super battle bros.

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Teddy loves video games, to a fault


The high score blipped across the screen. 426,013 set by someone with the initials G.O.D. on 7/2/87.

Lucky Larry’s Arcade had been on the boardwalk for forty years. And this particular game was the oldest one in the joint. It was almost an anachronism. The simple faux woodgrain cabinet and the peeling, almost unrecognizable logo on its side, surrounded by brand new machines with all their modern bells and whistles. 

Teddy was twelve years old. He and his family always came down to the shore for two weeks every summer. And the whole family loved this place.  

Teddy loved video games, he owned hundreds. He loved Call of Duty and other shoot em up games and was really good at them too. But this one was different. Old school, like the games his dad used to play when he was a kid. 

Teddy always loved a challenge and defeating a high score that’s stood for decades, on a game that he’d never played before seemed an epic one. 

He slid a quarter into the coin slot, planted his feet firmly onto the dingy grey carpet, grabbed the joystick and pressed the start button. 

The game was called Super Battle Bros. It was considered a classic of the golden age of arcade games.

It had a basic premise. You controlled the character of Johnny a United States Marine battling against the forces of evil. As Johnny you would blast your way through 9 levels of monsters, ranging from zombies to alien queens. 


The first level was pretty straight forward. It was side scrolling and relatively easy in order to lure you into the game. After that, the levels got progressively difficult. Each new level brought forth harder and more frequent enemies and the bosses at the end of each stage were very tough. but Teddy was a wizard when it came to video games and although having no familiarity with this particular one, breezed through the first 8 levels. 

Level 9 was not so easy. Until he reached the final stage of the game, he had only used one quarter. But in the last ten minutes he’d pumped about $5 bucks into the damned thing.

The monsters—giant skeletons with scythes and demons with blood dripping fangs—came in mobs and quickly killed Johnny off. 

“Your not going to get anywhere like that.” Came a voice from behind Teddy. 

Teddy glanced around. An older gentleman was standing behind his right shoulder. 

“I was the master at this game back in the day.” Said the man.

“Cool.” Teddy said. Inserting another quarter into the game. “Got any tips?”

“You bet. Incidentally, the names Samuel Tobias Newman. But you can call me Sam.” He offered his hand and Teddy shook it. “And you are?”

“Teddy.” He replied.

“Nice to meet you, Teddy. May I?” Asked Sam. Indicating he wanted to take control of the game.

“Sure.” Teddy said.

Sam began playing the final level. 

It was like watching an artist at work. Sam blazed through the level with a finesse and skill Teddy had never witnessed before.

“Wow! That was amazing!” Teddy said. 

“I guess the old mans I still got it, huh kid? Said Sam. As the words ‘Congratulations You Won’ flashed across the screen.

“Geez, you sure do. I’d give anything to be able to play like that.” 

“Well that can be arranged. Said Sam. He reached into is pocket and pulled out a silver coin. “See this?” He held the coin up, rotating it so Teddy could see both sides of it. 

“It’s a quarter. Big deal.” Scoffed Teddy.

“Look closer.” Sam handed the coin to Teddy. 

The obverse of the coin was smudged but he could tell it wasn’t the profile of George Washington, as he had expected. It had a strange visage that did not seem fully human. He turned it over, the reverse side was smudged too. He could see there was some text on it but couldn’t read it.

“What kind of money is this? Asked Teddy.

“Try it. I guarantee you beat the game if you use this coin.” Sam said.

Teddy hesitated but thought, what was there to lose. He popped the coin in—it made a strange sound, almost like it was being swallowed—and began playing the game from the beginning. 

Teddy breezed through the game and when he got to the final level, beat it handily. 

“Amazing! It was like I knew what was coming. That was some Jedi shit right there! Oops, sorry for cursing.”

“No worries, look at the leaderboard.” Said Sam.

“505,300 I did it! I got the high score!”

“And with that coin you’ll get it every time.”

“But the coin is in the machine now.”

“Check the coin slot.” Said Sam.

Teddy stuck his finger in the coin slot and pulled out the strange coin. 

“That’ll happen every time as well.”

“Whats the catch?” Asked Teddy. 

“When you get bored with all the winning, you return the coin that’s all.” Replied Sam.

“Deal!” They shook hands again. “How will I know where to find you? To return it.”

“I’ll find you.” Said Sam.

Just as quickly as he arrived Sam was gone. 


Teddy turned back to Super Battle Bros. Teddy went to enter his initials for the high score. But decided to enter Sams instead. He was after all the one helped him.

Teddy tried to remember what he had said his full name was. It finally came to him. Samuel Tobias Newman. He entered the initials S.T.N. 

He looked at the initials in first place and right below in second place G.O.D. 

He glanced down at the coin and thumbed off the smudge on its face. When it was rubbed clean he could see what he hadn’t before. The head had horns. 

Teddy flipped the coin over and cleaned off the reverse side too.

There was only three words.

Welcome To Hell…























Submitted: May 17, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Burgerhicks80. All rights reserved.

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I was wondering if there would be a twist at the end but I didn't think it would be something as dramatic as that and I really enjoyed that surprise. I did feel a bit sorry for Teddy, he didn't really do anything to deserve it, but I suppose that's what happens when you want something too much. Great story and congratulations on winning the contest.

Thu, June 3rd, 2021 9:31am


Thank you! Congratulations to you as well.

Thu, June 3rd, 2021 4:51am

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