angier, so he decided to go faster to leave them behind, but they noticed and started to catch up with him.
“Why in such a rush? Then Jaxx suddenly noticed Cole whispering something to Rosetta and Rosetta nodded
“CREW! Get him....”
Just then about 3 people from each ship jumped from each ship to Jaxx’s ship. Each of them had a cutlet so he was knowing he would be overpowered but accepted the challenge any way, but he would haft too quickly and skillfully. 
“AHHHHHH!” a crew member changed at him, but Jaxx’s swiftly dodged and while that crew member was behind him Jaxx’s kicked him in the back pushing him off the boat.
‘Come at me!’ he grabbed his cutlass and was ready. 2 more of them came toward him one went from behind and held his weapon to Jaxx’s neck to pull Jaxx backwards. But Jaxx’s quickly used his own Cutlass and used it in between him and the crew’s sword to push it away. But the force from the push made the other crew members fall back into the sea as well, things were looking good for Jaxx with other crew mates getting nervous. He shook out his brown shaggy hair.
“THIS THAT ALL YOU GUYS GOT?!” his cockiness was showing through lie always which fueled more of Cole and Rosetta’s Fury......
“HMPH! ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING TO HIM!” Rosetta was getting fed up at this point. The remaining crewmates just looked at each other and shrugged.
“Ok then Rose.”
“DONT CALL ME ROSE! ITS CAPTAIN ROSETTA!” it was awkward now between Jaxx and the crew but what could he do? So, they continued to fight. These 3 where stronger and smarter than the other ones and so they decided to gang up on him!
“KARA! ZANE! Eagle wing!’ Before Jaxx could understand what ‘Eagle wing” Meant 2 crewmates probably “Kara” and “Zane” ran each with a sword in their hand trying to get a cut the sides of Jaxx’s torso simultaneously. he was at once caught off guard by this.
“AH!” he was too busy trying to dodge the first attack and by doing soon he didn’t see “Zane” behind him and ended up cutting his side deeply but not too much so that it could be fatal.
“SHOOT! SHOOT! SHOOT! SHOOT! I need to get this over as soon as possible!” he started to panic and covered his cut with dominant hand. His defenses where now lowered. Things started to get hazy and blurry.
“Is this from blood loss?” 
“HA! Giving up already Jaxx?”
“N-no... I'm not” he couldn’t stop, he can't stop. Things started to get harder for him. Could he keep this up forever? Probably Not but he just needed to get rid of them first then get help but things where just getting harder to defend himself with only Rosetta and Cole left, he could pull through and finish this! Oh, so he through before the 2 pushed him overboard with no way of getting back up... he was sinking fast yet it felt like years to him with the suns light getting dimmer by the minute, fish where circling above him to mock his defeat when a larger fish swam near the surface. It was much bigger than the others and he could not tell what it was but what did it matter he was going to die. Was he sinking because his ego? Was this all truly just his fault again? Everything started to fade to black with him taking his final breath then.... nothing
“COUGH! COUGH! Oh, geez I thought I was- wait where am I? “Jaxx was somehow alive after all that chaos but now he was somewhere new. He was in a bedroom on well, a bed. He tried getting up but the same sharp pain that he felt when he got when he got hurt was back, but this time was slightly better.
“AH!” he noticed that under his shirt his torso was bandaged up along with his leg. 
“I should see where I am then get back to business.” he carefully got up and wandered around for a bit in a hallway until he stumbled onto a room with a girl sitting at a table inside drinking tea.
“Oh, your finally awake! I was starting to get worried.” she had distinctive mint green hair and a top hat on. She looked like a performer.
“Thanks? I'll be right back.” he was definitely confused. It didn’t seem like he was in Litore’ anymore But at least he was safe. 
“Hey, do you mind if I freshen up really quick?”
“No, it's fine!” with her approval he opened a few doors trying to find the bathroom, but by doing so he found a creepy room with handmade puppets inside. Somewhere more on the cuter side while other Jaxx would classify as “creepy,” so he quickly shut the door as soon as he opened it. But luckily, he found the bathroom. It was cute, modest bathroom nothing special.
“I'll just wash my face and leave.” he opened a cabinet, grabbed a spare washcloth, turned on the tap, and wetted the washcloth then sed it to wash his face, but something was wrong? Once he removed the towel from his face it wasn’t his reflection staring back at him. It was fishy sea monster looking back in his likeness.
‘WHAT THE HECK!?” he may yelled a bit too loud.
“Hey, are you ok!?’ she seemed as startled as Jaxx himself, so he decided to try something dumb and rational which was supposably to use a dry towel and try drying his face off which worked! He was him again but what he saw in the mirror was that just a hallucination? He didn’t want to check he just wanted to get out of there. He opened the bathroom door, 'she was there.
“Are you ok?”
‘Yeah, I just thought I saw something odd. "He still wasn’t sure what he saw.
“Oh well I guess that’s good. Would you like anything? Tea? Water?
“I'm good but thanks for offering.”
