Chapter 5: Order of the Red

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

Reads: 549

“How are we supposed to get to Romania? We have no passports or any money to get one ticket let alone three?” Denson asks


“We aren’t going. Just I am,” Izle response


“Not. We are a team, and teams stick together. Besides, a trip to Romania sounds incredible. it would be nice to gt away even for a short bit,” Zada retorts


“I’m sorry, you guys, but it has to be just me. If something were to happen, this town would still need the two of you to protect it.”


“and what about you? Who’s going to protect you” Denson asks


“Guys, I know you’re worried that something will happen to me but trust me, I’ll be fine.”


Zada and Denson both look at each other in a sad gaze


“We’re not worried about you. We’re worried if you leave, you won't be coming back to a home anymore.” Zada says


“That if Dr. Lecram even gets a wif that you're not here, he will level this town to nothing but dust and rubble,” Denson adds


electricity begins to form around Izle


“When I come back, if the city is lost, I’ll know who to blame first.”


“Be safe, Iz. We need you,” Denson says


“I need you” Zada blows Izle a kiss


The electricity has fully encased Izle. Denson and Zada can only see a bright light of electricity.


 and before they know it, in just a blink of an eye, Izle is gone


“I love it when he does that. You know, sometimes I worry that Iz can't fully control or doesn't even know the full scale of his power, then he goes and freaking ride lightning-like its nothing. It’s pretty awesome.”


After about ten minutes, Izle lands in what he hopes is Romania but is unsure because he has only traveled by lightning once, and it was only just a few blocks.

Izle begins to start walking towards a light he can see way off in the distance.

Izle can see buildings, cars, and people getting closer.


“Hello, sir, can you tell me where I am?”


the stranger just looks at Izle in confusion and walks away


“Hello ma’am,” izle politely taps a woman on the shoulder. The woman scoffs and walks away


“Why the hell won't anyone talk to me?” Izle asks himself


“because they don’t understand you,” A woman responds


Izle quickly turns around to face the woman.


“You’re in Romania, by the way.”


“Thank you. My name is Izle, by the way.”


“Cordellia. And what brings you to Romania, Izle?”


“my city is being... I’m researching my family.”


“Well, if your family had any history here, you should be able to find it at the National Library of Romania.”


“would you be able to give me directions on how to get there?”


Cordellia gently puts her hands on Izles shoulders and turns him around, and points at a building


“Right there,” Cordellia chuckles

Izle begins to look through the books for his family name Vessel


“Charles Vessel. No. The King's vessel. No. The Bodies Vessel sounds cool but nope.”


Izle walks up to the bookkeeper 

“Hello, ma’am, do you happen to have any books on the vessel family. About Niklaus Vessel or maybe his father, Ignatius or mother Penelope.”


The bookkeeper stares at Izle for a moment before she gets up out of her seat and gestures Izle to come with her. the bookkeeper hands Izle a book, but the book is all in Romanian


“Excuse me, ma’am, but are there any other translations?”


The bookkeeper ignores Izle and keeps walking away


“You’re father is Niklaus Vessel?” Codellia asks, startling Izle


“Where the hell. Are you following me?” 


“Yes, I mean no, well sort of.”


“What do you mean sort of?”


“I saw you, Izle.”


“I know we just met”


“No. I saw you” Cordellia points up at the sky


“How did you see that?”


“My home is in the field where you landed.”


“How do you know my father?”


“Well, funny story. He’s my father too. Hi Izle, I’m your sister.”


“My sister? I’m an only child. You’re mistaken”

“Father is Niklaus Vessel, and your mother is Patricia Rosa.”


“How do you know that?”


“Because they are my parents too.”


“Why didn't I know about this? Why didn't my dad tell me about you?”


“Because I was never able to evolve into what you are fully”


“what I am? what is that supposed to mean?”


Cordellia opens her mouth to reveal fangs, nearly knocking Izle back in surprise.


