"Paranormal Apocalypse The Executer and Nessie backstory

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paranormal apocalypse is back.





“Executer’s Backstory.”




“Executer coughed several times. “Come on take this damn sack off of my head already for god sakes. What kind of person does this shit?” Executer says angrily.

*Suddenly the sack gets removed from Executers head.* “Well holy Toledo it’s you. It’s the legendary Dexter and his sidekick Jeremy.” Executer says out loud. “I have no problem putting this bag back over your head.” Jeremy says. “Now come on don’t tell me I hit a nerve.

I’m sorry I hurt your feelings.” “Shut up.” Jeremy says. “Is this because of what I did with purgatory? I mean you ended the war my people are dead you won.” *Jeremy aims his pistol at Executer’s head.*

“I did touch a nerve. You see you won’t shoot me you need me alive. I am a survivor despite your love hate fetish you both know I am a valuable asset to you I mean just look at my background I am a god damn survivor.”

 “We don’t want to hear your story “ *Jeremy yells slamming his fist on the table.* “Jeremy I want to hear it.” Dexter says. “We’ll ok Now were making progress story time. Do you have popcorn? Executer says laughing. “This better not be a complete waste of time or else.” Jeremy warns the Executer.”

“Oh my tale is not a waste my story is legit and here we go.” “It was eight years ago the apocalypse was just a few short days away. *I had woken up from my bed.* “What time is it Josh? “Nine-Thirty.” “Shit you let me sleep in? “Yeah you were up late last night. “I needed to be at work at 8.” Executer said as he quickly got dressed. “I grabbed my car keys and got out my cell phone *Jill sent me a text “Are you coming in today? We really need you No bullshit.”

*I dial her number as I start my car and drive off. “Hey Jill I am very sorry what happened is My doofus roommate thought he was being nice and let me sleep in.” “We don’t need your excuses Are you coming in?” “Yeah I am on my way over now.” “Good.” *Jill hung up.* “Shit.” Executer said as he drove as fast as he could. Several ambulances drove by. I arrived at my job.

 I got out of my car and ran as fast as I could up towards the second floor of the mall. “I’m here.” I said wheezing. “Your late in this business you can’t be late.” “Tito I understand like I told Jill my roommate turned my alarm off and thought he was being nice and letting me sleep in it wasn’t my fault I had no idea he did that.”

“Yeah well your on thin ice you cost us a customer. ‘What do you mean?” *I looked over and saw a woman who was staring at our phone booth she had heard our conversation and she turned away. “Ma’am are you interested in a phone? I asked her. *She turned around and said “No leave me alone.”

“But if you want a phone we can help you.” “Leave me alone I won’t tell you again.” With that she started to walk away. “Strike 2.” Tito whispered. *I took a deep breath.* several hours went bye and it was time to leave for the day.

My girlfriend called me. She was a nurse at the local hospital. “Hey Steve. I know we made dinner plans but I can’t I’m sworn at work I have never in my life seen so many sick patients. There’s some kind of bug going around stay safe please. “Dang I was looking forward to our dinner date.” I said. “I’ll stay safe you stay safe as well that sounds pretty scary I wonder what it is? “I can’t tell but I’ve never seen so many get sick so fast before.

 It’s really weird. Shoot my boss is calling me to come back I still have fifteen minutes on my break left. Ok I’ll talk to you later bye love. “Bye.” I say into the phone but she hung up before she could hear it. “Movie?” I think to myself the theater is across the street and I have the entire afternoon to myself.

*I leave the mall and walk across the street to the theater.* Two movies were playing “My Bloody Stalker” or “Nessie” “One for Nessie.” I said as I entered the theater nobody was around.

I sat down and watched the movie. About an hour into the movie I got a text message from my girlfriend. I read the message and almost dropped my phone. The text read “Every single patient here are dead.” “What?” I asked her. “Dead there all dead even the doctors.”

“Shit where are you right know?” I asked her. “I’m in the hospital parking lot outside in my car. It’s grim here.” “I’m on my way right now don’t go anywhere.” *I ran as fast as I could to my car hoped inside and drove as fast as I could to the hospital.

I arrived about ten minutes later. The hospital was like something out of a movie it was completely abandoned I saw bodies on the ground people didn’t even make it out of their cars before they died. I saw a red Honda civic several feet in front of me and that was Sarah. *I got out of my car and ran to her.* “Sarah.

I tapped on her window. She was crying in the car she looked up at me I opened her door and hugged her. “I’m sorry this happened I’m so sorry you had to experience this.” “I am too I really don’t know what this was. One of my coworkers said he was just about to figure it out he needed a blood sample and a few minutes later he got called in the back room where he died. “Are you feeling ok?” Are you feeling sick at all?” I asked Sarah.

