Chapter 7: Dark Elf Landing

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Dark Elf Landing



Despite what happened all over Manhatten, the assembly went off without a hitch. That did not mean however, that it went the way Iwami, would have prefered. She and Zurrin were back at the Plaza Hotel, heading up to their room. Neither one of them had spoken since they left the U.N. When they entered their suite, they saw O'naisac, sitting at a table, watching what happened at the U.N., from a projection from his communicator. Iwami and Zurrin, stopped when they noticed that O'naisac looked beaten up.
“You did a good job.” said O'naisac. “Nice comparisons, very inspiring. I'm sorry my race are a bunch of idiots.”

Iwami's speech to the U.N., was compassionate and to those who were there, surprisingly informative on human history. No one interupted or said anything insulting. However, despite the etiquette, nothing was resolved so, the assembly dispersed with no plans of a third gathering. Everyone was leaving the choice to the Canadian Prime Minister. Once again, the Prime Minister looked uncertain.

“What happened to you?” asked Iwami, concerned. O'naisac looked at her and said, “The Guardians tried to kill me earlier.” Iwami and Zurrin, were shocked. “Relax, their gone.” “When you say gone.” said Zurrin. “They're not dead. They just fought me for a while and then left.” O'naisac explained.

“You will have to tell us about it.” said Iwami, heading for the bedroom.

“I wouldn't go in there.” said O'naisac. Iwami stopped. “Why?” “Someone is in there, grieving.” Onaisac answered.

Iwami opened the door and looked inside. Seconds later, she closed the door and looked at O'naisac, with a puzzled expression.

“Why is there a Light Elf, lying on the bed, naked?”

O'naisac turned off the projection and explained, “Her name is Selwyn. She was the Guardian of Alfhiem.” “Was?” said Zurrin. “She was one of the Guardians, sent to kill me. During the fight she attacked another Guardian, who was about to kill me. For that, she was stripped of her Guardianship and was banished here.” Iwami, gave a slight gasp. Zurrin, lowered his head. “She had nowhere to go. So, I brought her here. As for her being naked, I can only assume she is ashamed to wear her armor.”

shortly after Selwyn's banishment she couldn't move. So, O'naisac, picked her up and flew her back to the hotel. Selwyn didn't argue or resist. When they arrived and walked through the lobby, a lot of people stared, but O'naisac ignored them. When they got to the suite, O'naisac, put her in the bedroom and left her alone.

“What will she do?” asked Zurrin. They looked at him. “What do we do?”

Iwami, went back into the bed room. Selwyn lay there with her back to the door. Iwami, walked over and sat next to her. There was silence.

“When my husband, the king, pleaded to Karn, before his death...Karn, told us no Guardian, would come to our aid. I hated Guardians. Then O'naisac, came. I believed in him, and he proved that not all Guardians, are so rigid. My people respect and honor him. And even thought you tried to kill him, you saved his life...and it cost you everything. I will not abandon you, like the Guardians. If you wish, you may come with us. Like you, we are also homeless.”

Selwyn, said nothing. Iwami, then pulled over a blanket and covered her with it, like a mother.

In the other room Zurrin asked, “So, where are the Fairies?” O'naisac took a breath and said, “I sent them on a scavenger hunt.” Zurrin, wasn't sure if he was being serious.

An hour later, Robin, Jay, and Card, returned to the suite.

“We got them all.” said Robin, who was holding a Xifirion arrow. “I can't believe you actually made us go looking for these.”

“I didn't want any humans finding them.” said O'naisac. “If they found out what it was, it could be a problem, and I won't risk it. Also, as you know, Xifirion steel, is incredibly valuable.”

“Plus, it was fun.” said Card, holding two arrows.

O'naisac, was staring at the screen projected by his communicator, again.

“What'cha watchin?” asked Robin. “What happened earlier.” said O'naisac, distractedly.

O'naisac knew that the events that happened in Harlem, would not go unnoticed, but he wasn't expecting it to appear on the news so quickly. It turns out a few people had been on 125th St. and cought the battle on their phones. Through these small devices, O'naisac's words became reality. The body of the monster couldn't be removed, due to it's size, which would be enough of an indicator, but with the footage, the Ruk was entirely out of the bag.

“Secrete's out.” said Robin. “How do you think your people will respond?” asked Jay. “Well, the crowds will freak out.” O'naisac started. “Politicians will freak. And scientists will examine the body.” “Will this affect the Dark Elves?” asked Card. “It won't help.” said O'naisac. “I wouldn't put it pass someone to totally disregard everything I said, and blame them for this.”

The next day they all went back to Canada, including Selwyn. She didn't verbally consent, nor objected. Iwami, simply coaxed her out of bed, got her dressed in something presentable, and they all left the hotel. The limo ride was uncomfortably quiet due to no one wanting to talk and Card, wasn't there to break the silence. O'naisac, opened a portal and sent them back to the crater, just before they left. Despite the fact that fairies have a phobia of enclosed spaces, Robin, and Jay, thought they should be on the plane in case the Guardians attack again. O'naisac, assured them that they wouldn't with a monarch in close proximity. Robin, was also suspicious of Selwyn, but O'naisac, convinced her she was no danger.

