Confidential files of the B.M.E: Mr.Mouthless

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

The file of an unnatural entity known as Mr.Mouthless. The [REDACTED} has made a series of top-secret files for the known [REDACTED] out there. But just how many are there?


Mr. Mouthless Kai Zenstill??  ??? °? ? • --??/ O.M.Ojust some of the many names he is known by.




Class = 8+ 


Age = 140 


T.L.T.S = 1 (unless provoked) 


Weapons/abilities = Mr.Mouthless wields a kukri knife forged out of material seemingly resembling obsidian. The knife itself is a rich black colour and its handles material is widely debated on but the most popular hypothesis is one that consists of bamboo and leather. 


As well as an outstanding skill of the blade Mr.Mouthless also possesses a wide assortment of unnatural abilities. The most terrifying and well-known of his powers is what we call “A silent domain”. This ability consists of Mr.Mouthless ripping off a target’s mouth at an unmeasurable speed and with extreme precision and then returning to his previous position, after the subject is no longer in a state of shock and has come to terms with what has happened (this can vary from 10 seconds to even 10 years) Mr.Mouthless will proceed to conjure up a portal under the recipient’s feet and about 5 seconds later the portal will close, what this portal leads to is unknown but we believe it is some kind of dimension of absolute silence and darkness where the target will eventually delve into insanity. 


Some other abilities are:

•Silence someone for up to 2 days

•Create a state of silence upon a 2-mile radius around him

•Anyone within 100 meters of him and not silent if he wills it can implode their vocal cords and then kill them instantly with an unseen power

•Cant hear his footsteps

•Every 5 hours he can put his finger up to his mouth in a shushing motion and anyone in existence he chooses will instantaneously die 

•Godly speed and precision 


Height = 6’2


Appearance = Wears the same clothes every day, A black fedora with a dark grey trench coat, black slacks, and what seems to be custom-made derby shoes (kind of resembles the detectives you see in the movies) from who? Who knows. 


Speech = Well he has no mouth


Aggression level = The only way to provoke Mr.Mouthless is to deeply offend him or attack him the only way we have offended him thus far is when one of the B.C.Os said “The thing that made those shoes for you must be an absolute idiot” this resulted in Mr.Mouthless silencing him than cutting the B.C.Os head off in a swift strike. How intriguing who is this thing that made those shoes. 



Sound cannon 3/10 (staggers but quickly silences}

Gunshot 3/10 (dodges half the time and if hit seems to just shrug it off)

Fellow B.M.E 7/10 (Damaged but Mr.Mouthless himself is quite potent)


Anything of note:

•Is not contained due to an agreement and T.L.T.S being 1

•Lashed out once causing a massacre and seemed to show sincere regret 

•When placing a crying B.C.I.Os baby in front of him we observed him for a while and our theory is that he will not attack a crying because he understands them???? We are not 100% sure further testing required 

•Doesnt attack other B.M.Es for no reason

•Mind seems to lose all sense of reasoning, wrong and right, and what he stands for when he lashes out (if you get caught in one of these remain silent or your a dead man walking)

• Mr.Mouthless is what the operator that bargained with the being named him 


The finding of Mr.Mouthless:

The day we came aware of Mr.Mouthless’ existence was 22/04/1997 the day of the massacre in South London was 23/04/1997 if only we had found him just 5 days earlier we would have gathered enough intel to make contact and reason with him about 3 days later, but no what’s done has been done and nothing can change that now. Due to Mr.Mouthless deeply regretting his actions (we interpreted this because of the obvious fact he has no mouth) he agreed to come with us for testing and evaluation where he showed little to no hostility except when provoked like said before, Later on, we would make an agreement for him to live freely under certain conditions (AGREEMENT TERMS ARE CLASSIFIED) and place him as a class 8+ B.M.E and a 1/100 T.L.T.S despite the incident at South London.


The massacre: 

0% Survival rate 

66 Dead

3 Affected by “The silent domain” (We put these 3 down for their own good) 

1 Witness 

0 Operators killed 

The accident took place dead on 18:00 where 66 people were having a ridiculously loud party in a crowded apartment complex it is believed the noise was too unbearable for Mr.Mouthless so he lashed out, and from the witness testimony we got, he killed 63 people in approximately 12 seconds and the last 3 had “The silent domain” cursed upon them. After that had occurred we waited about 2 days for him to calm down and from the extensive research we gathered we knew about his anger to very loud things, so we sent in an operator to casually walk up to him as quiet as he could and negotiate a deal in complete silence (using pen and paper). The operation was a success, the massacre was covered up and framed to be an attack on the party by a chemist who leaked Arsenic pentafluoride into the complex and finished off the survivors the chemist’s name was never disclosed for obvious reasons. 


Fluency = 0 (i mean like I said he has no mouth) 



T.L.T.S = Threat level to society 

B.C.O = Breached civilian outcast 

B.M.E = Breached Monster Enigma 



P.s If Requis is reading this remember to revise the ??? language 

X2 P.s I hope you don’t have any questions I guess you could ask though if you do 


Submitted: May 16, 2021

© Copyright 2021 MrWhoWhy. All rights reserved.

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