Simple Lives

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This poem written,relates to the human lives,attitude and lifestyles in the to let people know that no one is prefect so,if you wanna fake your own life before people that don't even give a damn about you it won't last..know that we shall all be call to join our heavenly father.. let try to live a simple life without anything attach to it..




Every one in this world have their own burdens,

People in this world have different attitudes and life styles,

Also,they know what is right, and whats wrong,

But mostly do whats right no one is perfect..

No matter how you fake your life style,


Humble yourself before others,

we are just normal,

No best! No perfect!

Extraordinary beings every day,

This quote;"one mans food is another mans poison"

Is true You may like red but another being likes orange

Try to live life to the fullest,

Not factitious!!

Knowing fully well,

That one day we shall all

Join our father in the lord

Let's live a simple life,

Everyone are different in the own ways

Submitted: December 28, 2021

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