“You’re a vampire?”


“Just like you used to be”


“How do you know so much about me?”


Cordellia pulls out a piece of paper and a pen from her pocket and begins to write something down, then hands it to Izle.


“What's this?” Izle asks


“Go to this location tonight after dark. You’ll learn everything about our family and who you are”


“What do I do until then?” Izle asks


“I always wanted to know who my little brother was. Fancy a drink?”


Both Izle and Cordellia go to a local bar and have a couple of drinks


“shots!” Cordellia calls out


“no more,” Izle says, beginning to slur his words. “We have to go learn about.”

the room begins to blur, and everything inside begins to spin


Next thing Izle knows, he is strapped to a chair in a red-lit room

“What the hell?” Izle yells as he conjures up an electricity ball


“Woah there, Izle. Calm down!”


“What is this, Cordellia? You drugged me!”


“No, I just got you drunk. It works best if you're in a state of intoxication.”


“What works best?”


“What I’m about to do will show you things you’ve never seen before, learn things you never thought possible. It works better if your mind isn’t fully active. Hence all the bourbon and tequila.”


“So how do we do this then?”


“Conjure up your electricity again, but this time do you think you can make it surround you?”


Izle surrounds himself with a thin layer of electricity


“Now, close your eyes and repeat after me.”


“Sangele Vasului, rosu al lunii, puterea furtunii, a trezi”


And as quickly as the room was red, it turned black until Izles' eyes opened to see a world he was not from.



200 years ago


A young man walks the streets with his father


“Father, can we go to the market? I want to see the animals,” the young boy asks his father


“Not today Niklaus. We are on our way to meet some friends right now.”


“Dad?” Izle wonders to himself


“Father, I’m tired. My legs are sore from all the walking.”

“I know, Niklaus, we are almost there. You see that castle up ahead?” Niklaus’ father points to a small castle up on top of a mountainous hill


“Is that where we are going?” Niklaus asks with excitement


“We better hurry before it gets too dark.”


One hour later


Niklaus and his father Ignatius arrive at the castle

an older man opens the doors


“They’ve been waiting for you.” the old man whispers 


Niklaus and Ignatius enter the castle and proceed down a long and narrow hallway to a large red door


“Father, I’m scared. What are we doing here?”


“Niklaus, we come from a long line of difference.”


Izle remembers those exact words. His father said them to him right before he turned him into a vampire


“Oh my gosh, my father was still human right here.”


Ignatius opens the red door. In the room were seven people, all ranging in ages from six to a thousand years old


“Ladies and Gentlemen, We are gathered here today to strengthen our bloodline, to start anew and to rid this world of those that would hunt us, gut us, and leave us for the worms to feast upon. ” Ignatius bellows


“We are here to rid the world of the Lecram family,” Penelope Niklaus’ mother says


“Mother, what are you doing here?” Niklaus asks


Penelope looks down at Niklaus, ruffles his hair a bit, and gives him a warm, loving smile

“We all know after the slaying of the head of the Lecram household Marcellus Lecram at the hands of one of our own that a war had just begun and no winner would be declared until one side was annihilated,” Penelope says


“My family killed Dr. Lecrams great-great-grandpa. That's why he wants to kill me so badly, to end this war,” Izle thinks to himself


“But with these two young children, we can usher in a new beginning. We will live forever while they will soon return to the earth from whence they came”


“My son Niklaus” Ignatius puts his hand on Niklaus’ shoulder and gently nudges him forward


“and my daughter Patricia” another man brings his daughter forward


“Mom?” Izle sheds a tiny tear


“Who here objects to this transmutation?” Penelope calls out


No one objects.


“Please step forward under the moon roof.”


Niklaus, Ignatius, Patricia, and Hugo step onto a small platform under the moon roof.


“Do you trust me?” Ignatius asks Niklaus




“are you ready?” Hugo asks Patricia


“I’m ready,” Patricia responds


“When the moon is at its reddest point, then shall you become the heroes in this war.”


