Allie Jane Williams

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Allie Jane Williams:


In 2012,

There was a fresh new Chemic named Allie

Who loved anything with Christ and theatre,

Including plays she read in drama class

Before having them being again shelved

While keeping everything of hers and other’s like a tidy galley,

Plus keeping her studies in mind about geosphere

With a voice as beautiful as a golden brass


Meeting this redhead beauty in drama II

Was marvelous for a Herculean Christopher Robin

Around the other teenage locals

To have a “Winnie the Megara” in his life

Who’d look perfect in green, red, blue

Or anything for class, chatter, and a camera’s recording bobbin

With a singing talent reflecting Susan Edgan’s platinum vocals--

Both sounding as unique as shiny, metal fifes


“Man of La Mancha,” “The Yellow Boat,”

And other plays we acted together in

Showed how we sweetly interacted with one another

And made the mildly sassy beaut

Totally embrace her kindness with a dazzling cute, chubby chin

Alongside buds and relatives as our mothers


(Cuddos to mommas graduating from Oakland University May 1995

With our faith’s priest Fr. Kevin and all loving jive!)


Mrs. Murphy, Mrs. Bacigalupo, Mrs. Applegate,

And all other teachers we had

All knew of our greatness and similarities

To help make everyone and everything swell

As having the nice feel of old films as “Tarzan and his Mate”

Before eventually college grads

Involving Delta and SVSU academic abilities

(All loved how she embodied Susan Edgan’s version of Disney Belle!)


Living in Metro-Detroit while remembering Midland,

Waterford and Rochester Hills

Have been magnificent places to stay and keep in touch

In church or in public places as restaurants,

Thus showing us a future of us being grand

In summery weather and frosty chills

While having this Roger Radcliffe stay to his Anita as awesome as fudge

And Winniefied like as my Mommy Winnie, Granny, and Aunt!!!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted: May 19, 2021

© Copyright 2021 JonathanSluty. All rights reserved.

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Oh, this sang to me! Lovely poetry - thank you.

Wed, May 19th, 2021 10:14pm


No problem!

Fri, May 21st, 2021 11:36pm

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