The Perfidious One

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Rainn is a supervillain but is she a super villain? This story leaves you plenty of room for imagination

I am a supervillain. Not the evil kind, the misunderstood kind. But I'm dead. And so was everybody else in my life that I knew and used to love. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let me catch you up first before I quickly tell you what happened: 
My best friend Sage was a superhero named Memor, and I was her greatest enemy, Billusion. I never knew this till I found a newspaper saying that I was Billusion. The reason why I never knew this was because Sage had erased everybody in the city's mind. I have told you enough. So here is the story: 
Two years earlier: 
My mind was swirling with all the information I had just found out. I decided to go to Sage’s house and find some more info on this whole thing. But when I got there, I saw Morwen and Orion kissing, but Orion then rejected her, telling her that he loved somebody else. (Morwen and Orion are Sage’s two neighbors, and I hang out with them all the time) I waited till they left, and then I snuck into the house and wanted to grab some newspaper’s but Sage came downstairs. I hid behind the sofa. She was having a conversation with somebody on the phone:
“No, she hasn't confronted me yet.” What was Sage talking about? It was obvious she was talking about me, but what was she saying about herself. 
She said some other things, but I could hear her because of the next sentence she said: 
“ No, I don’t wanna battle her, but I’m scared she knows. How can I be Memor if I have to battle my best friend?”
My jaw dropped. I needed to get out of here now. Here is a catch-up of what happened next because I don’t remember much because I was so shocked. 
Sage caught me because I was using the wrong power. I used light when instead I wanted to change how I looked. Then when I got home, Orion told me he knew everything, and he helped me learn my powers. But then on the one faithful day she arrived: 
“WHY DID YOU DO ALL THIS?” I yelled at Sage after she confronted me. 
“You're the villain.” She said She used her power to create a rainstorm.
“STOP!” a ring of fire appeared around us. Orion! He had used his power to save me. The rain stopped.
“Awww, look at you two! Oh! Morwen is here!” Morwen stepped out of the shadows. Orion looked at her; he looked sad and scared. 
“ Kill Morwen and Orion is saved or save Orion now without killing Morwen, but you die,” Sage said 
Morwen smiled.
“You are not a killer, Morwen. Don’t do it!”
She sent from her hands an ink-like shadow towards me. But Orion smiles and steps in front of me. The shadow hit him in the stomach, saving me.
Orion's eyes widen, then his body tensed, and his body hits the ground. The next few moments were a blur. Morwen pushed Sage as I swung my sword to kill Morwen. But here I am, pulling the sword out of Sage’s chest.
“You're going to pay,” I said to Morwen.
I picked back up the bloody sword.
 I threw the sword at the same time as Morwen threw her ink-like shadows at me.  The shadows hit me in the chest as the blade pierced her in the stomach. My vision blurred as Morwen fell to the ground, dead.  I started to feel faint. Then I hit the ground dead.


Submitted: May 18, 2021

© Copyright 2021 london brige. All rights reserved.

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london brige

This is my short story. I have a long better story. Let me know if I should post it!

Tue, May 18th, 2021 5:02pm

Daphne Chapman

what an amazing ending

Wed, May 19th, 2021 2:02pm

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