Something special about friendship PART - I

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

Here is a first part of the story. Please read and guess what would've happened next. Leave your thoughts in the comments.


Come along with me. We are at the beach now, feel the sand, waves, and the water. It is breezy here. See there, two friends are there on the beach, and they are meeting after a long time on the beach.

Though they were virtually connected, they didn’t meet in person for very long years.

Lolita, Kushi, and Riya are known for their friendship. They are the most favourite combo for all the staff in the school. They had a separate fan base during school time.

Kushi — Her name says she is the happiest all the time. She is known very well for her jovial nature, and she is very ambitious. She is very famous among the other gender during school. She is a warrior herself, as she lost her mom at her young age. Everyone craves her vibe that’s the kind of vibe she has.

Lolita — a beach person. Calm, composed, and brainy, a great follower of the “take-it-easy policy” which she learned from her friend Kushi. She won’t talk a lot, but she will register her point in the places she has to do. She always seeks a solution instead of thinking about the worst that happened. She carries a magic wand wherever she goes. She makes others feel lite, regardless of what they are going through in their life. Her kindness speaks for her.

Here, the problem creator is Kushi and the one who gives the solution is Lolita. And what about the third one, Riya? Haha, she is the most innocent, and she feels scared for the smallest of the smallest things. She is the girl with the most fragile heart. She is as light as a feather and anyone can break her heart easily. She wants to do many things, but she is not ready, and she is the most beautiful among all three.


Khushi and Riya both have some similar features, like curly hair, dimple cheeks, specs frame and their short haircut that sometimes they will keep on hearing questions like, are you both siblings? But they are not.

Though all three have very different characteristics, they are very best friends. The most common thing all the three have is they hate the same person: Who’s that person, the other girl in the class.

During their 10th grade, when Khushi’s dad got a job offer from France. He didn’t deny that one. He took his entire family with him. Kushi is the happiest after she heard the news, but it is very hard for all the three that Khushi is going to France.

A day came, Khushi went to France, she took her friends along with her in the form of memories. Every now and then she can feel them near to her by just thinking about Riya and Lolita.

Okay, now coming to the present.

Why only two friends are there on a beach—where is the third one?

What happened to the third friend?

Who came to the beach?

Are that Riya and Lolita because they both are in the same city only

Or is that Lolita and Khushi. Maybe Khushi came for a vacation, but why are they going to come without Riya

Or is that Riya and Kushi? Lolita, not coming to a beach is like when the moon fails, to come on a full moon day. Not at all possible.

Yeah, it is very obvious that the one among the two is Lolita, then who’s the second one?
Oh, it’s a boy standing with Lolita, not a girl. Who’s he?

You can see him, standing next to Lolita.

Okay, we will go a bit closer to them and listen. 

What they talk, I can hear you are asking me, isn’t it wrong to hear someone talking privately? If you want to know who’s that boy and what happened to the other friends, then please come along with me. We are invisible now that no one can see us.

As we got near them, I can slightly hear the name Riya—were they talking about Riya? Yes, they both are talking about Riya.

What happened to her?

They suddenly turn back and see some person in the distance.

To be continued in PART — II



Submitted: May 16, 2021

© Copyright 2021 abhii. All rights reserved.

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