During the flight, Selwyn sat away from everyone else. She didn't even react to the fact that she was in a flying device that flew without magic.

O'naisac's mind was elsewhere. He was looking at videos of the U.N. Meeting, trying to see something that wasn't obvious. It was true that without his presence, everyone wasn't as tense, but still, there had to be something. He watched the images of the Prime Minister. He listened to Iwami, and looked ready to be on her side, and yet, the people around him clearly had a noose at his throat. There had to be something he could do.

“A.C.E., bring up all information on Prime Minister, Dorian Colt.”

When the plane landed they immediately got in a helecoptor and before long they arrived back at the crater. It was exactly as they left it. When the helecoptor left, Iwami's personal guard ran over to her, followed by her attendant, Cera.

“Your majesty, are you alright?” she asked. “I am fine.” said Iwami. “So, did you succeed? Are we to stay?”

Iwami, gave a sad expression and said, “That has yet to be decided. All we can do now is wait, and pray to the Phoenix.”

Cera, looked disheartened, so did Iwami's guards. It was going to be a sad night for the Dark Elves.

“Who is this?” asked Cera, looking at Selwyn. Selwyn, didn't look at her or answer.

“She is out guest.” said Iwami. “See that she is taken care of.”

Without question, Cera, guided Selwyn, to the camp. Iwami looked at the camp with a concerned look.

“Mother, help us.” It was a Dark Elf, prayer to the Phoenix.

Whether by the Phoenix, or simple happenstance, O'naisac, had one more move to make.

The Prime Miniser, was alone in his office. He had just gotten off the phone with another world leader, which was very frustrating, and now he was in deep thought. It was late and he had sent his staff home for the evening. He needed to think, but he couldn't come up with a salution to it all.

“I'm getting too old for this.” he said, tiredly.

Then, all the lights in the building went out. The Prime Minister, was puzzled by the sudden darkness.

“Must have blown a fuse.”

He sat there in the darkness, wating for the lights. A minute passed, then a ring of blue fire suddenly appeared before him. He jumped back in his chair in fright. Thoughts of what happened at the U.N., were making his heart race. What he said was actually going to happen to him. A figure stepped through the ring and a second later the ring vanished. The room was dark again and the Prime Minister, was taking deep breaths. A light from a window showed an outlined figure.

“Good evening, Prime Minister.”

The figure then walked over and sat in a chair on the other side of the desk. The light illuminated O'naisac's face.

Afraid, the Prime Minister said, “I just pushed a silent alarm, and my security will be here.”

“No, they won't.” said O'naisac. “I already took them out.”

“Are you here to kill me?” said the Prime Minister, shaking.

“I'm unarmed and if I wanted you dead, I wouldn't be talking to you. Also, your security is alright. They're just outcold.”

The Prime Minister, was surprised by that. “Then what do you want?”

O'naisac, sat back in the chair and said, “We need to talk.” “About what?” asked the Prime Minister, a little calmer. “You know what.” said O'naisac.

The Prime Minister's, heart rate slowed and he said, with more composure, “You could have just called.”

“I prefer my way.” said O'naisac. “It gets people's attention.”

The Prime Minister, sat up straight and presentable.

“So, what are you going to do with them?” asked O'naisac.

There was a moment of silence. Then, the Prime Minister slumped back in his chair and said, with dismay, “I don't know what to do. I have people all around me who say, that aiding the Elves is not in our interests. World leaders want me to ignore them. And yet, the Dark Elves, are pleading for help, and I'm torn between my country, and myself.”

“You're a good leader.” said O'naisac. “I know your political history, and sometimes leaders need to do things for their country, even if their citizens don't agree, or see what good can come from it.”

The Prime Minister, was in deep thought. “If what you said at the hotel is true, then we are close to the same age. You know what politics were like thirty years ago.” “Some countries were getting out of hand.” said O'naisac, remembering. “Then the Epidemic struck.” He looked O'naisac, in the eye. “As crazy as this sounds, it was easier to deal with people then. Everyone wanted a leader that could give them guidence and hope. I did the best I could in that dark time. I brought people together to keep this nation and her people alive. And now that we're safe and reasonably settled, we seem to be going back to an old habit of segregation.”

“Nature of the beast.” O'naisac commented. “But we need to force our way pass that.”

“Force, will not be well received.” said the Prime Minister.

“But it's neccisarry.” O'naisac, shot back. “Besides, it's like you said, every nation is trying to be self sufficient. And from what I've seen, even if you did something unfavorable, there's nothing they can do to retaliate. They are throwing empty threats at you. Ignore them, and focus on your country.”

