Stories from Israel and Palestine

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May be there is a message everyone listens and that is a part of our entire existence being human. Let us open our eyes and remake this reality of today becoming the promise of our common home. Every vision spark this fire inside us and let us unite for this oneness of peace and prosperity. Amen.

In this conflict zones challenging conditions narrates we are not numbers,

Unattended diaspora stories that’s my family in silence,

Perpetrators of this violence parts unknown play in the streets beneath,

Walls covered in images of martyrs, plane hijackers and political prisoners carrying a gun,

It explodes or burn their humanity fuller and deeper to stay alive,

No observable modalities of this conflict resent the true Palestinians’ and Israel’s identity,

Stories follows up on her cultural roots everyday consume an experience,

Their struggle to reclaim homes and their land by all means available,

Continues how this everyday heroism live in solidarity and caring each other’s welfare,

This resistance within how stronger to touch God’s own masterplan prevails over any oppressor,

I must note to the present day stood test of the time how each individual act vary yet carry forward the hope in peace,

Breaking to tell our stories being human from Israel and Palestine starts here,

Our peace to prosperity unveils a vision to improve the lives of Palestinian and Israeli people,

War never supported the most contentious issues in this decades-old conflict,

All the settlements must bring peace and stability to the region,

Unless we sit down and negotiate peace that same day will continue serials flashed in bloodsheds and unrest,

Sometimes I recognise another reality on the ground zero,

The arguments about who is right and wrong is how the latest political economic situations gift their priorities,

As detrimental to the interests of meaningful negotiations the status quo must respect every civilian’s basic human rights,  

War only answers what started these riots and not the end of conflicts,

Legitimate cause of this narration search for new voices not as victims, strugglers, protesters, and fighters;

But who knows what to include when oppression and resistance share their audience what is not desirable,

I advance the story what exists, when happens and why matters where we now,

Maybe there is no compassion in an army’s attempt to stop what exists,

Maybe I seek a recourse in the face of injustice when happens,

Maybe the world torn apart is our reality exercising this privileged responsibility why matters,

Today this red line crosses the words of an ancient planter not shared by any audience,

Three Kings like us questioned where would be the greater freedom that brings any farmer on this land,

Their distinctive farm awaits what comes from the best treasures the living Earth has to give,

They tell us we must maintain this land for harvest and its hospitality,

But every seed sown doesn’t raise the same impossible realities,

Their prevailing circumstances render them remarkable unabated settlements and its wages,

They still continue to work on this soil be strong and of good courage,

Sometimes they feel good about to be sold for higher yield yet sharing happiness matters,

My world sees this now not dismissed as bad news but also sustains their future ending into chaos,

But we have this choice now out of any prayer, peace, prosperity and progress;

Whether we must be the farmer who water these plants or the land raises with plantation or the harvest within his master plans?

Either say we are not separable from the world motivated by the occupation,

Our relationships matter what is made on this world and how we reach out for this evidence,

Today if there is any settlement on this Earth legally valid for this cause,

It is one humanity that seeks a future that we want how sustainable that relationship is,

Even if this point came fighting the war,

Let us not end this conflict worsening the land, the history and our existence as being human,

So, we are part of this immortal greater plan on a human level, not only on an economic level;

Let us discontinue our resistance like a holy tree standing where God stands to be kind,

Let us continue our existence like a tree that is thousands of years old in front of an ancestors working on this piece of land,

Here I sell a dream that were there for us,

Their dream now planted this tree of stories from Israel and Palestine for peace and prosperity,

When shall succeed together watered with our ancestors’ sweat, not only water;

Our teacher request “Don’t worry too much losses. God shall sustain this relationship. He shall remain organic in it for those who expressed concern for every Israel’s’ and Palestinians’ welfare. Together we are the part of a larger family in this promised common home. Let us end the war we have started and cooperate with each other for a better peaceful living of a reasonable life.”

Submitted: May 19, 2021

© Copyright 2021 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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