“Are you sure? Well ok then”
“Also, where am I? It doesn’t seem like Litore’?”
“This isn't Litore’ this is Navius.”
“Litore’ and Navius could days, weeks even away from each other so how could he have traveled so fast.
“Sigh well thank you for the hospitality, but I must go.”
“You're welcome! I hope you enjoy Navius.” The Jaxx left Navius compared to Litore’ was more for villages and towns while Litore was more for Vacations. He started to walk around the beach's perimeter.
I wonder where my Ship is?” then he notices a nearby Harbor, and he sees his boat there. 
“A HA!” he started to run towards the harbor there was other boats and ships there too with a group of people reeling in the ships into the harbor.
“But why are there so many ships in the harbor? Shouldn’t they be on the sea?” Now he wanted answers along with his ship. The harbor had a smaller shack for people to leave their boats there then collect them.
“Excuse but I just saw my boat getting pulled into this harbor. How can I get it back?” a middle-aged man looked up from his desk.
“You can't.” he said it nonchalantly like he didn’t care.
“What do you mean I can't?”
“You can't, we can't let anyone in or out of here because of the Hyleft Population growing around this area and we can't afford for anyone to get hurt. Sorry dude”
“But what are? -” he was waved away and wasn’t able to finish his question and angered him a bit
“Why couldn’t he just let me finish my sentence?” he started to kick at the gravel on the road while he starts to contemplate what to-do. He needed to leave but he couldn't. when he locked back at the boats, he could see people getting on them removing somethings but when it came to Jaxx’s boat they couldn’t get the door open when he Rember locked it. Now he just needed to find the key, wherever it was. He dug in his pants pockets first Nothing.
“Sigh" he checked his coat pockets. Bingo! He double checked the shops sign:
“9:00am-8:00pm” he couldn’t tell the time, but it was seemed to be later in the day, Sunset, so probably around 6:00-7:00 pm and started to form a plan.
“Once the shop closes, he could sneak onto his ship use his key to l unlock the captain's room and drive off? This could work.”
“Hehe...” he felt maniacal. He was getting away with something which could technically be a crime, so he had better pull this off or else. But what to do now? He had between 1-2 hours, and he had nothing else to finish but Navius did seems quite interesting to explore. Vibrant, expressive, mysterious so why not? There was Mutiple kids playing with each other on the streets or. adults talking with each other but no one quite his age other than the girl that he saw earlier who looked to be around the same age, but he could be wrong, so he shrugged it off and continued exploring. There were some more houses and some restaurants mostly family-owned ones, and their food looked rather good. Then he stumbled upon what looked to be a farmers' market. And he saw the girl with the mint green hair again! Now would be a good time to talk to her.
“Hey! I hope I'm not bothering you.” she was looking at some fruits and then noticed Jaxx.”
“Oh, it you again! Is there something you wanted to ask me?
“If that’s ok with you that is.” 
“Yeah! So, what did you have a question about?
“So, what exactly are “Hylefts”?
“OH. Well, I don’t really like Hylefts. There basically these cannibalistic sea creatures. Like sharks but more humanoid.” that explains it if there's Cannibalistic creatures multiplying that wouldn’t really be safe for swimming in.
“Hm. Also I didn’t catch your name earlier?”
“My name is Calliope De Loone profession puppeteer! You?
“Jaxx. Jaxx Balaen”
“Well then I hope I see you again soon.” then she ran down the street. And Jaxx explored some more but there wasn’t much else. He was Kinda bummed out by this, but he wasn’t going to be here soon, so he didn’t care. By the time he got back to beach it was night Perfect! He waited just a bit more just in case to make sure there was no one else there. Then he started his plan by first making his way to the harbor by quietly walking along the beach so no one would spot him when all the sudden
He had tripped on a shell but nothing bad though but the wound on his leg did hurt more than then the rest of his body.
“Alright let's not do that again but- WAIT! DANG IT!” the key must have fallen into the water when he fell, and he would need to go into the water to retrieve it. The key had sunk to a deeper part of the water, so it was about up to his waist. Then he can see the shine of the copper key in the sand in the water but once he went to bend over to grab it things started to getweird? His leg wound stared to glow a neon blue. And his hand and arm along with it started to transform back into that sea monster like creature from earlier...in the mirror and what Caliope said earlier:
“OH. Well, I don’t really like Hylefts. There basically these cannibalistic sea creatures. Like sharks but more humanoid.”
“Crap.” SCREW IT JUST GET ON THE FRIGGING BOAT AND LEAVE! He tried rushing out of the water but saw some people approaching.
“NOW WHAT DO I DO?!” the nearest thing to him was his own ship so he hid behind it submerging himself fully in water hearing some muffled voices above him and he couldn’t tell what they were saying but Jaxx wasn’t focusing on that. He was focusing on his life.
“....I saw......creature......look like...........hyleft...yeah, yeah.” the person was nearing where Jaxx was hiding and Jaxx was trying to stay as quiet as he could, but he didn’t know how long he could keep it up.