Both Ignatius and Hugo reveal their fangs and bite the necks of Niklaus and Patricia


Suddenly the entire sky turns red, and lightning begins to strike the castle.


“It’s working!” one of the other vampires calls out


Penelope watches the lightning strike the castle


“Why is it not striking them? This was supposed to work! Why isn’t this working?”


Niklaus slowly opens his eyes




“Open your mouth,” Ignatius says as he grabs Niklaus and pries his mouth open to reveal fangs


“Penelope, it worked. He has turned.”


“Patricia, Patricia!” Hugo screams, and he shakes Patricia. “Why won’t she wake?”


At that moment, a single tail of lightning strikes Patricia right in the heart, instantly waking her up.


“This can’t be. They were both meant to become the lightning wielders, not just one,” Penelope screams. 


“We can fix this,” Ignatius responds


“How can we fix this?” Penelope asks


“By enacting the Order of the Red.”


everyone in the room gasps


“The Order of the Red hasn't been done in centuries, and we don’t even know if it will work, let alone the harm it could cause,” Hugo retorts


“You’re right, Hugo, but if we don’t at least try, then the Lecrams will win this war once and for all.”


“Niklaus and Patricia take each others hand,” Penelope demands


Everyone else in the room also locks hands with one another and begin to chant 


“By the Order of the Red, strike your power into these hearts.”


Red lightning begins to emerge from Patricia and all of the other vampires and is directed at Niklaus


“The Order of the Red creates other lightning wielders?” Izle wonders to himself


The lightning stops, and Patricia falls to the floor.


“Patricia!” Hugo runs to Patricias side


“Father?” a weakened Patricia mutters


“I’m here. Are you okay?”


“I think so.”


Hugo smiles and kisses Patricia on the forehead


“Open your mouth now. Let me see your fangs.”


Patricia opens her mouth to reveal no fangs

Hugo frantically stands up


“What is this? Why has she no fangs?”


“You knew there would be consequences; if you enact the order, you will also lose something in return,” Penelope responds


“You knew this would happen,” Hugo screams


“Relax, Hugo. She’ll live forever still. Just not as one of us.”


“You’re right; she’ll never be like you. We are done here.” Hugo grabs Patricia, and the two hurry out of the castle


Niklaus watches as Patricia and Hugo leave


“Niklaus, you are to never come in any sort of contact with that little girl or her father ever again,” Penelope demands


“So that’s why my father never told me the truth of who my real mother was.”


Izle then hears a faint sound, similar to a cell phone ringing or birds chirping. The sound is getting louder and louder, closer and closer.


Suddenly Izle opens his eyes to Cordellia ringing a bell


“So what did you see?” Cordellia asks


“The key”


Izle then jets off in a burst of lightning


Back in Spokane


“No way, Hulk could beat Robin,” Denson says


“Okay, Den, you’re right. A fictional character in a comic book could beat another fictional character from a comic book. You’re right,” Zada responds


A burst of lightning




Both Zada and Denson are knocked out of the chairs


“Iz!” Zada runs to Izle, giving him a kiss


“So what did you learn?” Denson asks


“The answer to everything”


Izle proceeds to tell both Zada and Denson all that he saw and all that he learned


“So you want to turn us into what you are?” Denson asks,

“And what about the consequences?” Zada asks


“From what I learned, the consequences never mean death or injury. You just lose something. Like a pet, a car, a job. things like that.”


“So all we would have to do is lock hands with each other and chant those words?”


“Exactly, the only catch is...”


“Of course there's a catch, there's always a catch,” Denson scoffs


“It has to be on the blood moon.”


“That’s not for another week. Dr. Lecram will have turned this city inside out by then.”


“We have no other choice. If the city is gone, then we will rebuild it as we’ve done before,” Izle proclaims


One week later


The city is in chaos; most of the citizens have evacuated the city.


