Nam: The Apocalypse

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Nigel is an immortal leader of Dillin Forest and he accidentally made a deal with a pregnant woman, that he will get the child in exchange for her wishes. The child was taken by him to the forest to be a sacrifice to the Spirit of the Tree. But what happens when Nigel develops an interest in her?

Read the story to find out.

Table of Contents

The Contract

Nigel’s POV I am running through the forest at full speed, the air brushing through my soft fur, and the smell of something sweet... Read Chapter


Linda’s POV   Two months have passed and two months more for me to escape from  the contract that I foolishly made ... Read Chapter


Nigel’s POV Ever since I found out that the woman was gone, I have been keeping a close watch on the old lady living in her house... Read Chapter

Living with The Monster

Nam’s POV My memories of Mom and Dad are vaguely even there to keep me sane. All I can remember is that I had been taken by Nigel... Read Chapter

The Party

Nigel’s pov I and my friends just came back hunting and killed a deer, we didn’t hunt for more because I told them that there i... Read Chapter

The Truth

Nam’s POV Nigel excused me from the party and I’m thankful for that since I’m extremely exhausted so I go back to my room. Th... Read Chapter


Nigel’s POV Before the night comes, I inform Rick about the trip that we were supposed to leave by five for the meeting with a few ... Read Chapter


Nam’s POV “Do you have a name? What should I call you?” I ask. “Call me Nayla, I’m a female after all,” the rat says ... Read Chapter


“What brings you here human?” I hear a voice from a distance, the mist is blocking my view so I could not see anything. “I wa... Read Chapter

She Left

Nigel's POV Something feels wrong, definitely wrong. I keep thinking about Nam and somehow I want to go back home to see her. I’m... Read Chapter


“What is that?” I ask Rick. “This? It’s been in Nam’s cabinet emptying her stock of food,” Rick says. “Talk. I know... Read Chapter


Nam’s POV I have been leaping for so many hours and another night comes. I can’t feel my legs anymore, but fear is chasing righ... Read Chapter

Sky Realm

The smell of soil hits my nose and I open my eyes to find myself lying on top of a huge pile of leaves of Dillin Tree. I squeeze my lid... Read Chapter

Finding Her

Nigel’s POV Sadness and regret filled my heart the moment I found out that Nam ran away from me. She ran away because of the sick... Read Chapter

New Life

Nam’s POV The alarm goes off at four-thirty, I brush my teeth, shower, and get ready for my duties in the palace. I wash dishes a... Read Chapter

A Date

Day by day, Lucian always comes to say hello and chat for a while. He’s kinda friendly, too friendly with me and I am starting to fee... Read Chapter

The Beauty Within

Another week passed by since that date with Lucian and I am getting uneasy day by day. I experience irritations and my skin feels hot s... Read Chapter


Nigel’s POV My world turns bright and I’m flying through hoops and tunnels of light and finally, I land on a pile of leaves wit... Read Chapter


Hello, my dear readers, thank you for reading my very first book. I hope you are enjoying the story as much as I am. This chapter is the climax of the reconciliation between Nigel and Nam, but
there's more to the story in the upcoming chapters. I hope you like the story so far and please like, share and comment, it means a lot to me.

Lots of Love Shylene
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