“I still have to focus on my people.” said the Prime Minister.

O'naisac knew he meant his staff. O'naisac then leaned forward and took a picture frame from off the desk. It was a younger Prime Minister, with his family. A wife and two daughters. O'naisac, knew the history, but he played it out.

“You're family?” he said.

The Prime Minister, was silent for a moment. “They...died...during the Epidemic. I had to watch as they...” He was trying to fight back tears.

“I know what it's like to lose family.” said O'naisac, sadly. “I tried to find them when I got back.” He shook his head.

“We have both loss.” said the Prime Minister.

“Yes, but we moved on, in one fashion or another. And now...” O'naisac stood up and looked at the Prime Minister, with a more serious expression. “You are at a junction, between life and death. I was at that same junction thirty years ago, and I chose life. What happened in New York, was part of the consequences of my actions, but I don't regret them. So, here are your choices. You could stand aside and let genocide occur. Or, you could be remembered as the man, who started the first interspecies coopperation, that could shape the future of this world in ways we can only imagine. The fact is, no matter what choice we make we have to live with both the triumphs and the consequences. The only question is, which ones can you live with?” O'naisac, put the frame back on the desk. “You might also want to consider, how do you want your family to see you?”

A portal opened. O'naisac, turned around and walked through it. The portal closed, leaving the Prime Minister, in the dark. He stared at the photo of the once happy life he had lived, and a tear slid down his cheek.

Three days later, headlines around the world read, “Canadian Prime Minister, Befriends Dark Elf, Queen!”

It was an event that shocked Midgar, and the Known Worlds. Everyone was surprised by the sudden decision of the Prime Minister, especially Iwami. When she was called to attend a meeting at his office, she was concerned. But upon her arrival she was greatly surprised to find that he had fired certain members of his staff, and hired those more sympothetic to help her people, and he had a deal that aided the Dark Elves. The deal would help the Elves, until they were fully able to support themselves. They would be given food, supplies to build, and they would be given two hundred miles of land, of their choosing. Iwami just couldn't believe the turn around. She was so extatic she jumped out of her seat and hugged the Prime Minister. The moment was caught on video and the image was used in every article, and news cover, including Time Magazine.

“I would have done the same thing.” said Card, when she saw the cover.

When Iwami, composed herself, she and the Prime Minister, took a more stoic photo. The two shook hands. Dark Elf and Human, a historic moment in the Known Worlds.

When the other races heard what had happened, they simply could not believe it. They all thought Humanity, would regect the Dark Elves, and they would be doomed.

The Guradians were unsure how to react to this. They, like so many others were expecting the worst. Now, this would bring a whole new perspective to the Known Worlds.

Iwami was pleased to give the good news to her people, and the jubilation that followed was indescribable. The Dark Elves, offically had a new home. When they left Svartalfhiem, they had brought with them a flock of Phoenix. Though the four winged birds were not caged, they had been teathered until the Dark Elves, were certain of a new home. Now, witht the new Iwami, brought them, they were set free. The beautiful birds spread their crimson wings and flew high. They sang in joy at their freedom.

Two days after celebrating the good news, Iwami and O'naisac, sat outside her tent. It was a beautiful day. The sun was out, no clouds and everyone was in a good mood.

“I can't believe it.” said Iwami, with a smile. “It actually worked out.”

“Actually.” said O'naisac. “I paid the Prime Minister, a visit after we got back from New York.”

Iwami looked at him, suspiciously. “What did you do?” she asked.

“I didn't threaten him.” said O'naisac. “I just asked him what kind of a man he wanted to be remembered as.”

Iwami, knew there was more to it, but she didn't ask. She just reached over to touch his arm and said, “Thank you.”

A moment passed and O'naisac, asked, “So, how is Selwyn, doing?”

Iwami looked sad as he said, “She has isolated herself in the woods.”

That sounded right to O'naisac. “It will be a while before she recovers.” he said. “So, two hundred miles of land. Where will you park it?”

“Right here.” Iwami answered. She stood up and looked around the camp. “You're world', refer to our coming as, The Dark Elf Landing, right?” “Yes.” said O'naisac. Iwami smiled. “Then that's what we'll call our new home. Dark Elf Landing.”

O'naisac, actually smiled. “Not a bad name.”

Despite the good mood, concern was creeping in the back of O'naisac's head. He felt as though a shadow was about to sweep over them. These concerns started when that monster attacked New Yok. It had been over thirty years since Demons had attacked Midgar, even in his absence. Now, one of that size suddenly appears. There hadn't been a Demon that size on Midgar, in millennia. And it just so happened to appear in the same location as four Guardians. Something was brewing and O'naisac new it. He wasn't sure if the other Guardians, were thinking this, but he knew the right Dwarf, to bring his suspicions to. But for now, there was no need to tell Iwami. So, he let her enjoy a moment of peace.


Submitted: May 18, 2021

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