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Ragged wall,
Old as the musk of life
Standing tall in solitary alone
Watching the rainbows fade
Watching the sun grow old and die
Ragged wall,
Tall as a prison wall
Tough as a devil's Gaul
Holding all that energy prisoner
Freedom isn't free if it comes with a price
Ragged wall,
Too tired to stand-tall
Too feeble to fall
Where do all the love and ignorance come from?
Youth is painful
Ragged wall,
With two dreaded strides
Waging fierce wars on both sides;
First comes the pride
Then comes the fall
How do you keep all that storm within?
Ragged wall,
These template face of mine
Wild eyes for summer
Frail smile for winter
This soul is made of chaos and magic
Youth is painful.

Submitted: May 16, 2021

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