My Child, Eternal Love

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There stands tall the most beautiful blessing that is at my side, reminding me of the treasurous moments of love for not only myself but for a part of me that lives on for an eternity more. My child, you remind me of your beautiful mother and the miracles she's brought into my life when you visit me in my dreams. Here is my truest and pure expression of my love for you both, for you I'd do anything to make sure you're both happy.

My child, my child. Here I am again with tears flowing down my cheeks. However, these tears aren't like the others you've witnessed me shed before, as these tears are of a joyous celebration for the blessings you've brought into my life internally, thus changing myself so that my view of life transpired into a beautiful one. I remember the exact moment your mother and I met 10 years ago. Though we were so young only in middle school, the sense of a mature view of her took over my mental seeing her in various beautiful lights shining down on her magical existence. Looking into her eyes instantly took me into dimensions that not the average has had the opportunity to witness. The Sun shined down on us with each greeting, as I fell in love with a new aspect of her existence each time. The miracles she's presented in my life has never been matched with anyone else. Though I faced tough trials growing up with days dark as a stormy night, she always cleared away the clouds bringing me to a peaceful place that seemed to only exist when in her prescence. For her I had the the utmost respect for myself and the world around me. The universe has had a way of keeping us close without us paying it too much attention on the surface. Although, my family moved frequently each school years, it would seem that your mother and I always stayed close by attending the same schools, even though it was completely out of our control with the challenges we faced personally in our home lives.

Your mother was my best friend for so many years. The handshakes we created were all so cute and full of love, as each touch exchanged such beautiful energies uplifting us both in those moments. The world around us would fade, and the icebox where my heart stood was instantly warmed, thus growing in size because I felt what love was actually meant to be defined as after so many heartbreaking moments growing up. My family was separated by a system that proclaimed to be taking us to a happy place, but the true happiness lied with my own mother and siblings right where we were. I've grown tremendously from the constant shifting of settings. From foster care to jumping from couch to couch. Your father has always maintained his sanity by having faith a better tomorrow after each dark day that passed him by. As I searched for peace, peace was searching me as well. After being kicked out the house a final time my senior year in high school, your grandfather passed a few days later. I found a safe place to live throughout the rest of the school year, comfortable enough for me to grieve without facing the judgement of someone that had nothing positive to say about him. Crying cleansed my soul that faithful day of his homecoming, as I stared at his face one final time dressed in his favorite white suit. His smile just as bright and beautiful as it should touched my spirit, and gave me a channeled message to continue forward, and strive to create beautiful moments with those around me just as he did regardless of what others thought of me. Finally I graduated high school with your mother still as my best friend by my side.

I walked out that ceremony with a new sense of certainty that I am destined for a beautiful life to come. With the help of your great uncle and aunt, Rich and Pat, I was able to start college majoring in electrical engineering. I needed a comfortable change of scenery if I were ever going to be able to get a leg up, and march towards my success. Your uncles Nick and Dom, decided to bless me with the opportunity to move to Miami with them where a substantial amount of my growth occurred. I began to realize that I didn't love myself the proper way I should have, and fell in love with myself each and every waking day as I found so much beauty in myself. I had finally found happiness and a love would remain eternal. As I was back tune with myself. It had been about 2 years since me and your mother spoke after graduating high school. Finally, I had a sudden urge to fully express these deep emotions and admiration for her existence as a whole by writing out a detailed message spilling out everything that was on my mind and heart. I sent out the message in 2018 via Instagram and hadn't heard a reply afterwards for about 2 more years. Little did I know it meant the most to her as she expressed what she felt in 2020. I moved back to Palm Beach, and worked hard to build a foundation of my own to stand on. After I got my first motorcycle, I began to see signs from the universe that a beautiful blessing was underway. Never have I experienced such signs of so many white butterflies crossing my path at the beginning of 2020, but I had such a beautiful feeling that an amazing change was going to occur in my life.

After my 24th birthday in May your mother messaged me, after so many years of us not exchanging even the slightest bit of energy. She amazed me with the beautiful energy she brought my way, it was as if the break in communication never occurred as we just picked up a conversation we had in a past life. Meeting your mother again on the first night was magical as we looked into the night sky seeing the future of beauty that had been promised to us since the beginning of time. I never expressed to your uncles just how magical your mother and I both were when together. We've witnessed visions of our past lives, and there it was clear as day. Our love is written on the walls of the pyramid. This is a royal love connection that remains eternal no matter what challenges life may bring our way. We decided to move forward by making our connection official as it was destined. The personal readings we both got before getting together described our union so well. Your mother is the most beautiful goddess in the universe to me, and it remains that way my child. In June of 2020, we were certain of your coming as it came intuitively through spirit. I promise, the most beautiful moment ever was when your mother approached me with the decision to go forward or not. I promise you, my stomach was in pain before she even approached you as a sign that you were coming. Even as I got into the car, my stomach pain got worse and there i was in my mind and heart seeing the clear view of what I truly wanted which was you and your mother together with me. I only wanted children with your mother and didn't see it happening with anyone else. Unsure of what your mother wanted to do, I had a beautiful sense that whatever decision was going to be made was going to keep our connection still beautiful and true. I cry until this day with tears of joy when your mother made that detour towards home, and there was a double rainbow shining clear overhead. I love you and her so much. We were preparing for your beautiful entrance into this world, my child. Although, you didn't make it past the first month because of health complications. Your mother and I cried mourning the lost for days. I still think about those moments every single day, and I want to let you know this my child.

I know your mother would have been the best mother I've ever witnessed in my entire life. She is the most beautiful goddess of every corner of this universe and the next. Her heart so pure and true, I will bend over backwards going through great lengths to make sure she is well. Your mother is a superhero, she's my superhero and I know she would have been your favorite superhero of them all. I can't thank her enough for all the beauty she's added to my life, and I'm forever thankful for experiencing love with her. Please my child understand that I know we'll see you for I've seen visions and dreams of us uniting. Your appearances in my dreams make me cry with beauty the love I witness when with you both. I'm still growing up, and so is she. Please understand that I'll continue to strive for new found beautiful versions of myself as she will too. We'll all be together one day, my child. Thank you for the clarity you've added to my life. I've changed a lot in this past year, and I want nothing more than to see your mother just as happy as I am. I love you both, until we meet again my child.

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