elli chambers

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fairytale reality

Elli Chambers


Lonely, a relationship solely based on a single heart without a second. It’s funny, I used to dream about marriage: what it would be like to be clothed with another and to share in her dreams. Looking at the reflection of two, instead of a tearful one. A tale of one soul’s journey to the path of complete. 


I used to gaze upon my mum and dad’s relationship in awe of how compatible they actually are. Wishing I could taste in the fruits of my own experience one day, taking my own stance with my own personal road to love. Her name was Elli. She had the most beautiful heart, staring into her eyes was like looking into my mum and dad’s two souls becoming one. In other words something I never thought I would see for myself.


We grew up together, she went to the same school as me. It’s funny because when they would pick on me she would always be there with a smile and this one time she saw they took my lunch and gave me half of her chocolate bar. I cried. Not because I was sad, but because in that moment, I felt how my dad must have felt when he met mummy. I guess this really was love. I know they kept telling me that I had no idea what love was, but something inside me felt different. Someone once said: when you wake up in the morning and the first thing you think about is becoming a writer, till the moment you sleep; that is when you know that you’re a writer. On the perspective of this story, same principle. From the moment I woke until the moment I slept all I could think about was her smile.


A lot of people used to say that fairy tales didn’t exist and romance wasn’t the same as in movies. This used to dishearten me. Until one night my father told me a story about a man who chased his bride and finally received her with open arms. The story went like this:


There was a man alone in a place that was void of any life at all, he felt so lonely that he couldn’t bare it. He decided to create an image in his head of how beautiful and pure his bride would be. When they first met he walked amongst her in a garden so peaceful and tranquil besides still waters. He was besotted by her and even felt close to her like tiny pieces of fruit attached to a tree held up by the strength of his branches. However, she broke his heart, and it deeply grieved him the day he made her. This didn’t deter him from winning her back. A few years later he found her again and this time was willing to even part the seas to keep hold of her, but yet again she wasn’t willing to accept the love that he was willing to give and rejecting the stone of his promise. This broke him, because he was not willing to let her go. Finally he decided to join her and lay down his life so that she would see the level of love he was willing give for her. By this time she was damaged, but he repaired her heart and the two became one.


My dad said: Son never give up on love, because unless you are willing to lay down your life for it, is it really love?


Me and Elli went are own way for a season. We left school, different colleges and universities, but when something is real and you remember all the little things like that chocolate bar, the flame can be rekindled. To marry is not to just accept a proposal, to marry is to ask why and would I die for her? That’s marriage. Two connected souls entwined as one. Sharing in one house and immersing in the dreams you may never have had before you met her. That was my journey. I watched as she gave, I watched as she walked away, but I never lost the thought of how special she was to me. This is when I began to realise that the foundation of marriage was built on experience and nothing else.


Watching how my heart melted to hers, felt like that chocolate as if it melted and gently streamed through my fingertips. As if I wiped the sweetness of it against my emotions, and bathed in the feeling of peace it gave me. They say when you meet the one, the way your heart skips is difficult to put into words. I say when your foundation is there, you already see the finish. The finish line that unifies both bodies, and makes them one. As if we both were the same soul. Like the sun giving light to the moon in her darkness and the moon reflecting her sun. Both crowned with the stars. 


Am I going too far? Does this sound unrealistic? It’ll never happen right? Well how do you explain the thought? How do you explain the writer’s journey? And why was love even written like this in the first place? A love so intense it could shatter the very glass it is reflected in. A portrait of one with four eyes but one voice. Why do we marvel at this and reject the very fabric it was woven in. I fell in love with Elli not because of attraction on the outside, but because of the attraction to her character. From that girl that used to smile down the school halls to the women so elegant and gracefully understanding, who never lost that smile. Can you picture that? Picture a heartbeat that began a thought, and opened the eyes of my empty space. Real love.


Not no convenience, not no mutual agreement, but love at first sight. Love doesn’t have to be based on the statistics of how many couples stay together, or the way a person looks. Love is based on what that person means to me. Marriages fail because they are based on vanity and numbers. A marriage is not something you study, it isn’t based on limitations either. It is based on the limits you will go to find it. How much you want your bride, and how much she wants you.

Written by Brother James

Submitted: May 15, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Brother James. All rights reserved.

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Criss Sole

Very touching. Love is not easily explained, but it does feel magical.
Beautiful story.

Tue, May 18th, 2021 5:45am

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