A twenty-foot tall nine hundred pound Dr. Lecram patrols the streets looking for any sign or Izle and his team


“Looking for me?” Izle calls out


Dr. Lecram turns around to see Izle, Zada, and Denson all standing together


“Oh, you brought your friends too? I appreciate you making this easier on me.”


“This won’t be easy for you. In fact, I don’t think you’ll even see this coming.”


Izle, Zada, and Denson all lock hands.


and together they chant

“By The Order of the Red”


“what are you doing?” Dr. Lecram calls out


“Strike your power.”


Dr. Lecram begins to charge at full speed


“into our hearts.”


then a massive wave of red electricity encompasses Izle, Zada, and Denson sending Dr. Lecram flying backward 


“ I have a few tricks too,” Izle says as he nods at both Zada and Denson 

Both of them disappear in a burst of lightning


“What the?” a confused Dr. Lecram wonders to himself


Zada then appears behind Dr. Lecram, shocking him in the back sending him flying forward, where Denson waits to send him right back to Zada


This goes on for quite some time until Dr. Lecram catches on to their tricks; as he’s soaring through the air at Denson, he strikes him, sending Denson crashing into a car parked on the side of the road.

Stomps the ground creating a small earthquake knocking Zada onto her back.


Dr. Lecram turns his attention back at Izle 


“I know what my family did to your family,” Izle says


“You know nothing.”


“I know my kind killed your great-great-grandfather.”


“How did you know that?”


“That doesn’t matter. I also know that this war will only end when one of us leaves this earth forever.”


“You’re right. This will end. When you die,” Dr. Lecram screams as he marches heavily towards Izle


“That's not how this is going to end.”


Zada and Denson both get up and stand on opposite sides of Dr. Lecram, with Izle facing him


“You can’t stop me. I will win this war. I will rid this world of your vermin kind and anyone who dares to proclaim themselves and ally to such creatures.”


“You can try.”


At the same time, Izle, Zada, and Denson all begin to create an electric forcefield around Dr. Lecram as they all begin to step closer and closer to him until you can no longer see Dr. Lecram just a harsh white light.


“I also learned why they killed your great great grandfather. He was a monster, just like you. He killed hundreds of my kind only to end up more of a killer than they were, just like you’ve become. I never knew who you were, but now I see what you are”


The electricity is getting stronger and stronger. Dr. Lecram trying everything he can to break free, but the harder he struggles, the more he struggles 


“This ends now.”


Izle puts his hands on the temples of Dr. Lecram and begins to send pulses of electricity through his skull. You can see tails of lightning shooting across his eyeballs, smoke coming out of his nose, blood coming out of his ears, and snot coming from his eyes until boom! Dr. Lecrams head explodes, his massive body slumps over and crashes to the ground.


Zada and Denson back away and just stare at Dr. Lecram in disbelief


“You killed him,” Denson says


“No, I saved him. He no longer has to fight this war anymore.”


“So now what?” Zada asks


“Now we live our lives.”


Seven Years Later


After the slaying of Dr. Lecram, Izle and his team went their separate ways.


Izle had soon learned that the consequences he would face were losing his powers and becoming a vampire again, so to protect Zada and Denson from himself, he moved to Romania, where he lives with his sister Cordellia 


Zadas consequence was losing the first person she ever truly loved, Izle, but not long after was cleared of all charges for the murder of Chief Himura and was shortly after voted the new Chief of Police


Denson's consequence was losing his only friends but never forgetting what He, Izle, and Zada built decided to take up the mantle of Spokane's new hero after it had been revealed to him that he still has the power of electrokinesis.


Back in Romania


“So Izle, you hungry?” Cordellia asks


“I’m starving, sis.”


“There's a cave of bears not far from here; think we can take them on?”


Izle looks up at the clear white moon.






Submitted: May 19, 2021

© Copyright 2022 A.L. Martin. All rights reserved.


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