A Little Jumble of Poetry

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Quite simply a jumble of poetry that I have found in my notebooks. There's not a set theme, and some of them are short. Others are longer, but not many. Have fun reading!

Table of Contents

Number 1

You don't need the light from the sky or the warmth from another. You can make your own, and burn brighter than the balls of fire up ther... Read Chapter

Number 2

This one is kind of a mess, but that's almost the whole point, I think.
Read Chapter

Number 3

I know Night, He's great.   He soothes me while I sleep And allows the starlight to show. He enters into all of ... Read Chapter

Number 4

Music barely grazes the soul, intimately stroking the most inner self. And it explodes tendrils of simple feeling into your mind and body... Read Chapter

Number 5

I know how life works. You put one foot in front of the other and hope the past doesn't catch you while making sure the future doesn't ge... Read Chapter

Number 6

My demons are my demons and my demons alone. Stop trying to make my demons yours. My demons haunt me, and I don't want them haunting you ... Read Chapter

Number 7

We like to dream of reaching for the stars. But reaching the stars is such an unrealistic goal unless you're an astronaut. Instead, dream... Read Chapter

Number 8

My life is like my music playlist. Messy and indecisive yet so full of random unplaced emotion that fills my entire soul. ... Read Chapter

Number 9

I want Sunlight to kiss me in the morning. I was Stars to shine as bright as flames. I want Blues and Purples and Hues of all kin... Read Chapter

Number 10

Many people talk about roses. They speak and cat about their beautiful petals and the many varieties in which this flower can be bought i... Read Chapter

Number 11

What do I owe the sky if it covers everything I should desire? ... Read Chapter

Number 12

Pay attention to the little things...   The sparkle on the water in the daylight The gentle sway of the trees The sw... Read Chapter

Number 13

Love is the worst addiction. It pulls you in and the only regret is that you ever let it go. ... Read Chapter

Number 14

Life is like a waterfall It pulls us Down Down Down But it's still as beautiful as ever While you're falling... ... Read Chapter

Number 15

People are like dandelions.  They can be pretty. But we all know they're just weeds. ... Read Chapter

Number 16

I realized the other day that I'm really good at keeping my breath steady in the middle of the night while I weep silent tears of untold ... Read Chapter

Number 17

She stared at the dazzling stars: Dreaming, Wishing, Feeling, Wanting, Yearning, Hoping, For something Sh... Read Chapter

Number 18

Her tears were drops of water, Each drop a part of an ocean. A vast, lifeless ocean, A dark ocean With nothing in its dep... Read Chapter

Number 19

Don't worry. When you leave,  I will pick up her shattered pieces And weld them back together Better than anyone els... Read Chapter

Number 20

We stare  At screens Wanting to see the world... Then why don't we Get up And go? ... Read Chapter

Number 21

The stars fell today. I fell with them. We were Spinning. Running. Falling. Laughing. Standing. Going. Bu... Read Chapter

Number 22

I held the box in my hands, Felt it. Every curve and edge different from the last. It wasn't broken, no not even a crack. ... Read Chapter

Number 23

The chandelier fell Ever so slow. As it collided with the floor, I noted the first crack. The one snap that would send it... Read Chapter

Number 24

How I love the smell of roses Their soft and fragile petals Tickling my nose. The scent so always traveling To my mind wh... Read Chapter

Number 25

You should admire all the dancers That dance both night and day So much love and so much effort To dance their life away ... Read Chapter

Number 26

We all Have wings. Yet we chose Not to Fly. Take some Time to Explain to me Why. ... Read Chapter

Number 27

The glass Shattered. Now I am Alone. ... Read Chapter

Number 28

Stardust fell on my face the other day.  What a feeling that was. ... Read Chapter

Chapter 29

Claws Talons Wings unfurling free. I scream. I turn. The monster here Is me.   I find A mirror. ... Read Chapter

Number 30

I can't say I don't love roses Many shades of pink and red Petals fall through air to aisles But they also fall through dread... Read Chapter

Number 31

I would swim one thousand oceans if I could find your sea. ... Read Chapter

Number 32

Shadow  Beyond  Human. Not expected, Not intact.  Smooth, Reassuring Shadows Rich with&nbs... Read Chapter

Number 33

I sit with the birds,  Perching on branches, Dreaming of the world. ... Read Chapter

Number 34

I wanna fly with the butterflies, Exploring the world, Flapping my wings, Living in a dreamworld. ... Read Chapter

Number 35

Demons Coming Sinking Teeth in To hurt me. Angels Diving Trying So hard To save me. ... Read Chapter

Number 36

If the world is going to end, there's no other place I'd rather be than home. ... Read Chapter

Number 37

I love sunrises more than sunsets. Sunsets are beautiful, sure; however, sunsets mean the end of the day. I am afraid of tomorrow. ... Read Chapter

Number 38

I will find you in the next life, I know. In the meantime, don't I have the right to enjoy my time here? Or must I live in continuous mis... Read Chapter

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