 “No I feel fine.” “Ok we’ll we need to get you out of here. Suddenly I heard a weird noise I turned around to my horror people who were dead minutes before were now standing on their feet. As if undead. One saw me and growled. It started to run at me. I jumped into Sarah’s car and slammed the door. “Drive!” I yelled. “What are you doing?” Sarah looked back and screamed as about twenty patients were now chasing her car.

She put the car in drive and sped off as fast as she could. “We need to get out of here now.” I said. “You think?” Sarah said being sarcastic. As we sped off we still had a hoard on us. I reached into my back pack I had with me and rolled the window down and started to shoot at the undead.

 “You have a gun?” “Yes for protection we need it right know we can’t argue.” *I continue to shoot.* as Sarah see’s a group running from the front of the car as well as behind us. “Hold on.” Sarah says as she continues to drive right into a crowd of the undead. Seconds later our flipped over and rolled several times taking out several groups of the undead and he slam against a tree. The car catches on fire.

I somehow manage to get out of the car. And search the front seat for Sarah. “Steve get out of here.” “Not without you.” I say as I try to get her seatbelt off. “Ow both my legs are broken even if you get me out you’d have to carry me. Look behind you there still coming No reason we both have to die. “Yes there is we die together I am not leaving you.” Suddenly a military vehicle arrives and two soldiers get out “Get in the car the one says to me. “My girlfriend is hurt.”

 “There’s no time Get in the car. He repeats. “But.” “Now the soldier says as he forces me to get into the car. I hear gunshots the other soldier is shooting at the oncoming hoard. *The soldier gets inside the vehicle and we start to drive away I watch in horror as the hoard surround the car with my girlfriend inside.

The soldier takes aim at the Filler tube on the side of the car and the car explodes. “No Sarah.” I yell at the top of my lungs. “Were sorry for your loss truly we are but your safe now.” “Where are we going?” I asked “Sector 7.” One of the guards said.

As we arrived I had trouble fitting in for the first few weeks as I was heartbroken. It didn’t take long for the army base to get over run by the undead. The only way to escape was climbing over a barbed wire fence. I managed to climb over it in time with a few cuts and bruises but I am fine. I heard a weird growling sound coming from the swamp on the left side of the road past the army base. I approached and saw an alligator stuck in a bear trap. Two undead were slowly making their way to it.

 I know this alligator was dangerous I grabbed my knife and ran at the Undead I killed both of them. “The alligator watched as it hissed at me as I approached. “Hey girl you are in pain I am offering to help I am a friend. I found a dead squirrel on the ground and I picked it up and put it next her snout.

She quickly gobbled it up as she watched as I started to pry the bear trap of her paw. She swung her tail at me I jumped and fell down as she lunged at me. I shut my eyes waiting for death but nothing happened I looked up and she was watching me.

She bowed her head as if saying “Thanks.” I bowed back and slowly got up and wrapped her foot up with some bandages from my bag. A few minutes later I said “Who you are one lucky alligator.” I started to walk away and I turned around to say goodbye to my surprise she followed me. “I tried to tell her to stay but she followed me anyway she was in no way going to hurt me.

 So I decided I would let her tag along with me. We found an abandoned cabin and I left the door open and she walked inside and I shut the door.

 “I’m going to call you Nessie Do you like that?” “She growled and shook her head up and down.” The door busted down and a man we had never seen aimed a gun at me. “Who are you? And what are you doing here?” “I am just trying to rest I did not know anyone was here.”

*The man aimed the gun at Nessie “An Alligator What the hell?” I grabbed the gun from the man. “Leave her alone. I yelled as the man jumped on me and started punching me. Nessie swung her tail at the man he fell down on the ground hard and in seconds he was being swung around in Nessie’s jaws I heard bones snap the man was screaming in pain as he was in a death roll.

*Nessie ate him whole.* “Shit.” That’ll teach you to mess with us.” I said as we waited at the cabin I took out a hammer and some tools and got the door built again.

I went out to scavenge for food and I came back several hours later with a few dead squirrels for Nessie and some regular food for me. “Sarah would love you.” I said to the alligator. As I sighed and sat down thinking about Sarah. When suddenly I heard a knock on the door and some men said they saw me from the army base and were watching me and wanted me to come back with them to meet there leader.

 I agreed but only if Nessie could come. The building where we were headed was called “Purgatory” and little did I know I was about to have a huge part in this place. Ha-ha.” Till you Dexter. “Your story was stupid we all lose people. Jeremy said To Executer.

 “Jeremy can I speak with you a second alone?” “Sure.” Jeremy said as he opened the door. But before he left he put the sack back over Executers head. “I’m not sure what Dexter has planned for you but if it was up to me you have already sealed your fate, you and Nessie.”

 With that he slams the door.* Leaving Executer alone in the room in pitch black darkness.


Submitted: May 18, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Nick meraglio. All rights reserved.

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