“Yeah, no false alarm.” then he left luckily. He was finally in the clear he lifted himself out of the water and onto the dock to get on his boat. He was wet, scaly, and still couldn’t wrap his head around what was happening. He had grabbed the key from his pocket and quickly opened the captain's room and looked at himself in the mirror and he looked like a completely different person. Hes blue eyes where now yellow, his messy brown hair turned into a dark almost black and wet, his teeth were sharpened like an anglerfish. And his body was covered and scales.
“OH GOD WHAT HAPPEND?!” he was frozen in his own thoughts but had to continue trying to leave. All he had to do now was lift the anchor. He had to hand crank it again which was going to be hard, but he had to do it. He started too rapidly crank the anchor upwards. Starting to take most of his strength but he kept going in the dark of night and he start to hear some noises, but he just kept cranking.
“AHHHHHH!” he whipped his head around and he saw Caliope staring back at him screaming! And they made eye contact and to save his own skin [or scales if you’re getting technical] he went over to her pushed her into the water and covered her mouth. And it seemed like nothing happened because no one was there.
“Well, uh-”
“STAY AWAY!” she ran away.
“Did she recognize me?” he didn’t know what to do and he already had gone through enough trouble for this today that he just decided to finish it tomorrow since he was tired and needed to rest. So, he just laid himself on the beaches sand and fell asleep and hoped the next day would be better.
“hm?”he woke up a bit drowsy but determined to leave again and learn more about what happened last night. Though he first went to grab an apple to eat since he was very Hungry which was cheap so Jaxx could afford it. but once he took a bite out of it you could tell the bite marks weren't human and instead where jagged and sharp. So, it was real after all but at least now knowing this he wants to learn more about what’s happening. He went back to the beach to check something for an experiment.
“What if I? -” he slipped one of his hands into the water and once it touched the water it changed to a webbed scaley addition. 
“WOAH!” it felt weird like a piece of amor attached to your skin. He started to mess with it throwing air-punches.
“Hello! I keep seeing you everywhere.” he was distracted, and dint see her so for her abruptly come up to him that was something he didn’t see coming.
“Ah! I didn’t see you there” he hid his hand behind his back.
“Are you hiding something?”
“Um...well-” he was about to tell Calliope what happened when.
“AHAHA! LOOK WE CAUGHT ANOTHER!” it was a group of fishermen pointing at a net of Hylefts that they caught.
“Pass me that spear son.”
“What does he need a spear for?” the one bragging about the net grabbed a spear from his son and... stabbed them in the chest with the spear.
“Oh god. Are they allowed to do that?”
“Yeah, if they catch them, they can kill them.” this was the 1. reason that Jaxx needs to figure this out and to get the heck out of there. He quickly got up. 
“I can't die!” but just as he thought things couldn’t get worse it did. He could see Cole and Rosetta off the coast approaching.
“Are you ok?” now he would need to take care of Rosetta and Cole then make a speedy getaway.
“I need to go!” he left the beach as quickly as he could so he could prepare. Buying a Cutlass like his old one but much stronger and put it in his sheath. And waited again.
It was sunset but the people who worked at the harbor had stepped out ad this was the time for Jaxx to get oh his boat and go back home. He just needed to fish the anchor which was about half-way done.
“COME ON! COME ON! COME ON!’ he was taking all of strength but finally was done. And quickly got back on his boat.
“Finally done with this nightmare!”
“ROSETTA, I FOUND HIM!” it couldn’t have been, but it was again. Cole Morden and Rosetta Hartford, the ones who caused this.
“Oh Jaxx! ~ are you ready to lose again?
“This time im not going to!” he crabbed the handle of his new Cutlass and was laser focused on Rosetta and Cole.
“Let's go Rose.”
“DONT CALL ME ROSE!” he had the first swing, but Jaxx dodged it. The fight was going on like cat and mouse. But then it started to rain.
“Youve always tried to 1up me Jaxx. You caused this!’ as the rain started to fall it started to show that scales on Jaxx slowly but surely. And Rosetta and bystanders started to notice this.
“Crap!” he didn’t know what to do! So, he ended up just pushing Rosetta off the boat like she did to him. And Cole being a wimp just speed off.
“Does that count as a win? I think it should.” he looked ahead to the ocean to continue on his journey.
“BULLSEYE!” That same fisherman who killed that hylefts with the spear had just used his harpoon on Jaxx and it hit him. 
“WHAT THE HECK WHERE YOU THINKING? HE MIGHT BE DEAD!” well at least he would die on his boat? That was a win. But this only caused for Jaxx to fall in the water Aswell. And that was it....
But then somehow, he was able to swim back up. Turns out that Hyleft scales have extra protection and even though he was still injured it wasn’t fatal. After getting healed he went off on his own adventures! But would often go back to Navius talk to Calliope. And no one quite knows what happened to Cole and Rosetta.

Submitted: May 15, 2021

© Copyright 2021 spookity the ghost. All rights reserved.

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