Uncommon out of these fileds

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Something never said.

Quiet desperate roads how the truth breathes our uncommon climate,

The small things in my life counsel’s such ineffable mystery,

Unto sleep our spelling mistakes carried into time and space,

The searchable mockery that art sorrowing I don’t know anything,

Make us free the life love exhales our satisfaction,

All perfections the war fight our mortal birth looks closer,

Fate see why we don’t know this war ends in a pleading,

Like chasing the wind mend a broken faith daily walking distant,

This inapproachable light everywhere waits for us who cares,

Open up your heart so that you can graze where love dwells,

With the angels born on this heavenly hell foretells our existence,

A prayer my hope burdens for humanity ripens in darkness,

Being human I am not alone other miles away into light,

Too wonderful in everything I needed another help given away,

Who unite the entire humanity in the name of God closer,

Shall rest my faith through the way tests his trials unfolding,

The man in the mirror glaze in vain through time let it be again,

Three kings welcomed in the answer our companion sings a charisma,

Before God’s vision the great length of happy days together,

Singing unlocked its gates in praise and peace carried all alone,

Shines the destined star leaves this nightly sky dazzling our legends,

Hope enough renounced the present well always lived there,

Communion inside heaven’s gate proclaims God is love,

Almost in a world that foe in the fight unfolds the last shall end,

Today not the blandishments be checked always lost the way,

How God’s paradise repairs its crumbling steps can’t foretell,

The bird of joy names our heart’s dearest master,

When words end of mortal care the Sun passes past days,

Longer than the trials space let the memories fled,

You wonder time hiding such mad dust wants noble deeds,

How my world torn apart goes for the present and where it leads,

Who questions what meaning our God’s design reaching out,

The toils laid on every moment loved the toy world speaks,

I try to warn this business alive in heavens music greeting fair,

I cast no stones on the fountain where Life’s water flows,

Bending the brows this Archer brings all in one of us,

Now the curtains are closed renounced our meet reward,

And time made this fight swells and die in secret to slave,

Not just humanity as the present untold in your spirit,

My garden of this living Earth finds a place in God’s paradise,

And I wonder I know lots of such struggles leave back away,

What avail this worlds thirst shall pass all perfection of mortal birth,

The less I know more the world fulfilled my heart’s desire,

Passing through the garden lives in constancy quailed in the shade,

Shall these echoes silence changeless memories,

Heading for directions between heaven and hell we meet here,

Just to thank the hardest hope never lose more than too soon.

Submitted: May 18, 2021

© Copyright 2021 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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