Devil's Angel

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

She was human...
Was she though?
Perhaps maybe something more, mystical.

Eleanor was a young adult who's life turned upside down after she shook hands with the devil.
One day you share ice-cream with your friends and then the other all of sudden your first meal is with the lord of the underground.


"Mom! Can you please tell me what is going on?!"

"Will anybody explain to me what's going on here...? "



She signed the paper and then a shocking, unimaginable flame arose from the bottom of the page, covering the whole thing in a burning hot glow before it all just disappeared into thin air, leaving nothing but a few specs of dust..

"Now, Eleanor or should I call you, Lilith, you, darling, belong to me."


He was staring directly into my eyes like he was digging through my soul and just smirked..

Table of Contents

Sold To The Devil

It contains adult content, death, blood, devils and angels,...
Read Chapter

Welcome to my house

  His eyes made me feel even more terrified then I was. I turned towards my parents clinging to that one last strand of brok... Read Chapter

The Half Truth

He slowly enters the house telling me to stay behind him. Out of fear of what's inside that made him be alerted, I listened. When w... Read Chapter

Suicidal Scream

I looked away as I felt chills go through my body making me shiver in his presence. I bit my lower lip as I was too nervous to continue... Read Chapter

Terrifying lunch

After a while I was woken up by a gentle touch. I had a slightest delusion of hope that it might be my parents. But it was him.. I hesi... Read Chapter

An Escape

"Drop it." He whispered in my ear. Adrenalin took control of my hand and without thinking I found myself on my way to stab him. ... Read Chapter

The Town

When I woke up I saw an old man's hand near my thigh. I pushed him in terror and tried to get out of the car, but it was locked. I al... Read Chapter


I didn't want to die today after all the trouble I went through. But the rain made it worse. Each droplet of water send a stinging shoc... Read Chapter

New friends

"Please I can't be found by him!" I begged. They all lowered their guards. "Hey, hey, relax, don't worry. It's fine. Just ple... Read Chapter

Big meal

The loud bang of the door falling down stopped the chatter Sophia and I had. "I AM BACK GIRLS!!!" Elijah yelled ... Read Chapter

the night chatter

"The war was brewing back then, it was tough.. We lost our family that we grew up with, we lost our friends. We were only 18 in the human... Read Chapter

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