Mirrored Space

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Spirit Space

A tale of haunting and trading one reality for another..

The drive home was so much longer than I could ever remember it being, but then again it seemed that I was choosing to forget, not only the past but so much of what was present.

My impatience getting the better of me I had to fight the urge to blare the horn out into the usual stop and go commute of my daily life. The jam of pointless traffic suddenly becoming a source of massive irritation.

With my foot on the brake yet again, my hand hovering over the horn push, I clenched my fist while glaring into the sunset. Blinking my eyes against it I cursed the sunglasses I'd been wearing for the past three days both indoors and out. 

My concentration, my point of focus was failing, I could feel it slipping away. But for some reason I used to remember, I didn't mind.

Beginning days, perhaps weeks ago, for time as well had less meaning, a Sunday afternoon notion born of boredom had me taking a walking tour of a street known for its row of antique shops. Slowly strolling I was passing the window of one small shop when the light of the sun reflected off an object on display.

As it met the corner of my eye the bright fire of it blinded for a moment. Blinking away the sting I turned round to find the cause. Pinpointing the source of the painful glare I spied the rose colored crystal partially obscured by other things.

Wanting to have it full view I left the window and went to the shops door. The bell above my head sounding my entry I stood below it glancing about. The place was packed with odd ends, objects worn and long kept. Precious to some in moments long forgotten and now useless. But, there was that, and going left I found it.

My view from outside the window had raised my hopes, as dreams will do. Expecting something rare and unique instead I stared down at a hurricane lantern blown from common red glass.

Sighing in disappointment I looked up to meet her. Her striking face a shadowed shape that seemed to move and shimmer as she smiled. Finding the space of her eyes my jaw dropped in wonder, for there was only the deep black of empty sockets. Vacant as they were they drew me in and held me.

"May I help you?"

The voice from behind managed to pull me away from my gazing; my thoughts now cloudy I was unable to speak for a moment. I glanced at the owner then back to her, "this...I..."

Coming beside me he smiled, "ahh yes...frames a beauty. Handcrafted cherrywood...circa 1920's." He gave a nod to it, "shame about the portrait...it's not worth much." As he explained the likely fate of the face within the frame I was silent gazing at her again. "Must have been hung on a wall with too much full sun on it...faded bad especially about the eyes."

Paying his price without hesitation I took her home. She found her space upon the wall of my bedroom after telling me of it in her smiling whisper; it was across from the bed where I could lie and consider where I was and what should be. And the conversation continued for days or perhaps weeks.


Tossing my sunglasses upon the end table I went to her, standing before her I met her solid smile, there beneath her shining brown eyes. Smiling in return  I whispered, "I missed you..."

She held my gaze, "I need you..."

Staying for a time that no longer mattered, my vision of this world coming to an end, the solid, smiling face faded and was gone, as my black and empty sockets opened to the realm of a dark beyond.

Submitted: May 18, 2021

© Copyright 2021 LE. Berry. All rights reserved.

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tom mcmullen

Great haunting story LE, would a good television episode!

Sat, May 22nd, 2021 2:17am


Thank you so much tom!

Wed, May 26th, 2021 1:19pm

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